Sunday, August 25, 2013

Masahiro Aoki Shreds to Rockman Xover Main Theme

It's a lazy Sunday afternoon, so here's Masahiro Aoki -- Rockman Xover's sound composer -- rocking out to the game's main theme. I, for one, never tire of the tune despite Xover's overall stinkiness. It's too bad there aren't more original pieces of similar caliber.

Source: MidniteWv4


  1. I loved the theme the first time i heard it, i kinda just want X-Over to come out in the west now.

  2. If you play the game, you'll get sick of this song fast. Especially since the game encourages you to constantly reset the app in order to conserve Energy Points.

  3. Any recent news on their talks about releasing it here? Maybe they changed their minds...

    1. Just this:


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