Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Covers & Solicitation for Mega Man #54

Solicitation info for the penultimate issue of Archie's Mega Man is here. Issue #54, Red Shift, promises to deliver thrills, chills and surprises -- a perfect lead up to the series' fateful conclusion.

"MEGA MAN's long lost brother RETURNS in "Red Shift": Break Man answers the call of... a ghost?! How is it possible that Dr. Wily is STILL alive?! And what haunting secret will he use to keep Break Man under his control? It's up to Blues to do some soul-searching! Will he remain broken, or will he finally become a hero like his brother? Featuring cover art by long-time Mega Man artist Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante and a Proto Man variant cover by comics superstar Brent McCarthy!"

Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Ryan Jampole, Gary Martin, John Workman & Matt Herms
Mega Man #54 CVR A Reg: Patrick Spaziante
Mega Man #54 CVR B Variant: Brent McCarthy
On Sale Date: 10/21
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S

Source: Arcade Sushi (thanks, Eric)


  1. According to MM#20, we will have the Game Boys games and Wily Wars before MM4 (which will only happen after the hiatus). Makes sense, as Wily presumably died in the end of MMII, not interfering with his possible demise in MM3. But will would Break Proto Man Blues still work for Wily? Did he already capture Kalinka, forcing Cossack to build the remaining MM4 bots while he spends the extra time in a time travel?

    1. "after the hiatus"

      The hiatus is never going to end.

    2. I wonder how they'd justify Cossack's heel-turn-but-not-really in-universe. We have about three games worth of plot to work with, how can he plausibly go from okay to "bad guy" in that much time?

    3. Strictly semantics.
      Even if the comic wasn't being cancelled, the comic wouldn't address these game-related plot lines until AFTER:

      .Another storyline involving Emerald Spears
      .A 6-issue story about Mega Man and Quake Woman going on a date
      .2 more 12-issue Sonic the Hedgehog crossovers
      . A dream sequence storyline
      .One issue detailing Dr. Wily's entire history from childhood to mad scientist.
      .And one issue where Mega Man has to babysit a toddler while simultaneously trying to stop a robot threat.

      Yeah. This comic is better off dead.

    4. Maybe you mean another Xander story since they pretty much dropped the rest of the Emerald Spears group solely in favor of him.

    5. Prof, put your name on.

  2. I'm really going to miss this series :( Maybe Marvel or Udon will pick up the rights to make another Mega Man Comic. We can only hope.

    1. If UDON got the rights the comic would pretty much be the same as being cancelled since UDON take forever to do anything.

      And do you really want one of the Big 2 to have the rights?

  3. I hope the hiatus doesn't last very long, preferably less than a year.
    Anyway, those are some rad covers, specially the variant! <3

  4. The comic being put on hiatus wasnt about the sales, or anything of that nature. Archie lost a ton of money in their disaster of a kickstarter for that Archie reboot. Downsizing had to happen so they cancelled Sonic Boom and put Mega Man on Hiatus. Hiatus because its BEEN doing well, theres no logical reason to cancel it other than the company itself screwing up, not the creative team or the consumers.


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