Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mega Man X6 Unlikely to Arrive on PlayStation Network (For Now)

This one slipped under our radar, but not by too much. Earlier this month saw the reveal of Mega Man Legacy Collection, and Capcom USA staffers Brett Elston and Greg Moore were happy to divulge all sorts of details on the Retronauts podcast. A bit towards the end they talk about the process of re-releasing Mega Man games on PlayStation Network. Mega Man X6's absence came up and, well, things don't sound too hot.

The discussion begins at 1:44:45:

To summarize, there is a specific song in X6 (either The Answer or Moonlight) that presents some licensing issues. It would require Capcom to renew the rights to the song in order for X6 to be sold on PSN. Brett says it's an issue that can be fixed, it's not impossible. The thing is, though, is the demand for X6 enough to warrant the effort?

"Every day is a bunch of decisions," says Brett. "If we were hypothetically trying to chase down [X6], would we be having the same conversations about Tron Bonne? We can't do all things simultaneously, we're not supercomputers."

"The demand that we see for X6 is *nothing* close to what we see for Legends 1 and Legends 2," adds Greg.

It basically boils down to priorities and demand. I mean let's be real here: Mega Man X6 is not highly regarded. Sure there's a handful of fans that dig it, but you're up against a very vocal, negative consensus. The game's reputation certainly plays a large part here.

Of course Brett and Greg don't rule PSN out entirely. Brett says PSN re-releases creep up on them all the time with little to no warning. He's just giving us a heads up that, for the time being, X6 doesn't rank high on their priorities.

We'll see what happens.

Source: USGamer


  1. I hate the very vocal, negative consensusiviors!!!!!!!!!

    LOL just kidding, anyway the art with X holding the Z-Saber, with the Zero mug shot fade in space is fingers to lips to the sky.

  2. Why would there be a demand? this game sucked
    I want to say this is the worst X game but I didn't play X7 although it really must be pretty terrible if it's actally worse than X6

    1. The sad thing is, Mega Man X7 is better polished than this game.

    2. It wasn't that bad, I'd rather play it than many many many other games, in fact I'd rather play it than 40% of Sonic games. You can exaggerate how bad it was all you want, but it wasn't that bad. It had major flaws though, X7 wasn't that bad either it was just very mediocre.

      Also best soundtrack on earth PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!! lol

      Before you start with the opinion jive. I know I know already.

    3. X7 is definitely the worse between the two ( I personally enjoyed X6). The problem with X6 is that is that it wasn't tested properly and was rushed (even the localization was horrible). Why X6 needs is a remake not a re-release but that is even less likely to happen (too bad Maverick Hunter X didn't make it that far to warrent this).

    4. Why would there be demand for this? Well because there are megaman fans like me that enjoy hardcore gameplay. If you don't want it don't buy it but as for fans like me we would like to see this game be put on the PSN. Although I won't be buying it but that is because I have the MMX collection.

    5. I don't care if it's rushed or whatever, X6 is my favourite game in the entire X series, the concept, everything here is epic, the game is absurdly harder than X5 and that's something I love.

    6. "Hardcore gameplay"

      What even? You mean the parts where you can get yourself in completely unwinnable situations?

    7. X6 is my favorite of the PSone games. yeah, it's got flaws, but all of them do, just that some people couldn't handle it. people do seem to be overly critical of it. I can see why is was considered one of the weaker titles, but it is still a very good X game.

      essentially, what was wrong with it:
      1) too many gimmicks. levels like blaze heatnik's, rainy turtloid, and metal shark player's were just one gimick, for the entire time! notably though, no jet bike level in this one.

      2) impassable areas. Certain level segments were impassable with certain characters without the proper power ups or armor. one is in the alternate area of yamma commander's stage when it's raining, another is in one of the last levels requiring all the mobility upgrades to pass with shadow or armorless X. High max is also unbeatable without rainy turtloid's weapon. This is probably the greatest flaw in the game.

