Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New Mega Man TV Series in the Works for 2017

After a near decade long absence, Mega Man is returning to television. Man of Action Entertainment, the studio behind Ben 10, Ultimate Spider Man and Marvel's Avengers Assemble, will produce an all-new animated Mega Man series, The Hollywood Reporter reports. Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau and Steven T. Seagle are currently set to write and produce a 26-episode full length production for an undisclosed television network.

"The 1990s Mega Man TV series was cool and different than other series targeted at kids during that time," said Rouleau. "It featured great action, but also brought the laughs. Mega Man is a character that is even more relevant for today’s kids and we are really looking forward to creating something new that still respects the long tradition of the character."

Dentsu Entertainment will reportedly retain international distribution rights and co-develop the series with Man of Action. The series is aiming for a 2017 debut, just in time for the franchise's 30th anniversary.

In all, this is huge news for the franchise. I was made aware of these developments late last night, and while I don't know much else than what's been said above, I can say the plan is to develop this thing into a multimedia franchise. Video games, toys, random paraphernalia. The show has apparently been in the works for quite some time now.

We will be keeping tabs on this, needless to say. Man of Action's involvement has me cautiously optimistic, though it's a little too soon to board the proverbial hype train. Stay tuned.


  1. The revival of Mega Man is coming....I am excited. :)

  2. A new cartoon based on a dead I.P.?
    What could possibly go wrong?

    1. The optimism is palpable here.

      C'mon, gotta give it a chance. Although yes, it's good to be cautious. They could take this into a very Americanized direction, even more so than the original animated series. That series still felt like Mega Man to me. If I had to imagine what the show may look like, I'd have to say it'll have more of an Ultimate Spider-Man feel. Which is fine. We'll just have to see what's what when the first promotional material comes out (or is leaked lol).

    2. a studio known for making a successful super heroes series into a parody of themselves. they somehow uplifted my hopes before they ruin my hopes.

    3. But if they make something new, then it wouldn't be a dead series now, would it?

  3. Mission 1 - SHOW ME BLUES!!!!
    Mission 2 - Create an opening that tops this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AA-NRCAW90o

    Overall though, this is exciting.

  4. I love Man of Action's stuff. I am honestly hoping they keep the Megaman style and not go into the macho kind of theme. I'm a huge Ben 10 and Ultimate Spider-Man fan so I welcome the possibility of a new MegaMan or even a reboot with the old one.

  5. I don't know how to feel about this.

    If the art stays true to the original's anime-inspired art style and the writing is good, then I'm all for it.

  6. oh yey. I want to be excited for this, but I'm worried. Worried about 2 things. The art direction & the tone. I'd hate to see this become the next Ruby-Spears instead of what-could have been.

    1. Given their track record I'd be more worried it becoming the next Dreamwave, only animated.

    2. In Ruby-Spears defends, they didn't have that much from the games to work with and was made back when action shows starring kids was almost unheard of.

  7. Here's hoping for something of quality.

    Who knows, maybe with this Capcom will actually start promoting Mega Man outside of Japan a bit more. Could lead to the series being treated as it should be. Wishful thinking maybe, but hey, can't really get worse than how things are now.

    1. Yes it can, they can sully the name.

      Even worse. if exposed in the wrong way they can make the series infamous, more so than regular famous.

    2. Didn't they already do that with Xover? Granted not in the west, but still.

      Either way, I won't hold my breath until anything is actually released. Dealt with enough from Capcom personally to do anything but wait and see.

  8. Looks like it's official now: http://www.capcom-unity.com/brelston/blog/2015/06/02/mega-man-animated-series-coming-in-2017

  9. I'm not going to make judgements until we see an official press release. Hope it doesn't fall through in the next two years.

  10. I've always believed that Capcom was secretly planning something for Mega Man,but that they were not sure how to approach reviving him. I guess they were actively reseearching the best way to go about it and this will be the result.

    I have a feeling that this reboot may alienate or anger long time fans,similar to the way fans reacted to the Transformers and TMNT movies.

    I won't share that sentiment. I'll be happy to see Mega Man back in the limelight,even if his character and story don't follow the video game's.

    So for everyone bashing Capcom for years saying that they were doing nothing with Mega Man....you may be eating some crow in the very near future.

    1. I'm skeptical.

      If fans hadn't kept up support for the half decade that has passed already we probably wouldn't be seeing anything, so I'd give everyone a free pass on any "crow" personally.

