Sunday, September 12, 2021

Mega Man X DiVE's First "DiVE Festival" is Upon Us (and it Brings Free Pulls!)

We're one month into Mega Man X DiVE's Global Version (US, Canada, UK and Ireland) and the first DiVE Festival for those regions begins this Wednesday, September 15th at 4:00 AM EST through September 22nd at 4:00 AM EST.

The DiVE Festival gacha brings increased odds to get S rank characters and weapons, every time you pull Ultimate Armor X you will get 40 additional memories and everyone gets a free 10-pull. What's more, this banner introduces the "pity system". You'll be guaranteed a chance to get Ultimate Armor X as long as you spend 25,000 EM. Unfortunately the free 10-pull doesn't count towards getting the necessary 250 pity coins to get him.

You can check out his skills after the break and some additional info!

Shoot a plasma round to inflict 19.80% damage, which can be charged for a more powerful plasma round. At maximum charging, the plasma round does 12x damage, and generate a plasma field at the spot of impact, dealing periodical damage to any target coming into contact.

  • Power Increase: When maximum charge has been achieved, the damage rate increases by 12%.
  • Plasma Shockwave: Increase the damage rate of the plasma force field by 48%.
  • Charged Penetration: The maximum charged shot can penetrate one additional target, and the damage after the penetration becomes 25%.

Crash forward, inflicting 268.80% attack damage to all targets in your way and take no damage when the skill is active. When you hit a target, you can use Nova Strike again but this effect can only be triggered once again after 25 seconds.

  • Destroy Armor: Decreases target's DEF by 42.67%
  • Show Time: You will not suffer from negative status effects when using Nova Strike. 
  • Restriction Off: Shortens the refresh cooldown threshold to 10 seconds.

Plasma Rushing: Quickens 30% ticking frequency of plasma force field damage.
Mobility: Shortens 20% of Nova Strike's preparation time.
Electric Shock: Charged shot with max charge level will decrease 36% of target's movement speed. 
Armor Protection: Reduce damage taken by 10%.
Buster Mastery: Increase damage by 20% when equipping a buster.

Alongside the DiVE Festival gacha, the Space-Time Jumper event will begin. Bonus points will be granted to players with Ultimate Armor X for the duration of that event and the next events until October 15th.

You can download the game via Google Play or the Apple Store. And if you so desire, you can follow the development team on Twitter, Facebook or join their official Discord channel to keep up with all the news.

If you're playing the Global Version, let us know in the comments how your experience has been so far!

NOTE: The article has been edited numerous times due receiving incorrect information from the developer. We sincerely apologize.


  1. was pity not also on the CM banner? Happy to see this armor come too though!

    1. Yes it was, I saw it. But not on Protoman

    2. cool i thought so, just double checking. really weird it left for mega and proto who came right after lol

  2. That's the info we got from the developer.

  3. I greatly appreciate the free pulls, and the pity system being brought in. It definitely makes it feel less impossible to actually get something you want, if you've been saving up. (Lookin at you, Omega, Copy X, Bass.EXE.)

  4. Someone wanna do us all a favor and spell out how much 25,000 EM COSTS?
    How much are you willing to pay for one digital only, temporary DLC character?
    How long does it take to save up 25k in this "game"?

    1. Thats like $450...let that sink in. That doesnt sound like pity...that's 250 pulls

    2. well tbf, most of these gacha games have similar "pity" systems. you have to go balls deep, this however is good for paying players (their primary objective obviously) because for people with a lot of disposable income, this can save you from yourself as you could easily double up and go 900 bucks without a copy, let alone multiple (which spenders typically want more than one copy as well)

    3. From doing Daily Missions, I earn about 200 Elemental Metals per day. 25,000 ÷ 200 = 125.
      However, one of the Daily Missions makes you spend 100 EM. So, 25,000 ÷ 100 = 250.

      Therefore, if you don't do any extras, just focus on the Daily Missions, and don't spend any Metals, it will take upward of 125 days, but not exceed 250.