      3) leaps of faith. some levels have weird leaps of faith sections, where you really can't see what's up ahead. you just gotta kinda jump and hope for the best. off the top of my head, yamma commander's stage has one when using those bug crawling things as platforms over spikes. if you have the shadow armor though, things like this aren't a problem.

      4) the nightmare system. a lot of people disliked the nightmare system. where if you played rainy turtloid's stage, it would rain in certain stages until you went to a stage that altered it again. honestly, not too bad, kinda annoying to deal with, but not particularly a bad aspect to the game, but people didn't like it.

    8. That's what's actually wrong with the game, then there are the things that make it great.

      1) Best Zero in the series. Not only did they revamp his spritework (even his damage animation is redone, his hair will spike out when hit! it's a brand new Zero!), but this is the only incarnation of Zero that can do both a normal air slash and the spin slash! if you jump once, he does a normal slash, and double jumps give you the spin slash. just be careful with his up+square attack in the air. it can lead to many suicides when trying to hold on to the rails.

      2)Best X armor in the psone games! the shadow armor is undoubtedly the most badass armor X has ever worn! immune to spikes, very saber heavy, and he's a ninja! it just rocks, man! X

      3)Best upgrades in the psone games! unlike X5 with it's weird system of granting you abilities at different ranks after beating different mavericks that one needs a FAQ to figure out, X6 was simple, save reploids in danger from DNA soul eating things, and some will give you various equippable power ups. it's possible to get quickster, leapster, and hyperdash all together! the levels weren't always the best, but playing as the characters was great in and of itself!

      4) ranks are collectible based. not such a pro, but different from X5. X5 required constantly skilled playthroughs of each level to rank up, X6 required collecting DNA soul to rank up, which allowed you to equip more powerups. nice little system.

      5) Sigma finally wasn't the antagonist. Sigma had no hand in this game, he was in no way part of it! sure, he is in the game, but he's hardly aware of it, or aware of anything. he's actually kinda literally retarded in this game.

      6) skippable cutscenes! you all bought X5 and X4 on PSN, have fun pressing x over and over again? That's not what one expects by an "X" game! in X5, people just won't shut up, you gotta sit there and watch the non-animated cutscenes and just press x repeatedly, can't even walk away and let it play itself, gotta just tough it out. X4 has this too, but only once, before you fight your first maverick. X6 let's you skip cutscenes with start. it was nice.

      7)better voice acting. X4 had terrible voice acting, X5 had no voice acting, X6 was still in japanese... except in the collection. but it had voice acting and sounded waaaay better than X4.

      8) storm eagle, sting chameleon, and magna centipede cameos! metal shark player yo!

      9) an actual story that isn't "Sigma's back and trying to take over" Nothing too world threatening, but like with MM9, makes ya think.

    9. X7 was bad, for a few major reasons:

      1) X is unlockable

      2) Zero is incapable of actual combat, the only way to safely play as him is to stand and slash everything, the moment you become airborne with zero, you can no longer fight.

      3) glide armor.... with the amazing ability to float...

      3) flame hyanard. go to youtube, you'll understand...

      aside from that, it's just a mediocre game. playing as axl isn't too bad for the most part, so long as you're not fighting flame hyanard.

    10. ^Those reasons don't sound major for X7, more like petty and personal, with the exception of Zero.

      I'll be honest I didn't think you would give X6 a fair chance bro. Good stuff

    11. well, X being unlockable is pretty bad in a mega man X game. you have to unlock the main character. I'd say that's a bad design choice considering he's been playable from the beginning since the first game.

      And yeah, Zero is rendered pretty useless in that game, unless you just walk up to things and slash at a pace where you only repeat the first hit in the combo,then he's beastly, but the game isn't very fun.

      and flame hyanard, yeah, he's sooo obnoxiously annoying, many fans will simply stop playing at that boss fight, he just keeps screaming the same two phrases over and over again at ridiculously high volumes.

      also, I think the sky level had some really annoying platforming that would kill you in stupid ways a lot, that was probably a major flaw.

      mostly people dislike X7 for zero being terrible, and X being inaccessible, on top of the fact that the game was really mediocre.

      why wouldn't you think I'd give X6 a fair chance?

