Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Rockman X DiVE & Street Fighter V Collaboration Announced

Here comes a new challenger! Completely out of nowhere and without so much as a heads up, Capcom Japan and Capcom Taiwan announced this morning that, following the Monster Hunter collaboration, Rockman X DiVE will cross paths with none other than Street Fighter V.

 Check out all the info after the break!

The Fist of the Raging Demon event will start on September 29 through October 13. It will bring  S Rank characters Ryu and Chun-li to the gamne with Akuma as the event stage boss.

Although there's still one week left for the gacha and event to be available, the "Fighting Mission" event starts today, allowing players to collect "Fight Ccoins". Fight Coins can be earned from missions such as "Research 30 times" or "Send AP to friends 100 times". You can see the full list of missions here.

Dan's card can be obtained by sending AP to your friends 100 times. Chun-Li's card is unknow at this time; the rest can be obtained by buying Champion Crates with Fight Coins from the shop. The content of the crates will change each week. For more details head over here.

While Akuma has been confirmed to be the boss of the event via the Japanese media, the development team have yet to make any announcement in terms of him becoming playable during the event's second week. Knowing how things work in the Deep Log previously, however, you can bet that RiCO will find a way to make him playable!

I can't say I was expecting another Capcom collaboration so soon. What's next? Resident Evil? Let us know what you think in the comments!


  1. Not even two days ago, I considered making a joke post somewhere about how Ryu from Street Fighter should be added to the DiVE roster because of Mega Man Universe… and wouldn't you know, here he is!

    Incidentally, all we need if for Duo to appear, and we'll have the playable Rockman Online roster available.
    (Wouldn't mind some of those sweet reskins and costumes, either.)

  2. It's going to be so weird to see Ryu and Chun Li dashing around with Busters and stuff.

    1. That… just occurred to me.

      In Mega Man Universe, Ryu was supposedly just going to be plain ol' Ryu. In DiVE, though, everyone is Zero from the PS2 games – even where it wouldn't make sense. So… yeah. That'll be interesting…

  3. I expected a Street Fighter Collab eventually, but it happened months earlier than I thought it would

  4. Not interested. Dont liked the crossover at all.

  5. interesting seeing the street fighter battle couple in an actual megaman game,though would be cool to see devil may cry(seeing dante,lady,trish or vergil slash mavericks would be awesome & nero had a buster in 5.) & ace attorney(the closest we'd see to the scrapped appearance of them in worlds unite.would've liked to see phoenix/apollo & maya/athena be on stick's team.) in it with their anniverseries this year.


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