Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Check Out Matt Herms' Ode to Mega Man Legends

Remember that Mega Man Legends sketch that Archie Comics artist Matt Herms drew and shared a couple months back? Well, it's allllll done! Colored and everything. Spiffy, no? Here's a little commentary from Matt:

"Finally colored a doodle from ages ago. Mega Man, Roll, and Tron (from Mega Man Legends), inspired by the iconic image of Archie sharing a milkshake with Betty and Veronica... Which, shockingly, I don't actually know who drew the original of that, though it's been re-done tons of times since.

Anyhow, Legends is my favorite MM spin-off, next to X. They're not flawless games and they haven't aged as well as others, but they're incredibly charming with some great characters, designs and style. Maybe someday, hopefully, Legends 3 will get another chance to be made. Pencils and inks on cardstock, Photoshop 7 for colors. Hope ya' dig!"

An Archie adaption of Mega Man Legends isn't in the cards at this time, but it's something I, for one, wouldn't mind seeing. Matt Herms is more than welcome aboard!

Source: herms85


  1. Pfff. "Dig". I don't know if that was intentional but it's still a good pun nonetheless.

  2. Archie should ask if they can do a special series based upon the first Legends game. X and the other 2D platformers are too dark to successfully translate to Archie's style, and Battle Network and Starforce already had their time to shine in several different forms of media.

    1. I think the whole Viz Media still having the print rights over Battle Network and Star Force (which was why they weren't in the UDON fan tribute) is a larger problem.

      Archie can do fairly dark stuff though, check out the Red Circle comics they're doing sometime.

  3. You know, maybe later on Archie might do a Legends comic. I could totally see Aero and Barrett at least making an appearance there.

  4. I've found it odd there wasn't even an attempt to make a Legends/DASH manga serial while there's at least one for all other series. It seems like the franchise most open to an EU, just on the premise of the first game. The Flutter lands on some island with some pirates problems, or some ruins with reaverbots, or just wacky problems Mega Man and Co resolve to help. Then they get into shenanigans. Then once resolved they raise anchor and head off to their next totally unrelated adventure. Come to think of it; I hear tell some other Japanese series launched in '97 did alright with that format.

    While any parallels drummed up with Archie are neat? I'm not sure a Legends adaptation would be first subseries Archie'd want to give its own line. Just because I'm sure they'd need to clear the publishing rights with Capcom, and they don't seem to feel like it's marketable. However, I could be quite happy if a second Archie Mega Man line launched, with the premise of being a rotating series catalog. Doing an arc for a series for two or three months, then switching to another. Giving more of a buffet feel.

  5. I've had the good fortune to meet Matt Herms a few times. He's one of the nicest and friendliest people in the industry, and I can say from the conversations I've had with him that he's a true Megaman fan. He's been drawing the various incarnations of Megaman long before Archie started doing the series. In fact I'd suggest looking up some of his older art if you want to see his own unique take on the character designs before the official Archie style took hold.

    I'm not sure how much sway he has with the company, but it's clear he's wanted to do Megaman for a long time. When Archie finally announced that they were going to go through with a Megaman comic I had a feeling that the property was in good hands.

  6. Archie, just stay away from MegaMan, your art style is terrible!

  7. I actually prefer Megaman Megamix art style


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