      More over, I feel like Nintendo's efforts are a big contribution to all of this as well. Smash, Mario Kart, and seemingly now Yoshi's Wooly World, incorporating Mega Man in some ways has put the character in the spotlight for more than any "effort" Capcom has given in a long time, possibly ever in the case of Smash.

      In fact, I'd say after Smash Capcom had to either do something, or risk completely squandering the IP's potential again, probably for the last time.

      It still might not live up to it's potential, but I'm willing to give them a chance with whatever they are planning here so long as they focus on making it quality.

    2. "incorporating Mega Man in some ways has put the character in the spotlight for more than any "effort" Capcom has given in a long time, possibly ever in the case of Smash."

      That statement tops my 'most ridiculous and stupid statements seen on the internet' for this week.

    3. Well then you haven't been paying attention.

      Capcom has a very bad record with promoting Mega Man outside of Japan, to the point where most games didn't even get a commercial for advertisement's sake.

      In addition, Smash hits a very large audience. The combined sales of Smash on Wii U and 3ds outsell the entire Street Fighter Four "series" by themselves.

      That's two games, one on the Wii U which is tracking extremely low in terms of sales, against five games (four if you don't want to count Arcade Edition as a standalone game) on PS3, Xbox 360, PC, IOS, and 3ds. Nevermind the fact that Smash has been out for a little less than one year where as the original Street Fighter 4 came out in 2008.

      Point to me one example of anything Capcom has done for Mega Man that hits a bigger audience than Smash. Please.

    4. Nothing. Now answer me, what Mega Man game hits a bigger audience than Smash? Please, Any Capcom game even, any Namco game, any Konami game, heck name me more than one Square game.

      Once you realize that Smash sales well on its own with factors irregardless of Mega Man's presences come back with an argument. Mind you I'm not saying you're saying Mega Man sells Smash, I'm saying the opposite, that Smash doesn't sale Mega Man. Smash just generally has other popular and iconic brands that contribute to its success and popularity.

      In till then though accept the fact that Super Mario outsales the hell out of Mega Man, Pokemon (which latest main entries' sales make Smash4 look modest in comparison and can outsale the entire MM franchise with two entries) makes Mega Man look like a flea, Zelda is much more widely adored and acclaimed and is generally much higher profile, along with many other popular series represented in Smash. Also know that Mega Man existed side by side with many of these much more popular multi billion dollar franchises for a long long time. Then put together the fact that if you have a game starring a bunch of popular characters and it so happens to be popular, maybe just maybe those popular characters are "the characters in the spotlight". Once you're done with all that, you can appreciate how I could be skeptical about Mega Man being given anymore recognition over much more popular characters, while thinking that it's possible that the franchise simply gets overshadowed in the midst of other popular characters in an already popular series.

      Also SFIV released in 2009 on consoles and the 2008 arcade release was never added to its sales income (to my knowledge), comparing the arcade version to the console releases of Smash4 is misleading and dishonest.

      But anyway enjoy discrediting Capcom producing games solely DEDICATED to the Mega Man franchise, thereby promoting the character specifically i.e putting him on the spotlight, while also discrediting other companies Capcom has licensed to make anime, cartoons, figures, clothing, comics, movies, etc specifically for Mega Man for 25+ years to a single playable guest appearnce in a game with a cast of 50+ characters most of which are extremly popular, with some other character guest trophies in that same game out of 100+, an amiibo and some skins.

    5. That's what makes Smash brilliant, even without third party characters. The characters Nintendo has pull fans of those franchises in. Those fans then see characters from franchises they may not be familiar with. That exposure to those unfamiliar characters is a form of promotion. They bring in all the fans of the larger series and help get exposure to the smaller ones.

      In addition, Mega Man had two great moments at the previous two Nintendo E3's. One was the reveal trailer, and one was at the tournament the following E3. The reveal trailer alone was big for Mega Man. Here's a franchise that rarely gets advertised at all in the west, and it gets its own trailer focusing completely on Mega Man and his abilities right after the Smash trailer at E3, the biggest gaming related event of the year. I can't even remember the last time Mega Man was at E3.

