Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The 'Best of Mega Man 1-10' Vinyl Needs Your Help

Remember that Best of Mega Man vinyl by SpaceLab9? It looks like it had a bit of a delay and for good reason: classic series boss LP variants are in the works and SpaceLab9 needs you to vote on your favorite.

Here's the official press release:

One of the most iconic franchises in the world of video
games, Capcom’s MEGA MAN, gets ready to make its official vinyl debut care
of SPACELAB9. Ever since 1987 when the “blue bomber” first appeared on the
Nintendo Entertainment System, fans have been drawn to the high octane
action and colorful cast of villains unleashed by the sinister Dr Wily –
not to mention some of the most iconic and memorable musical moments in
the history of console gaming.  Featuring music from Capcom’s hit 8-bit
franchise spanning from 1987 to 2010, the MEGA MAN: BEST OF MEGA MAN 1-10
Deluxe LP features 22 tracks hand-picked by the Capcom Sound Team

In a unique twist, SPACELAB9 has invited fans to decide, via social media
poll, which of their favorite level bosses will get their own colored
vinyl variant. The poll enables fans to vote for up to four of their
favorite bosses including Cutman, Elecman, Metalman, Snakeman, Skullman,
Crystalman, Blizzardman, Flameman, Cloudman, Galaxyman, Nitroman,
Commandoman, and Strikeman. Fans can cast their votes on Tumblr at:
http://spacelab9.tumblr.com/post/120825878403/function-var-opst or
directly from SPACELAB9.com at http://www.spacelab9.com/poll/

Voting closes on Friday, June 12th at 12pm noon EST. Poll results and
additional details about the MEGA MAN: BEST OF MEGA MAN 1-10 Deluxe LP
album package will be announced the following week.

Track listing is as follows:

1. Stage Select [MM1]
2. Cut Man Stage [MM1]
3. Elec Man Stage [MM1]
4. Metal Man Stage [MM2]
5. Wood Man Stage [MM2]
6. Flash Man Stage [MM2]
7. Crash Man Stage [MM2]
8. Dr. Wily Stage 1 [MM2]
9. Skull Man Stage [MM4]
10. Bright Man Stage [MM4]
11. Dr. Wily Stage [MM5]
12. Stage Clear [MM5]
13. Flame Man Stage [MM6]
14. Wind Man Stage [MM6]
15. Theme of Bass [MM7]
16. Burst Man Stage [MM7]
17. Cloud Man Stage [MM7]
18. Tengu Man Stage [MM8]
19. Galaxy Man Stage [MM9]
20. Fireball Strike [Strike Man Stage] [MM10]
21. Nitro Rider [Nitro Man Stage] [MM10]
22. Game Over [MM9]


  1. Oh. I thought this was going to be another "oops, we ran out of money and needs your contributes" kind of thing.

    Glad I was wrong. I'm getting a wee bit tired of those.

  2. quick, vote in some darn MM3 songs! seriously, I can't stand behind a project that collects the best of mega man soundtracks, and omits mega man 3. really, the best of mega man should really just be mm2, 3, 9 and 10!

    1. I respectfully disagree. Plenty of incredible tracks spanning the entire classic series.

      I too am pretty shocked at nothing representing Mega Man 3. Makes no sense.

    2. I agree that there are some great tracks in other games, like pharoah man's theme for one, but the best off are basically the soundtracks from those games.

      I'm exaggerating a little to make a point, that MM3 among those other 3 have the best tracks in the series, multiple best tracks, while other games included have maybe 1 or 2 really good tracks if even.

  3. Wait a sec, we can choose Snake Man in the poll, but yet there's no Mega Man 3 music on the album? A bit odd. Also just noticed that "Stage Clear" from Mega Man 5 is a track? So many other actual full tracks could have been chosen from 5. I assume it's just a matter of space, being a vinyl record and all, but still.

    (apologies if I sound like the broken record of "complaining" lol)

  4. >No MM8 RMs in poll
    >Only one MM8 song in track listing

    As someone who was introduced to MM by MM8, I am very sad and disappoint

    1. Try being a Mega Man 3 fan, with no music represented whatsoever. I mean, really? What's the point of even having Snake Man in the poll, if you don't even have one song from the game on the album?

      And why is the poll so lopsided? Thirteen bosses, yet three are from 10, two each from 1 and 6, and none from 8?

  5. Way too much was omitted for this to be a "best of". Leaving MM3 off entirely is ridiculous.

    1. It is like making a best of Final Fantasy without anything from FF7.

  6. Okay, I get it Capcom loves MM2 over everthing else to the point that they wanna ruin anything Megaman related by shoehorning it in everything. 5 Tracks total, and the Wily 1 theme is outplayed so bad. But let's leave out MM3 with that amazing protoman credits theme, let's also leave out the few good MM8 songs, flash in the dark from MM9. But instead add Crashman which is pretty mediocre a stage clear track, Tenguman without specification leads me to believe it's the crappy psx version... point is that this could be so much better, and for vinyl the selection should be hand picked with care, this looks sloppy and I'm not spending a penny on it


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