    12. I don't know, unlocking the main character can build suspense in both story and gameplay, like Legacy of Goku 2 (yeah I know but you get the point) it's a design choice, not bad not good just there for some to like and others not to.


      Uh, those fans have low tolerance, I didn't find him that annoying to say that he broke the entire experience.


      Yeeeaah I don't know, I think most people hate on X7 due to group think since a lot of the time when i talk to people about it they display ignorance of the game and usually repeat the same arbitrary/shallow things others say. I've met very few that legitimately disliked it for really solid design flaws after playing it a good amount.

      Because you're very critical of games. Like the unavoidable cutscenes and hitboxes of MM7. To be fair though I almost broke my Dreamcast controller because of those same problems in Rayman 2.

    13. yes, I am very critical of games, even ones I love. I'm just a very analytical person 'tis all.

      Rayman 2 was great! the game had some poor designs at times and was very rough around the edges, but had no lives and put you back into the action right away. it was fantastic.

      Also, I never griped about MM7's hitboxes, never really bothered me, my issue is all the waiting. the unskippable cutscenes.

      I dunno, when I had roommates and played X7,they made me mute the game when playing against flame hyanard. it is soooooo annoying. And that's if you actually understand how to fight him. I feel sorry for people on their first playthrough being destroyed by him for having no idea what they're supposed to do.

      honestly, I don't think people dislike X7 due to groupthink. certain games have divided the fanbase even before we found the internet. MM7, Legends 1, MM2/3. I think it's more about the series itself and why people are drawn to it.

      I get the impression that a lot of mega man fans love the series because of the core gameplay, whether they know it or not. What most critics gave the series flak for was probably it's greatest appeal, the fact that the games are all essentially the same game, perhaps expansions. I feel the mega man fanbase is a fan of the consistency, and when you remove that consistency, they reject it. X7 deviated too far from the formula for most fans. even if it wasn't a very mediocre game, I'm sure fans would be divided on it, because it feels too different. X fans have been playing essentially the same game for 10 years, then you completely change the entire feel! and force the player to use a new unfamiliar character! I think mega man fans dislike new things for the most part.

      X6 though pretty much pissed people off in a similar manner to X7. you can't start the game as Zero in X6, the first PSone game to do so. you're forced to play as X. Many people went Zero in X4 and never looked back, and then you have to unlock zero, and you have to unlock him everytime! I wouldn't be surprise if that was where a lot of ire comes from for that game.

    14. "Many people went Zero in X4 and never looked back"

      I'm one of them Haha

      Yeah about Rayman 2 the unavoidable intro tutorial and cutscenes in the beginning are annoying as F***!!!!!!! Other than that great game.

    15. "Why would there be demand for this? Well because there are megaman fans like me that enjoy hardcore gameplay."

      Because there are Megaman fans like me who enjoy poorly-designed games*


  3. It would seem almost all of the primary Mega Man games have been digitized in some form or another. X6 should definitely be added to top off the PS1 X series.

    The way I see it, people who dislike X6 are entirely-too-critical, negative ingrates. The same sort of crew that dislikes Star Fox Assault or Metroid Other M. I personally enjoyed and appreciated the effort that went into X6. Yes, it took effort to achieve what was done. New bosses, incredible music (as always), Japanese voice acting, artwork cut-scenes, licensed music (which is the issue), an opening cinematic, new armors and abilities. Overall it's a very solid Mega Man game.

    It was just done in a different approach than previous games and sure, some environment layouts are a bit questionable, but does that make it a poor game? Do the shortcuts and ability to progress through the game in different ways truly impact the game in such a way that causes "fans" to loath it? Whatever their reasons are, they need to keep them in check.

