Saturday, August 24, 2013

Free Mega Man Goods at PAX Prime Friday Night Concerts

If you’re one of the lucky people headed to PAX Prime 2013, you're in for a little treat. Capcom has graciously donated a whole batch of inflatable Mega Busters and 25th anniversary pins to be handed out for free during the Friday night Mega Man concerts. Better yet, a very, very limited number of people will walk away with a free classic Mega Man 25th anniversary statue.

Just make sure you show up before 8:30pm. There's going to be quite the crowd, after all.

Source: Capcom Unity


  1. Free for those people, then sold for 20+ dollars to everyone else on eBay. Bah.

  2. no more goods. new megaman games is a must!

    PS. Megamac is right.. free is not good because people would sold for more money is like an advantage of one another. not cool, man!

    1. So no company should have giveaways because some of the people who receive them might turn around and sell them?

  3. These were on sale for $5 at SDCC on Sun. Which is why I got one. =]


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