Saturday, August 31, 2013

D-Arts Ultimate Armor X is Here. Let's Have a Look!

Bandai's D-Arts Ultimate Armor X is now available in Japan. If you imported, he should be arriving in the mail soon (if not already). For those currently playing the waiting game, I've gathered a few hi-res photos of the freshly unboxed figure to keep you occupied. There's plenty to see after the jump!

For more images, swing over to the Trash Box and this place!

Thanks, Sean!


  1. I have no idea how I'm going to pose him and Black Zero.
    I guess them using Dark Hold? Victory poses? Their "brofist"ish thing from X6?

  2. I really hope he has shoulder parts like Zero ver 2 and Vile, and not like Classic X. They had an extra join to make cooler poses.

  3. Is Bluefin going to bring it over to America?


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