      Overall Mega Man seems to have been really well received by Smash fans. However you lost me on your points about sales. Yes, Mario outsells Mega Man. As does Zelda as do many franchises. I brought up Smash sales because that's how many people are playing the game and seeing Mega Man as a character. People who may have played Mario, or Zelda, or Pokemon, but not Mega Man, picked up Smash for those characters, and were subsequently introduced to Mega Man.

      Compare that to what we usually see with Mega Man. The games get little to no fanfare, nor does the merchandise. You don't see it advertised much in the west. Making games, comics, clothing, etc. are all fine ways to spread the brand out to reach a wider audience, but it's a lot less effective if you don't tell anyone about it. I.E, don't advertise it. Promote the games and promote the merchandise to continue to promote the games.

      I'm not "discrediting" all the work the companies have done in the past, not completely, I'm saying they haven't done a very good job of getting the message out. With how the series is promoted, it mostly targets fans of the franchise, people who already know about it and are thus more likely to purchase it anyway.

      It's why people get frustrated at things like the Wonderful 101. Nintendo "promoted it" with the Direct they did, but that doesn't hit a wide audience and doesn't do a great job of promoting it to anyone outside of those who normally watch Directs and therefore would be more likely to purchase a game like that anyway. Yes, they promoted it, but they didn't do a good job.

      Smash was promoted everywhere, E3, television ads, etc, to hit as wide of an audience as possible. It paid off. Mega Man was a big part of the announcement of the game and appeared in many advertisements for the game as well. Thus my claim. It's okay if you disagree and think that simply producing a bunch of games promotes the franchise better, but if that were true, I would think Mega Man would be much bigger than it is right now. It takes more than just slapping a character on something to promote something well. The message needs to get out.

      As for the SFIV thing, that's fair enough about the year, I should have said 2009, but I was never comparing sales income, I was comparing units sold, so arcade cabinets would have been an oddity anyway, which is why I didn't list it as one of the platforms. Though I would hardly call it misleading and dishonest, I do apologize for the confusion.

    6. "They bring in all the fans of the larger series and help get exposure to the smaller ones."

      How do you know that? The case could be the popular characters steal the spotlight anyway. Let me give you a scenario, Capcom makes Mega Man, Sonic comes and outsales Mega Man by a lot, Capcom thinks it's due to lack of exposure so requests for game store managers to put MM games next to Sonic games, a kid comes in and sees Sonic then sees Mega Man. OK knowing this information which do you think the kid is most likely to pick up or ignore in all honesty? If you say he is more likely to pick up Sonic and ignore MM, than apply that logic to Smash.

      2. Other New Comers got new trailers as well, in fact if that is you're example of exposure know that the official trailer announcing new comer Villager that came out very close to the Mega Man trailer Nearly doubled the views the MM trailer got, and the new Pokemon character trailer has just around 83 thousand views less than the MM one (which debuted much earlier). Point is the MM trailer lose steam the more and more other character focused trailers debuted.

      3. I think you are discrediting the other companies no matter what amount you think, you definitely are, and I think you are discrediting them a lot.

      There are already examples of games getting exposed in Smash that have not been affected by it later down the line. Melee sold much more than any Star Fox game and Fox and Falco are some of the most popular characters in the game, yet Star Fox sales actually decreased after their inclusion in Melee. Another example is EarthBound/Mother, or how Fire Emblem had to save itself from its continuing low sales even after being popularly represented in Smash. Let me give you another example, Boktai was represented all over MMBN, yet did awareness rise for it because of that? No, it was no more popular in it's first release than in it's last. Or heck take even Morrigan and Felicia as an example form the DarkStalkers series, did Vampire sales rise after their inclusion in MvC?

      The only thing it seems like Smash does is make already hugely popular characters remain relevant or slightly more popular to me.

      Also arcade income would add to help gauge the exposure SFIV had.

    7. How can it not? The only way it wouldn't give exposure to the other characters in Smash is if the person buying the game knew every single character in it already. They buy the game for the characters they like, those characters are going to be "in the spotlight" for them specifically, but that doesn't mean they are going to completely ignore every other character in the game. If they are going to play the Classic mode or online matches, they are eventually going to fight against everyone.

      It doesn't matter if one series "steals the spotlight" and I'm not sure what your hangup with this concept is. If someone plays the game, they get exposure to all of the characters just by playing. Your comparison to games sitting idle is not a good one in my opinion, as there is no reason for the consumer to interact with any game other than the one they are planning to buy on any level other than a quick visual glance. Nevermind the fact that in that hypothetical scenario, Capcom would likely know Sonic would be outselling Mega Man because Sega actually has a significant budget for promoting Sonic.