    4. Spending more than 5 bucks on one digital character, 10 IF I want to be generous with inflation...
      You can imagine the rest... đŸ¤¬

    5. Okay, I've made some mistakes and given some misinformation, here. Allow me to correct myself.

      The Daily Missions, themselves, do not give you any Elemental Metals. However, completing 100 Points-worth of missions will give players 60 EM via Daily Rewards. This can be done without spending any EM or giving Friends "Action Points".
      In addition, a player can complete 10 PvP matches (and win once) to earn 20 more EM, and if they do an uncleared Jakob Elevator (Challenge) stage, that's another 20 EM – or 50 EM on boss stages.

      So ultimately, if the player is just doin' the daily grind and nothing else, they can earn 100 Elemental Metals per day. Which means it would take 250 days to earn enough EM to spend to get 250 Capsule Exchange Points.

      Now. How much is 25,000 EM actually worth, real money-wise? Well, one can buy 4,300 EM for $99.99 USD. Five of these would add up to 21,500 and cost $499.95. One can also buy 3,500 EM for $84.99. Buying one of those on top of the five 4,300 EM packs brings the totals up to 25,000 EM for a total of $584.94 USD.
      (I know Ivan already mentioned this, but I already had this typed by by the time I saw that, so…)

      Also, for those wondering: a Gachapon "pull" costs 100 EM. One can purchase 170 EM for $4.99, or four 33 EM for $0.99 each which adds up to 132 EM for $3.96. I also did further math and, honestly? There isn't much of a price break for buying in bulk. Not really, anyway. So… that's fun.

  5. If you use daily EM purchases, it's about $275 over the course of a month from one banner to the next.

    If you use the instant purchase EM's it would take 5.8 purchases of the $99.99 EM of 4,300 EM's. Doing it daily saves you more than half what you would need buying all of it instantly.

    Still quite a bit of money but less than most gachas I've played

  6. On another topic altogether… apparently, NebulaJoy decided to do their own thing with this event.

    For starters, the "Black Assassin" event is still running as I type this. That means that people can still get prizes and improve their race ranking… if they want to waste their Energy Points on a dead event, anyway. Regardless, the event was supposed to be over with at 3:59:59 PDT this morning, and it ain't.

    Secondly – and most importantly – they changed what characters and weapons gave damage and Event Point bonuses.

    Taiwan Original Run:
    - 10% Bonus: Axl, Cannon
    - 20% Bonus: Marino, Iris (damage only), Elite Lance, Assault Equipment (damage only)
    - 40% Bonus: Ultimate Armor X (CM), Gravitational Pulse

    Global Original Run:
    - 10% Bonus: Layer, Beam Rapier
    - 20% Bonus: Super Mega Man, Crushing Spray Can
    - 40% Bonus: Ultimate Armor X (X4), Demon Blade Muramasa

    I thought I'd get ahead of the game and reset my Triangular Saber specifically to level up my Elite Lance. Turns out, I wasted my time and my earned currency. NebulaJoy owes me some Metals. And an explanation.
    (No, realistically, they don't owe me anything. I'm just upset because they denied expectations on me.)

  7. I got lucky on the free x10 draw and got it... and... despite how much I wanted it and stuck around just long enough to try for it, I just... I felt no joy. And that really depresses me.

    I saw so much potential when I finally got to start playing this game, but it has just slowly dwindled more and more over time as it demands too much time and attention from me. I want to enjoy this, because it's the only new MMX experience I've gotten to have in over 17 years... but it just falls flat. The Total Power system is definitely prominently to blame, because it takes what should be a simple platformer experience and turns it into an arbitrary slog to boost yourself just enough that you can actually hit the targets you're shooting directly at and not die for taking a single tick of damage. Mobile gaming is the worst experience imaginable... I don't know why I thought this would be different. I'm so disappointed... and this is all we have. After 17 years, this is the best they could offer us?? My soul hurts.


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