    Just ask yourself this, and I've said this before, did you really want X5 to be the final Mega Man X game? I personally love the X series and want to see as much as possible before it ends/bridges over into Zero.

    1. Not to mention they completely changed all of Zero's animations. Not bad for a secret unlockable character, it had more effort than X5 Zero, which was pretty much just a port of X4 Zero.

    2. Oh yeah, that's right. Zero was changed up too.

      See, people? They didn't have to do that, but they went the extra distance. I thought each stage's gimmick was pretty good too. I saw another comment saying that the difficulty is harder, and I welcome that. The sometimes unconventional terrains and enemy placement along with some frenetic projectiles made for a great challenge. The Nightmare Phenomena was also a nice touch, adding a little bit of pressure and incentive to save the injured Reploids and collect Nightmare souls.

    3. Um, Metal Shark Player's stage design was shit.

      And so was Gate Level 2 (the one with all the spikes.)

    4. I have no idea why people think Metal Shark Player's stage was bad. I found absolutely no problem with it. Are you just impatient and don't feel like waiting on the compactor? Navigating the stage got pretty tense at times, but never once did I find it unfair or thought to myself, "Wow, this stage is shit. This game sucks."

      As for Gate Level 2, yes, that stage was a bit excessive with the spikes, but it was also again, challenging. Plus you can equip a proper armor to progress through to make things easier. I'm beginning to think it's not the game to blame for a lot of grievances.

    5. People tend to exagerate how agravating something can be. All of the stages had interesting ideas and stage layouts behind them, but, apparently, weren't playtested properly, and as a result, had design flaws that could have easily been fixed had the developers taken their time. If they had done something as simple as raising that one platform in Gate's Lab 2 or relocating some enemies in Recycle Lab, the game would have been much better.

      That said, I actually think that Inami Temple and Gate's Lab 2 are some of the best designed stages for the X series. They take into acount each and every one of the player's abilities, unlike most other stages. That part where you must fight the totem poles while on the moving platform was brilliant. Sadly, a few glaring mistakes easily overshadow even the highest points of the game to many.

      It's much easier to like this game if you endure until you have become familiar with it, because its design oversights can put off most gamers. There was also a time were I raged over this game depending on the day, but I'm glad that I have learned to like it.

    6. Good points indeed. Inami Temple is definitely one of the strong points. The music is great too!

      See, the way I feel is that when I played X6 (and X7) originally, I wasn't concerned about judging and critiquing them. I was genuinely enjoying a new Mega Man game since I sincerely love the franchise. I was thankful to have them and excited to progress through a brand new adventure in each. I guess it just goes back to some people being too critical and tendency to exaggerate things.

      X6 wasn't a bad game by any stretch. It just had a couple issues. X7 wasn't bad either, it's just deadlines yet again put a hamper on the final product. Everything is there, but it's shortcomings are a bit more apparent than those of X6.

    7. You know never did I think that Megaman fans would bring up good reasons to defend X6. I thought I was the only one to understand why some (not all) of the stage designs were done a certain way. Like for example MegaMac said some good points that I knew from the beginning, Metal Shark Player's stage design was made for a slower paced but also needing to think quick to move type of stage. But most Megaman fans like ClementJ642 don't like slower paced Megaman games they want fast paced action for every second of the game and because of that when they see a slower paced stage like Metal Shark Player's stage they flip out and call it one of the worst games ever. And honestly most megaman fans I see over exaggerate how bad the game is so much that I preferred Gamespot and IGN's review of the game because they gave it a reasonable score unlike the people I see that call it Sonic 06. Which is very stupid because X6 and X7 will never be as bad as game that had practically no love at all. I mean seriously when one of the Sonic 06 devs got interviewed he looked like he never wanted to be there or make the game. What game dev that wants to make a good game does that? Now am I saying that X6 is a perfect 10/10 game? No I am not but people gotta understand that some games are going to have problems. Do I want to have perfect Megaman games? Yes but I am not going to flip out and give it a 3/10 (like someone else actually did) just because a stage or certian mechanics of a game is weaker then others.