      If the consumer were to actually play Smash, they would get continuous exposure to the characters, even if they aren't the characters they bought the game for. They also have a chance of getting unlockables for the character that incentivize looking into them, such as the trophies or custom moves.

      2. Resorting to youtube video views is not a solid argument in my opinion, but I will humor the idea. Your comparison of the Mega Man trailer to the Villager trailer is not a good one. The "Villager trailer" was the announcement trailer for the new game Smash itself. If you search for "Smash Bros Villager Trailer" the official video result you get is "Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U 1st Trailer" which features all of 30 seconds of the Villager at most.

      Continued below

    8. Continuing from my last post:

      Mega Man's trailer was all about him, not the official trailer for the game itself, and it focused on him for a minute and a half. Also the "debut" of the videos holds little relevance, as the game is now out and there isn't likely going to be some mass resurgence of views that makes the Pokemon Trailer catch up to Mega Man's.

      Thought that does bring me to another point that I already mentioned. Mega Man's trailer was aired during E3, immediately after the announcement of the game itself. That means a lot of people watching, a lot of people saw it. More than usually see anything Mega Man related because Mega Man related products don't usually get that kind of air time, if any at all.

      3. You can assume whatever you want. I've said my opinion, I think they could stand to do a lot better, I stand by that.

      "There are already examples of games getting exposed in Smash that have not been affected by it later down the line."

      I'm going to need evidence for this claim. Smash is a great way to promote games, as are the other crossovers you listed, but it takes more than that to sell something. My point here hasn't been to say Smash can and will sell anything, just that it's a great form of promotion, and the attention Mega Man got from it far exceeds the anything Capcom has done to promote the franchise.

      Where I need evidence is that Smash didn't help the sales of those games. Star Fox sales decreased, but can you prove that they wouldn't have decreased any more had those characters not appeared in Smash? That Boktai wouldn't have sold less or Darkstalkers wouldn't have sold less if it weren't for those crossovers? There are other factors that can drive sales down, and other forms of promotion that can drive sales up, but if I'm reading what you're saying right, you believe those crossovers have no effect what so ever, is that right?

      You say you believe that Smash doesn't promote other franchises, but only serves to make already popular characters stay in the spotlight, or increase in popularity, but I have to disagree. It's why I believe Xbox's head would like to see Banjo and Kazooie in Smash. That franchise will never be on Nintendo consoles again, but it's a great amount of free exposure to them, so why wouldn't they want the character to appear in the game? They would be willing to give Nintendo any sales that Banjo and Kazooie would get them for appearing in Smash in exchange for the promotion. That's how I interpret that.

      "Also arcade income would add to help gauge the exposure SFIV had."

      You are correct, though it would still be a very vague gauge as you wouldn't be able to tell how many different consumers contributed to the income. It would gauge income, but not necessarily how many people played the game. Though I was never talking about Street Fighter 4 for it's exposure, I was just pointing out it's sales to have a metric to compare just how much Smash 4 has sold in such a short amount of time.

    9. 1. It does matter if one series steals the spotlight, that is the entire point, and just cause I fight game&watch in adventure mode or whatever, that doesn't mean I'm gonna go out and pick up game&watch electronics.

      2. You can't add context to my hypothetical example, it exists to simplify an idea, in this case exposure not equaling promotion, which my example represents perfectly.

      3.I resorted to Youtube views to indicate documented proof of the Mega Man trailer's popularity as evidence for my claims, it is better than assuming things based on circumstances. Also I wasn't comparing the E3 Smash trailer as proof of it's popularity in relation to Mega Man's, I provided it to show context for the views Mega Man's trailer got in relation to the circumstances that surrounded it and it's views relative to other high profile trailers. Also the Pokemon trailer did pretty much catch up, that was my point, and in a much lesser time at that. In regards to Mega Man having a character specific trailer, most new comers had that as well, it is not a special treatment.

      In response to air time, I disagree. I think globally released T.V series and adverts designed specifically for the franchise, give more air time and more exposure.

