Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mega Man Legends Art from Archie's Ryan Jampole

Yet more Mega Man Legends love from the Archie Comics Mega Man team. This time it's from Harvey Award nominee Ryan Jampole. This is Ryan's first time doodling Mega Man Volnutt, Roll Caskett (in her Legends 3 wear, no less) and Data, though hopefully not the last. I think there's plenty among us still yearning for Archie to tackle Legends!

Cool piece, nonetheless.

Source: RyanJampole (via 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3)


  1. As long as they dont adapt the would be MML3 plot, I'm fine. I want that as a game not a comic.

  2. Ryan is perfect for MML!

  3. I think what I would ultimately want from Archie if they tackled the Legends franchise is a Bonne family comic series. It would be a pretty tough sell without "Mega Man" in the title, though.

  4. Honestly, if we're not going to get a MML3 game, an Archie conclusion wouldn't be something I'd be upset with. The comic is its own continuity, just like Archie's Sonic. It's not canon to the games, just takes the elements and organizes it similarly but in its own way. To see some sort of conclusion to the Legends story would be great!

    Here's hoping Archie can get to Legends. Classic Mega Man is, sadly, much more marketable. I'll be happy, honestly, if Mega Man X gets a treatment. I see that, again unfortunately, as more doable.

    1. I don't know if I like the idea of Archie trying to conclude the series. But I still would like to see them try at a Legends adaptation if it's rooted like an original launch, or maybe a prequel of Volntt's and Caskett's early digging days. I still think MML is the Mega Man series most open to an EU. It's the most open world the most varied sociologically and technologically, and there's no general evil organization or mastermind that would be orchestrating every villain or robot. So there's plenty of blank spaces to doodle in.

      As long as Archie understands the characters, as well as a division between the whimsical and serious elements of the series? I could stand seeing anything original with them. From a 3-4 comic book arc format, to an episodic serial that generally skips explaining exact details of how Mega Man, Roll and whatever other characters got involved in some other event in some other location, or even just a series of strips included on the reverse of the Short-Circuits.


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