  4. X6's soundtrack is phenomenal for the most part. Also, I kind of dig Zero's ending in X6. We all know X5 was supposed to be the X series end, but I still feel if X6 was to be the last X game back then, his ending worked very well IMO to lead into MMZ.

    1. X6 does lead into MMZ, X7, X8 and CM are an alternate timeline

    2. No X7 and X8 are canon where did you get that they weren't canon from?

    3. okay, now that I have my research materials

      page 18 of MMZ complete works, there's a timeline. Zero goes into stasis, wakes up in a new body. in X7, he has the same body and the elf wars hasn't started.

      at the end of X6, he goes into stasis for the first time (obviously because he's still omega and considers himself a threat to his friends.), so this is his first sleep.

      X7 on take place after X6, and zero is not in stasis, Axl doesn't exist in the MMZ timeline, but does exist in command mission, which takes place in 22XX, which is 100 years after X8, while MMZ takes place at the same time (page 137 bottom right of X complete works, Higurashi)

      Command mission takes place during the MMZ events, which doesn't make sense.

      While the ending of X6 could be after X8, Axl, the next gen reploid prototype doesn't exist, nor did the development of space really go anywhere. only weil was banished to space and returned. MMZ can't possibly take place after X8, eitherwise neo arcadia would have been in space.

      and then you have to accept that CM isn't cannon, even though there's no reason to do so. it's just got a bad story is all, but it still fits.

    4. In the zero ending of X6 zero says to wake him up if anything goes wrong. So in X7 if you listen to zero he says " I can't believe I'm back here again. What the heck happened? They really made a mess." So that pretty much means that when zero went to sleep the city in the intro stage of X7 was fine but when he woke up it was a complete disaster but zero didn't know about it because he was sleeping. MMZ can take place after X8 you even said it yourself that MMZ is 100 years after X8 so there is no reason for it not to take place after X8. If you have played MMZXA you would know that Model A was based of off Axl from the X series and the MMZX series is canon. Each biometal in the ZX series is based of off real reploids that existed in the X series. So that would mean Axl would have to have existed for there to be a Model A. Also there is no where when I mentioned MMX CM being canon only X7 and X8.

    5. ^XCM is the only one not canon, true, but Model A in terms of story was not based on Axl, it is in terms of design by the actual video game developers, but in the game Model A has nothing to do with Axl. Model A stands for Model Albert btw.

    6. Model does have something to do with Axl and I know Model A means Model Albert but it doesn't change the fact that in the story the creator of this biometal took inspiration from Axl. Although they don't say it but it is obvious that the creator of the Model A biometal saw the abilities that Axl had and wanted to replicate those abilities. And there is no way that in the story that Model A was made like Axl by coincidence.

    7. ^ Oops I forgot the letter "A" in the beginning of my post.

    8. Just like there is no way 50, 000 somewhat years in the future there would be a different blue robot android called Mega Man miraculously found and adopted by a science researcher digger that looks suspiciously like Dr. Light (if he went on a diet) with a blonde hair, red dressed sister named Roll who meets a man that looks suspiciously like Dr. Wily named Wily.

      Yeah Model A not being related through story to Axl doesn't sound all that far fetched.

    9. I am so confused as to whom I am talking to here, but here goes.

      first off, Zero doesn't ask to be awoken if anything goes wrong, to the contrary, he says "ha. I'm sorry, but don't worry... there's a superior maverick hunter."

      As for mega man legends. there are many mega man's. the main character is mega man trigger. you also meet mega man Juno, and it is safe to assume that many more exist. Roll Casket and barrel casket are artificial humans, as is wily. it may not be coincidence in the same way that Model X and Z resemble X and Zero. Ciel designed the biometals after the legendary heroes. The master designed the carbons, probably after famous historical people. He probably designed trigger after model X mega man because of the mission he wished to give him.