      4. I can stand to do a lot better..... I'm not following you.

      As for proof of series doing worse after being represented in Smash, well, SF64 before any Smash games sold over 3 million, and Adventure nor Assault ever even cracked 500,000, check any online video game sales archive, or documentation for proof. Again disagreed, I think most things Capcom has done promotes Mega Man far better than Smash, including creating games that are promoted to the point that they sale nearly as many copies as the Mega Man Smash trailer's views.

      As for your second proof request, no I cannot "prove" the sales went down for any particular reason, all I can prove is that they did, the acclaim and quality of those games apparently didn't going off feedback, but sales did. And before you mention platforms, the Smash for the platform those two games released on, sold much more than its previous entry and both those games put together. Finally you are reading what I'm saying right, I believe Smash adds very little promotion or awareness for franchises in most cases. In fact I personally was first introduced to and loved Ness in SSB, and I still didn't know where he came from, in till I was told about his series 5 years later in a forum.

      No comment on the Banjo thing, outside of Smash makes money. If MS licenses a character in order to make a profit, that is reason enough for me, although I highly doubt they would do it purely for promotion's sake, I'll be needing direct citation for this.

    10. 1. It might not for you, but for others it has the potential to. There are people who first learn about characters from games like Smash. If they like a character, how they play, how they look, their trophies, etc. they may be inclined to look into the series more and purchase the products from it. They would certainly be more likely than if they never saw the character/series in any context all, don't you think?

      2. I don't think it does. Exposure does equal promotion to an extent. Retailers have a limited amount of shelf space. If there is a lot of one product on a shelf, more people will see it, even if it isn't what they are looking for. It's a problem the Wii U and Vita face in a number of areas. They don't sell well, retailers don't want to give them much shelf space, they have an even harder time selling, it's a bad cycle (though far from the only problems those consoles are facing.)

      3. The evidence you used for your claims doesn't exactly say much, as it is a small sample size. There are a lot of videos of all of the characters reveal trailers, The official ones may carry the "official" title, but that doesn't mean they are the only ones people watch. You would have to combine all videos and views to see how many people watched which trailers. There's also no accounting for people who watched the same trailer multiple times. That's why I think Youtube views don't serve much for evidence in this case.

      But I'll humor it. Even though the Pokemon trailer got a good number of views, it still hasn't surpassed Mega Man and likely isn't going to since the time the videos would get most of their views has passed. By your logic, does that mean Mega Man's trailer is a 'higher profile' trailer than Pokemon? I'm not understanding the point you are getting at.

      Also I'm aware most newcomers had character specific trailers, but you tried comparing Mega Man's trailer to Villager's which wasn't but was instead a trailer for the game itself. That's why I pointed that out. It was a bad comparison. Though I do also want to note again that Mega Man's trailer was at E3 when a lot of people were watching. Few other characters got that privilege. I still don't remember the time before then that Mega Man was at E3.

      4. I'll try to be more clear with my point.

      I'm saying that yes, games like Star Fox Assault didn't sell as much as Star Fox 64. I'm also saying there are a number of factors for this. One example could be that more Smash fans bought the Gamecube than Star Fox fans. They don't completely overlap of course. Not necessarily.

      There are plenty of factors leading to the decline of those games sales.

      What I'm saying is, I need proof that sales of games like Assault wouldn't have been even lower had the Star Fox characters appeared in Smash. If Fox and Falco were not in Smash, can you prove Assault sales would still have been the same, even without Smash promoting them? If you can, then I would believe your claim.

      Of course I'm aware it's impossible to prove that without changing history, so it just boils down to what we feel in the end.

      You don't think Smash holds much promotion power. I believe it does. And your comparison of Mega Man game sales to Youtube trailers doesn't sit well with me. I believe you should be comparing the sales of Mega Man games to the sales of Smash itself, since again, the people playing Smash are going to see Mega Man, possibly for the first time. They can even watch his trailer from within the game itself.

      As for Banjo:


      There are a number of articles like this one. Feel free to look into it if you like.

    11. 1. Yeah I was passively saying in an anecdotal way that the majority of people don't make purchases that way. If that were the case we would see evidence of that. If there is direct evidence of Smash bringing awareness to a franchise to the point where Smash promoted it to higher prosperity, I'd like to see it.

