Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Keiji Inafune to Appear at AX 2015 with 'Special Announcement'

Mega Man and Mighty No. 9 fans who are attending Anime Expo 2015 from July 2nd to the 5th are in for a special treat, as none other than Keiji Inafune will be in attendance. Inafune is hosting a panel on July 4th (11:30 am PT) alongside Studio 4°C president Eiko Tanka, where they will discuss video games and anime.

Most interesting of all, they will present a special announcement for show attendees. I have confirmed it is not related to Mega Man per se, but it "may interest Mega Man fans." For those who are not able to attend, worry not, for all the relevant news from the panel will appear here on the blog.

Beyond that, you'll be pleased to know both Inafune and Tanka will be signing autographs throughout the weekend. You'll find more details at the AX homepage.


  1. Maybe He's going to announce the sequel to mighty no.9 already? Is it too soon?
    He did say when he DOES do the sequel it won't be through crowdfunding.

    1. What if he bought the rights to Mega Man, -_- "..........One can only hope....

    2. I doubt but it would be so great if he bought the rights to Megaman/Rockman.

  2. considering it's anime expo i wouldn't be surprised if it was news regarding the mighty no. 9 animated series. i mean they announced the show at the LAST anime expo and it's supposed to premiere in less than a year but there hasn't been any news since

  3. The Announcement will be nothing special...Just the 1st trailer for the Mighty No.9 Anime.

  4. I can see it now...

    "Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce that comcept, in union with our grandparent company of Square-Enix, are producing something I feel everyone is going to love...

    Introducing... MightyMetal Alchemist, the newest multi-party mini-series (soon to be a full-fledged series) and cross-over video game starring your favorite gunmetal-grey gunner, Beck, and your favorite magical brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric! Will they find the fabled Philosopher's Stone? Can they defeat the evil forces trying to stop them? Find out this Fall!"

    And then it gets delayed for three years, despite having two KIckstarters and an Indiegogo campaign.

    1. You sound unnecessarily bitter about Mighty No. 9 just because it's been in development as long as it has, which actually is a pretty normal amount of time for a game to be in development. We don't normally hear about games until they're already well into development, while Mighty No. 9 we found out about BEFORE they began development on. Something to keep in mind.

      But I've seen you post before, and it seems like you really have developed a dislike of this game and even for Inafune himself. It seems very strange to me.

    2. Got it in two, mate; I am "unnecessarily" hostile with Papa INAFKING. And your response inspired me to rant for quite a bit about why. But to spare you and others the excess reading, I'll summarize here:

      He started off with admirable intentions, but in the end, he became just as bad as the company (companies?) he was trying to get away from, over-hyping his unfinished product, overextending a franchise before it even has roots, and so forth. I openly admit, I had a spiteful smirk on my face toward Capcom when I saw that Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter video two years ago. All the tongue-in-cheek stuff really felt appropriate and I was proud of Inafune for not losing hope and falling into obscurity. But his methods of keeping his name fresh and trying to force what seems to be a mediocre or at-best average product into being as successful as his previous works just doesn't agree with me... and it really pisses me off that people are cheering him on for this behavior.

      That's all.

    3. Hi! I'm usually a lurker, but I saw you guys's comments and wanted to add my own two cents. Mostly directed at Joseph Collins, though, since he's getting angry over things that don't really make any sense to be angry over.

      Okay, so, you're mad that Keiji Inafune is hyping up a mediocre game? That's your main gripe? Because whether the game is mediocre is pretty subjective, but it seems you're angry that a developer is excited about his own product and is trying to make it well-known and successful. Isn't that what anyone would do? I highly doubt that Inafune himself views the game as mediocre, so of course he's gonna try to keep pushing what he believes to be a great game (and again, whether it's good, mediocre, or bad is subjective, and the game's not even out yet, either).

      But I guess maybe you'd think it'd be better if Inafune just cancelled the game, right? It can't possibly be a good game, so just nip it in the bud now and cancel it. Capcom has no trouble doing that with every single Mega Man game, afterall.

      It's ridiculous to be mad at someone being excited over their own game just because YOU think the game sucks. He probably doesn't look at the game that way. Of course he's going to keep praising it and trying to make sure it's a success. If the game ends up being bad, it doesn't mean it was made to be that way intentionally.

    4. @Anonymous July 1, 2015 at 10:03 PM
      I have to admit, if the game got cancelled, I'd probably laugh my fool head off because it would prove my earlier conspiracy theories about Inafune "running away with your money" right. It would just be too funny.

      But look. I have no problem with people getting excited over their own product. I do have a problem with creators pimping out their product like it's the end-all be-all of gaming before the damn thing is even available, however. Look at some of these other "indie games" for a second:
      When Shovel Knight was being made, the creators would Tweet and update the websites to show progress. Did they attempt to get Shovel Knight or Shield Knight in Smash Bros.? Did they try shoving Shovel Knight into Destiny? Did they team up with an already-established company to make and release a cross-over game before their product was even finished? No. And in fact, all the crossovers happened because companies came to them, to the best of my knowledge. And this was long after the game had been released on several consoles and already become an established hit.
      Or how about Bloodstained, the spiritual successor to the Castlevania games (or more appropriately, the "Metroidvania" genre)? You don't see Koji Igarashi trying to shove Miriam into the Devil May Cry 4 remake or something. You don't see ToeJam & Earl getting a cartoon series based on their latest unfinished game or finding themselves in the newest NBA Live game, or Yooka and Laylee popping into Mario Kart as DLC. Because that's not what their creators want for their creations right now. Things like that are an earned privilege, as prove by Shovel Knight, and should never be cheaply given away based on previous credentials and accolades. Doing that only cheapens the main product and reinforces the concept that it cannot and will not stand on its own.

      So no, I don't want a crossover "teaser" (if you will) game, posters, a television show, an American comic, an ongoing Japanese comic, clothing, action figures, an art book, a USB flash drive, fan games, food, drink, and a major household appliance based on the series before the game is even released and established. I just want a game, pure and simple. Preferably a good one. And at this point, the game looks... as I've said time and time again... average-to-mediocre. I'd love to be proved wrong, but I just don't see it happening, given everything that's happened so far...

      Inafune seems to have extremely high hopes and expectations for his shiny new intellectual property, but with the amount of overextending he's doing (or if you prefer, the amount he's allowing), it's doomed to fail. Surprisingly, I don't really want it to fail. But at the rate he's going, the damn thing's going to become the next Destiny.

    5. Dude, cut Inafune some slack. He's doing the MegaMan fans a favor by making a game that is similar to MegaMan. Crapcom hasn't made any MegaMan games save for that collection they announced at E3 2015 and stopped caring for the fans. Inafune is making us a spirital successor to MegaMan and you're giving Inafune a hard time. If he saw the comments in this blog if he stumbles upon this blog, he feels that the commenters in this blog are ungrateful to his works and his feelings will be hurt.

      I don't get why some of the people in this blog are getting upset and bashing Inafune because he's making a game that is a spirital successor to MegaMan. So calm the hell down and be glad that Inafune is making games for his fans while being freed from Crapcom's cruel and harsh ways.

  5. An announcement of interest to Mega Man fans, but not necessarily Mega Man-related?

    C'mon, spiritual successor to Mega Man Legends. C'mon, spiritual successor to Mega Man Legends...

  6. An announcement of interest to Mega Man fans, but not necessarily Mega Man-related?

    C'mon, spiritual successor to MegaMan Battle Network. C'mon, spiritual successor to MegaMan Battle Network...


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