      I mean, more odd coincidence would be the masters from ZXA. Master Thomas [Light], Master Albert [Wily], and Master Mikhail [Cossack]. Then there's Serges in X2, Isoc in X6, Wily mentioned by Sigma in X5...

      as for ZX, the only biometals based on X series characters are models Z,X and A, and maybe O and a. the rest are all based on MMZ characters.

      Model A is Model Albert. In a world where Axl didn't exist, Master Albert made a biometal to be compatible with those who have his DNA. It looking like Axl is simply homage to Axl since he doesn't actually exist in this timeline. It's like the Dr. Light Dressed as Ryu in X1 in the 5th capsule.

      I know you didn't mention MMXCM being canon, and I say that there's no reason for it not to be. X7-X8 are canon, but just a divergent timeline, as how Battle Network is a divergent timeline that split before any mega man games.

      according to Zero official complete works, he's awoken early for the elf wars, and in a new body.

      In X7, when Zero says " I can't believe I'm back here again. What the heck happened? They really made a mess.", he's at the highway stage from X1 again, and can't believe he's there again. Red alert chasing after axl wreaked havoc on the highway, thus making a mess. Zero is just responding to a maverick alert or something.

      I mentioned why MMZ couldn't take place after X8, because the timeline with X8 focused on space for saving humanity and developed next gen reploids with copy chips. MMZ focused on Neo Arcadia and cyber elves. the worlds don't match up, unless MMZ takes place on the moon.

    10. First Axl did exist because there is no way that by coincidence biometal Model A could be based of off a reploid that never existed because if that is the case then why weren't the other biometals made like the other reploids by coincidence as well. and MMZ being after X8 can match up. It is obvious that at a certain point the reploids priorities changed from saving humanity to moving humans away from space to form Neo Arcadia and using cyber elfs to win the maverick war. In MMZ4 if you notice reploids are not liked by humans at all so it would be obvious that the reploids did something to humans that would make them hate reploids. So the reploids probably shoved the humans to the corner, taking all of their resources from space and used it to form the Neo Arcadia and other things to win the maverick war. Now that would leave humans left with junk to work with and because of that they are upset at the reploids and want nothing to with them which is the case in MMZ4. In MMZX reploids are also considered to be terrorist by humans. In MMZ3 in a certain level you can find information about the maverick wars turning into the cyber elf wars but not enough is explained to know what happened from the X series to the Zero series. This is why people want MMX9 so that way the change from the X series to the Zero series can be explained because the zero complete works books doesn't explain it all.

    11. @EriKTR: I call bull on the Legends explanation, it's not the fact that his name is Mega Man it is the fact that he coincidentally Looks like Mega Man and met with a sister that looks like Roll called Roll. Nowhere does it say Roll is an artificial human, she even has parents. You're ZX examples are even more proof.

      BTW you can call me Anon2 I'm the one telling the other Anon that it is entirely possible that Model A is like Axl by coincidence in the story, and that like you said it is just a homage to him.

      Anon1: is probably the one that didn't understand the Legends comparison and said "Um what?"


    12. Anon2 can you explain why the Megaman world went from future tech in ZX to being covered in endless water in Legends with cheaper tech? And don't tell me it was by coincidence because saying it is coincidences does NOT explain anything and they are not coincidences. Saying it is a coincidence is a cheap cop out. Yes certain things were made a certain way for a reason but when comes to X series to Zero series and ZX series to Legends series saying that a lot of the stuff is a coincidence is not going to explain why some of these events happened.

    13. I wrote a response explaining stuff but it didn't get though and I don't feel like typing it again, so no.


  5. X6 is one of my favorite X games as well. It would be nice to see Gate and his Investigators once again.

  6. B-but, this is the best Mega Man game ever! How could they not consider rereleasing it? (sarcasm)

    While not a favorite, X6 isn't really that bad. I think most people dislike it because of how hard it is, with its level designs, all those spikes, and the nightmarish Nightmare. And the game being rushed, although it did have some work:

    It is a pain to rescue all Reploids and getting items and other stuff, but its difficulty is easy compared to games like the Ghosts 'n Goblins series. I wonder how Arthur would deal with the Gate stages...