      2. I disagree, we'll just have to agree that I disagree on that.

      3. The Youtube vid is just the most prominent example of popularity for the trailer, can a person give more than one view sure, can other videos steal some of the views from the most popular video in this regard, sure, but do those variables detract from the overwhelming numbers the video in question got in any meaningful way? Heck no! Before I explain the obvious, let me just say your arguments are just you working from me providing you indications to the contrary, and you finding them inconclusive. No duh they are inconclusive, they are used to suggest, what more do you want? I need to provide quotes of some Company heads saying 'we asked every person while under a lie detector that is proven infallible by the official world science organization, if they bought or did not buy a certain game because of Smash, tallied the answers and gave that as promotional indicators' or something?

      4. Anyway this ties into what is said above, I wasn't using the Smash4 debut video to compare to MM's Smash debut trailer, I provided it for context. Maybe when I explained it up there in my previous comment I wasn't clear enough, so let me break it down. You say that Mega Man is popularly represented in Smash and that one reason for this is his reveal trailer at E3, I give you another trailer for the game that doubles its views, (now for the point) *so that I could establish a precedent for the game's popularity in relation to the character represented in the game*. Then using the Pokemon trailer to illustrate that given the right circumstances it too would most likely surpass the MM trailer's views, as in a shorter time and with less media focus it managed to get nearly as many views. It would take a staggering amount of dedication to reach 2. whatever million views on any YouTube video, if the content was not popular. I know this by comparing other Youtube videos in various ways and then gaining a common sense of how it runs. I can't believe I had to explain that.

      5 (or your 4? IDKnow). And what I'm saying is there is literally no conclusive evidence that Smash has helped promote anything outside of itself. Even Kid Icarus Uprising couldn't out preform the original game despite more media advertising, despite little to know viable competition on the platform it was released on at the time it was released, and most importantly despite Pit's prominent inclusion in what was and continues to be the best selling Smash to this day. And to answer your latest question, no I cannot prove that without Smash those titles wouldn't have had the same result. I'm just saying again, that contrary to your belief, I'm seeing no historical indication that Smash popularizes or helps promote under preforming or obscure franchises and that I'm actually seeing the opposite of that.

      What is not clear to you is that seeing is not promotion in and of itself, I know many people that know of Mega Man from cartoons and stuff but don't play the games or buy the merch, I even know of many Nintendo fans that hate Mega Man's guts JUST FOR taking a spot in Smash over their favorite characters.

      Lastly There maybe a number of articles related to the Banjo thing but the one you've provided does not indicate anywhere that MS is willing to license Banjo and such just purely for promotion without financial compensation.

    12. preform>perform* stupid spell check.

  11. I just hope they keep certain Robot Masters good guys this time.

  12. Please, Oh Please,don't let this series be on Nickelodeon and/or Nicktoons. It would be a Travesty if it did.

    1. What's the alternative? Cartoon Network? That would be so much worse.
      I'd rather have Ninja Turtles popping up at the bottom of the screen during a Mega Man cartoon than that repulsive Adventure Time or Steven Universe garbage.
      Besides, on Nickelodeon at least the show would be aired at a respectable time slot and not exclusively at 6/7 in the morning on weekends like Sonic Boom.

    2. Cartoon Network is the only proper alternative.....besides Hulu and Netflix,that is.

  13. If Zero appears in the series, I hope he'll be voiced by Lucas Gilbertson. (or at least Johnny Yong Bosche)

  14. I feel this is out of spite really. Just to rival the Mighty No.9 animated series as opposed to be solely for his 30th.

    1. Gotta disagree.

      This feels more like Capcom taking advantage to all of the promotion Nintendo and fans have essentially handed them to me. Smash is big. Really big. As someone else said, if they didn't capitalize on it this probably would have been the last time they would have been able to squander the IP.

      I'd say they are lucky to have the opportunity more than anything, considering their own 'efforts' with the franchise, and they are going to try and take advantage. As they should. Mighty No. 9 may have encouraged them, but only because the fans were able to use it, among a lot of other things, to show there was passion and demand among Mega Man fans, enough for it to be worth it to them.

      Props folks.

    2. I don't feel that is the case. Mighty No. 9 isn't even on the same level as MM when it comes to branding. Sure. MN9 tugged on those nostalgia strings to get kickstarted but it isn't by any means a replacement for Mega Man (or any of the other Mega Men for that matter). Seems like Capcom is just taking the first step to rebuild the brand. Simply releasing another game probably isn't enough to get Mega Man back on track. I'm sure developing another game or two is step 2 or 3 in this rebuild process as well.

