Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rock Buster Light-up Keychains, Because Why Not?

System Service's quest to flood the gashapon market with Rockman trinkets continues! What we have here are a set of Rock Buster keychains that... well, c'mon; the image above pretty much speaks for itself. Simply press a little button and the mini-flashlight projects one of seven Rockman sprites. Colors are based on Robot Master power-ups, of course.

As per usual, these are prizes intended to be available in crane games and capsule machines in Japan later this fall. Online vendors like Big Bad Toystore and NCSX tend to load up on System Service goods, so we might find them there too.

Source: Rakuten | Image: Yahoo Auctions


  1. This is who we are now. 'Silently drifts away'

    1. I feel your pain. I really do.

  2. Well to be completely fair, most gashapon trinkets in Japan aren't really supposed to be that glorious.

  3. Rockman/Megaman 25th Anniversary:

    The year of the fucking toys and books. >_>

  4. Not a bad trinket, but I wonder what type of battery it uses and how long it lasts.


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