  7. I really want them to put X8 as a PS2 Classic! That's a game that doesn't get enough love! one of the better X games! also, let us play maverick hunter X on console? and put Powered Up on PSN too! or better yet, port it to the wiiU, gamepad plus level editor would be love

    1. I played Maverick Hunter X on my HDTV with a PS TV.

  8. I'd like to note that the Showtaro Morikubo songs were released under Capcom's own record label, Suleputer. The album those songs came from, Zui was also released under Capcom. They presumably own(ed) the rights to those songs and X7's Lazy Mind. Additionally, both the single release for The Answer and Zui have been out of print for over a decade and Morikubo has both moved on from Rockman and signed onto another label entirely. Suleputer's contract with him may have simply expired and he or his agents are either uninterested in renewing it or may even be fighting for exclusive reissue rights. Maybe the culprit all along is I.D.E.A. by RoST instead? All very murky stuff.

  9. "The demand that we see for X6 is *nothing* close to what we see for Legends 1 and Legends 2,"

    Phew. At least people still have a shred of good taste left in them.

    1. well, legends 1 makes sense, but Legends 2? I prefer X7 over Legends 2

    2. Legends became the most overrated series overnight. Then you have pompous people criticizing other peoples' taste when they like a game like X6 over it, as if they don't have a brain or it is so out of reality or something.

      The fact that X6 has the gameplay style that it has alone is reason enough for me to like it over Legends. I'm not even gonna mention aesthetics and music.

    3. @Erik the Red

      I enjoy both X7 and Legends 2, but to prefer X7 over Legends 2? That's a new one.

    4. @MegaMac
      X7 isn't too terrible with new game plus, not jumping with zero, and a muted TV against flame hyanard.

      Legends 2 though had a mostly useless grab mechanic, a severely gimped machine buster, the most broken secondary weapons ever, ripped off Legend of Zelda OoT with the first 3 temples, then stole the ice one from majora's mask despite it coming out a week before.

      There's a laundry list of the things wrong with Legends 2. It tried to hard and was nothing but a mess. you get to see roll naked again, haha, it was funny in the first game right? let's do it again, except at the beginning... but we can do better, let's get an awkward tron bonne nude moment too!

      the fans loved the pirates! you know what would make this game better? more of them! let's triple the amount of pirate families... who cares if none of them get any real part in the game, it's better because we have more!

      you know mega man's personality? let's cut off them blue balls and make him super passive and lead around by all the secondary characters. the less he talks, the more he's like link, right? they love link!

      You know what people really loved from ocarina of time? the water temple! yeah, I hear them raving about it all the time! let's put everything everyone loved about that water temple to the extreme! we don't have iron boots in this game though... it's okay, we'll just make the player have to equip 2 different jetskates whenever they go in and out of water to simulate the fun fun parts of OoT! let's also make motion 1/4 of the speed under water and make it take 5 minutes to sink down a large hole. fun, no?

      let's make the game a giant fetchquest and reveal all of the story exposition in the last 20 minutes of the game. people love that classic mega man formula. some story at the start, the rest at the end, and just going to different levels in between.

      I really, REALLY hated legends 2. I was so happy to get the game, then severely disappointed. I cringed whilst playing it... it was just terrible. they tried too hard to be the love child of MML1 and LoZ:OoT

  10. Unrelated, but seeing the saber in the X6 cover made me thing how this:
    And other weapons/armors/shields in the series would look here:

    There is plenty of cool stuff in the series that could be suggested to Man of Arms, from "simple" ones like Enker's spear, Rolling Cutter, and Muramasa, to complex ones like Sword Man's Flame Sword, the weapons from the MMXCM cast, Drill Arm, SwordMan.EXE's heads and sword, the sword from the Nightmare virus (the EXE6 one, not X6), a metallic Chain Rod, Proto Shield (either original, EXE, and Rockman Online versions), Wolff's helmet and sword, ... Heck, even X's armors and objects like Biometals! There are so many it is hard to choose which one to suggest.