    3. Except that Smash and the Mighty No.9 cartoon were publicly announced at least one year before this project's production started up.

    4. Meant to say one year after*^

    5. I do think the MN9 cartoon could have been what sparked this, but I don't think spite is at play. The only thing at play is pure business.

    6. ^How could the MN9 cartoon have sparked this if this was in production at least one year before they announced the MN9 cartoon?

  15. I want to be excited for this, but this has me apprehensive at the same time. I want to see what the art style is like. I hope they won't deviate from the game designs and delve too much into their own style but at the same time, I don't want them to focus too much on the games storyline and go with their own thing. Also, who they pick as voice actors is also on my mind. That I'm not really looking forward to because these types of shows never seem to pick the right actors for certain characters.

    I know it's still too early to tell, but I don't want to get my hopes up.

  16. I'm glad that at least something is happening with the franchise, the signs have been there especially when you look at what has been going on on the Nintendo side of things with costumes in Yoshi's Woolly World & Mario Kart, his inclusion in Smash Bros, the re-releases.. Even down to the little things like Nintendo being the only one to post Happy Anniversary to the Blue Bomber on their Twitter account & that Steetpass puzzle.. Capcom have needed to capitalize on all this exposure while it's still fresh, if they leave it too long the current hype surrounding him will fade back to just being for the long time fans again & Capcom needs to get more people into the series for the long run.. No doubt after this news we'll be seeing a game sooner rather than later, I'm personally hoping for a game before the cartoon series & not the other way around as it could go horribly wrong... I think I speak for everyone when I say we don't want another Sonic Boom or Pac Man Ghostly Adventures scenario! As for this being a result of MN.09 I doubt it would have had much impact on this honestly, it's a fun diversion sure but if given the choice for only one I'd still choose the Blue Bomber personally but that's just me!


    If anyone can make a great MegaMan cartoon, it's GOT to be FUCKING MAN OF ACTION! I wouldn't see it any other way! I've seen man of Action's works! Ben 10, Marvels Avengers Assemble, Ultimate Spider Man! I've seen them! HOLY SHIT I AM SO HYPED FOR THIS!!!

  18. I'm getting too old for this...

    1. I hear you brother. Let's hope for some stable challenging games to appear to shave off some of that old age stress.


    2. I'm getting too old as well, but my son will be 5 in 2017, and I have already been getting him into Mega Man as much as I can. This seems like it will be perfect for him. (And I may get to enjoy it a bit too, especially if there are video games associated with it).
      -Logan O.

  19. I can't deny I'm disappointed with this not being anime but it could be a good show no matter if is done in America or Japan. Let's hope a new game is around the corner.

    1. Look at it this way, since it's being done in America, at least there will be animation and not 28 minutes of 3-frame-mouth-cycles and excessive pan-shots. I mean, sure there's less likely to be scenes of Roll in the shower, but that's the sacrifice we'll all have to cope with, I guess.

  20. Im skeptical. these are the same folks who made Avengers Assemble, and that has absolutely terrible quality

    1. They are also the same folks who did Ben 10 and Ultimate Spider-Man. Also would mean Capcom managed to snag a spot despite MoA being Marvel's home turf. Which is actually pretty impressive/the last thing you'd expect Capcom to do in some people's eyes.

  21. Man Of Action has done some good work in the past. I liked Ult. Spider-Man and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Good writing. A healthy mix of action and humor. Not GREAT animation, but good by modern TV standards. Avengers Assemble = unwatchable.
    I suppose more than anything I'd like this to be a love letter to the classic Mega Man video games, particularly the NES games. Not just another fan-fic-esque marathon that tries to make Mega Man "darker" or "edgier", and I hope it retains that good spirit the series had when it took it's inspiration from Astro Boy. Not irrationally silly like Sonic Boom, but respectably light-hearted.
    And for God's sake! No cross-overs and no Zero!

  22. A new Mega Man cartoon, huh? And it's by Man of Action? Should they now refer to themselves as Mega-Man of Acton? Heh heh heh...
    *Cricket facepalms in the audience*

    Anyway, one half of their notable cartoon works is mostly positive with reception (Ben 10, Generator Rex), while the other half (Ultimate Spider-Man, Avengers Assemble) is usually mixed-to-negative. I hope it resembles the former half, if anything. Also, I would've loved for it to have been anime, but hey, it's not a big problem.


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