Monday, September 6, 2021

"Star Force Mega Man" and "Harp Note" Join Rockman X DiVE

For a good while now, Capcom Taiwan have been teasing Rockman X DiVE players with numerous Star Force weapons. The Nightmare Saber or the recent Heart Spray Gun, for example. And now, it's finally time for the first Star Force character to join the "Deep Log".

Find all the details after the break!

The event "Bond that can't be severed" will go live next Wednesday through September 22. It comes with the S rank weapon SuperMag Gun based on Mega Man Zero's Aztec Falcon design.

You will be able to obtain Star Force Mega Man for free by playing the event stage or by getting him from the gacha banner. The trailer doesn't describe his active skills but by the looks of it, he has a Charge Shot and something that resembles Bass.EXE's ground shooter skill.

Harp Note, on the other hand, is a S rank character only obtainable from the gacha banners. Her active skills are:

  • Machine Gun String: The skill shoot strings that can ignore terrain and one of the skill cards will allow the skill to summon speakers that automatically locks on to the enemy and provides support fire. 
  • Song of Pulse: Deals damage to all targets surrounding her and apply "defocus" to them. With the skill cards you can changed "defocus" to "Out of Control" or "Skill Seal".

Harp Note also has some kind of barrier but the trailer doesn't explain the conditions to active it.


There you go. You've been waiting for this for a long time and you'll be able to enjoy the first Star Force characters this week! What's more, Rogue is the boss of the event stage! And based on how Capcom Taiwan operates, I think there is a high chance he will become playable next week.

Stay tuned for more news!


  1. I have yet to play Star Force (hoping for a collection someday) but I've accepted we were getting it before more X series characters, so I'll just say it's really cool to see them with "classic" gameplay. I bet Star Force fans who play DiVE are hyped! Global won't get them for about a year and a half though. I've liked Harp Note's design since I first saw her years ago, so I'll probably try to get her when the time comes.


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