Thursday, June 11, 2015

Rockman x B-Side Label Collaboration is Adorable

No one loves stickers as much as B-Side Label. The Japanese-based manufacturer are ridiculously passionate about their work, diligently supplying hip and trendy youngsters with high-quality stickers ranging from cute to eyebrow-raising-weird.

In the case of the former, B-Side is teaming up with Capcom to deliver an adorable quartet of Rockman stickers: Blues, Rush, Yellow Devil and the Blue Bomber himself. These little trinkets will set you back 400 Yen a pop or 1600 Yen for the full set. And what do you know, they're water-proof and UV ray protected. That's some high-quality stuff right there.

I realize these aren't the most exciting thing to come out from the IP lately, but hey, someone out there could use a good sticker or two. If that's you, get your pre-order on at e-Capcom.

Source: CAPKobun

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