  11. I'm one of those who thinks X6 and X7 are equally bad, regardless. Though in X6's defense, it has excellent music. The problem with these two games, unlike the previous X games, is that they just aren't fun. That's the whole reason why I play a game: to have fun. X6 is riddled with random garbage and beta elements that make it more of a frustrating chore to get through than a fun experience. X7 was awful from beginning to end and it was a pain handling the control physics and going through the load times, and I didn't even enjoy the music as much. I guess people would like them if they enjoy a major challenge, and by major, I mean enjoy dealing with a random number generator that hates your guts. Well whatever. I personally didn't find them fun and nothing is going to make me change my opinion about them.

    The problem with not releasing them, however, is that I'm afraid we may never see X8 in the mix, which is a shame because that game is actually fun. Unless they wanted to release them out of order, which would be fine by me, but it's doubtful. =(

    1. I hardly ever see anyone trying to change peoples mind to persuade them into liking X6 or X7, in fact it is always the opposite.

      Anon1: I like X7's music a lot and I found it's gameplay relatively fun and not all that bad.

      Anon2: How can you like X7 it was soo garbage the music sucked BAD even X6 and Command Mission didn't screw that up (even though all three of those games shared the same composers, and CM even used the same style instruments and compositions many times), No X6 (without even mentioning it) just sucked and X7 is worse.

      That is usually how I see it go down most of the time.

      Meanwhile you say something bad about Legends.... I don't need the rest for you to understand.

  12. A lot of complaining going on....

    I liked both X6 and X7. Although I think they are the two weakest entries into the series,they are not terrible games.

    Go play the DOS versions of Mega Man 1 and 3 and then tell me how terrible X6 and X7 are. :)

    1. Sorry for the sort of double tripping out on me.

    2. Exactly people complain so much about X6 and X7 especially about X6 and yet they don't know what a truly bad game is. It is like how MG fans complain about the MGS gamecube remake calling it one the worst games/remakes ever. And yet they don't know what a bad game is. They think that a few new scenes,new mechanics and re recorded voice acting (from the same voice actors as the original) make it a horrible game. Which none of this makes it a bad game in fact it makes it better. So you know what? How about we have them sit down and play Sonic 06,Rambo the video game (2014) and of course Ride to hell retribution and then they can come back to us complaining how bad a game can be.

    3. Superman for N64 and Bomberman Act Zero. 'nuff said.

    4. Criticisms are fair.

      At this point it feels almost like people want to dismiss any and all of them as "complaining"

    5. Superman N64 and Bomberman act zero how did I forget to add those games to the list? You see those games are BAD games not games like X6. And yes criticism is fair but when you hear stuff like "Changing zero's animation is stupid" and "The game is slower then X4 and X5" then you know people are being whinny. The thing is X4-6 run exactly the same so there is no way the game could be slower if is pretty much a copy and paste engine. Then there is the people that hate on the game for cheap reasons like ClenentJ642 who pretty much hate it's guts for no good reason at all.

  13. I enjoyed X6 and X7. Although two of the weakest entries in the series,they are far from being terrible games.

    If you truly want to see a terrible game,go play the DOS version of Mega Man 1.

    1. I raise you DOS Mega Man 3!

      actually played the DOS game... not all that terrible. it was playable at least. the second game, I just had to stop playing it, couldn't finish it. it was just soo bad

  14. I think the specific song should be the ending theme?
    Moon Light / The Answer were released by Capcom as Showtaro's single/album, I think Capcom should keeping the license of these 2 songs. (Similar to X5 OP & ED)
    I can't find any release info of X6's ending theme, maybe this should be the reason?
    (The US ver uses the same ED of JP ver, but not the OPs)


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