Sunday, September 9, 2012

New Rockman Online Artwork Emerges (Update: Game is Likely Cancelled)

Concept artist Kang Dong Hwa recently posted some previously unseen Rockman Online artwork to his personal webpage. He's provided new pieces for Gaia, the floating fortress Atlas, and some areas we haven't seen before. I've included these images after the break.

Given the rather slow updates with the game this past year, you have to wonder why these pieces showed up at Mr. Kang's place instead of the game's official site.

UPDATE: According to the artist himself, Rockman Online is probably cancelled. See, the only reason he's able to post this art publicly is because the project has been dropped. I had a feeling that was the case.

However, pending an official announcement from NeoWiz we can't officially confirm Online's demise just yet. Still, it's very much possible. And honestly, is anyone really surprised? It's been nearly a whole year since there's been an update on the game. Further, it was reported in May that NeoWiz was undergoing a company-wide downsizing due to fledging business. Online's fate was pretty much sealed.

UPDATE 2: Mr. Kang removed the post that implied the game was dropped. This could mean a number of things, but I'm inclined to believe he jumped the gun before NeoWiz made the news official. We'll just have to wait and see.

Source: Cantio75 (GAIA_Re & OKEANOS) (ATLAS C&F) (R_on_prototype_oj)


  1. Wow... I wish this was coming out.

  2. Dang. Those are asome good art.

    I guess this means that RMO's still in production?

  3. I think, to be fair, at this point we shouldn't give something a status that we can't back up with a dismissal notice or something.

    Considering how we as the fanbase tend to react, it might be better to play safe than sorry...

    I'm still very much holding out hope for this game, I'd definately play it if it ever came out of Korea (or elsewhere)

  4. I think the game is dead and he posted them b/c he didn't want his art to die with it.

    I mean, don't artists have NDAs, too? He shouldn't be able to post unseen stuff before the official blog does. Unless the game is dead.

  5. I love the Dr. Light memorial.

    I think Cossack or Cain might have been a better choice for the other podium then Colonel, though. Just my two cents.

    Anyway, I have low expectations for this game to see the light of day. Sorry, but I'm just cynical that way.

  6. @ Jimb0, what is the point of your negativ comment? It's pretty useless and bad for the community, we need to be positive and help the serie Together without bad thoughs and show to Capcom, we believe always in the game.

    And the capcom is made by Neowiz, not capcom.

    But yeah, it remembers me when Legend was canceled, some artists posted some lost screenshots...

    BUT I want this game done, if it's a success in Korea. We can have this game in occident, maybe, anyways, capcom know since the comments on capcom unity...all the megaman fans need THIS GAME! <3
    (sorry for my english)
    WE ARE THERE! <3

  7. And im bored to see how some fanboy are negativ and use the provocation to wake capcom, it's pretty bad and useless.
    I remember the anniversary of Megaman when Inafune was in the much retarded destroyed the tchat part with kikoololomgsofanboy comments...a true SPAM!
    Negativ raged are useless and not mature <_<

    Be patient.

  8. Well no surprise it's likely been canned we literally haven't heard anything since May and what we heard in May was after months of nothing and it was about Neowiz wanting out and giving to another company.

    So yeah this is probably the least surprising thing I've heard all year.

  9. Mother fu--

    Well... I can't say as I'm surprised it's (likely) cancelled. This isn't something that can actually be blame on Capcom, though, interestingly enough. But of course, that probably won't stop people from doing so. :P

  10. Sorry protodude, I look so ridiculous now.....

    And depressive too.......... :'((((

    I would want know...Why capcom?

  11. The cancellation of a game that was very unlikely to ever hit American shores in the first place of a dying franchise?


  12. And the first people to be blamed, Capcom...

    No, seriously, I just don't see why Capcom should be blamed entirely for everything. It seems to me that Rockman Online was largely solely developed by NeoWhiz, which is likely the case, and that Capcom were merely licensing and supervising it. There also doesn't seem to be any indication that Capcom was losing interest in it to outright pull the plug. I actually believe that the choice to cancel was largely on NeoWhiz's hands. So honestly, why should Capcom be blamed for every single thing just because of their poor handling and history in recent years?

    I'm not denying the possibility that maybe it was Capcom's doing. But I'm just saying, it for all we know, could have been NeoWhiz's own choice entirely.

    But still, people are going to blame Capcom for everything, because hey, that's the trendy thing to do right?


  14. Yup...knew this was gonna come.
    Like I say it to everybody...


  15. @Joseph Collins: Well Capcom is not necessarily free from it entirely. Depending on how much IS done, and how badly they actually want this, Capcom could ask for the assets and shunt it to another company. Much like with what happened to Metal Gear Revengeance.

  16. ...And yet another game gets cancelled, you just LOVE to torture Mega Man fans, don't you Capcom?

  17. They likely canceled it because of two reasons. One is financial troubles, I remember reading tbatp neowiz is shrinking there games due to financial woes. The second reason is because they saw Capcom cancel two games in a row. If Capcom can't be assed to make a mega man game, why should neowiz continue? Capcom's lack of faith in the blue bomber has struck again!

  18. I can't really say I'm sad. Weird, uninteresting game, for me.

  19. To everyone claiming that the games cancellation was because of Capcom: Shut the fuck up right now. You've got to just grow up and deal with the fact that games get cancelled sometimes, and often for reasons beyond a company's control.

    And if you couldn't get that sentence through your head, you might as well leave the Mega Man fandom.

  20. I agree with Turianx9 to the extend of financial woes being part of the cause of this. I live in a military based city where the economic downturn didn't hit us for a good couple of years, but once it did we were told that it would likely last longer here than in the rest of the country. The various empty stores and vacant shopping districts is a pretty indication of that, and with the budget cuts to the military, I fear it will get worse.
    I bring this up because as Dr. Jerk said, this likely cancellation can't be blamed on Capcom. They may be "a" reason, but not "the" reason for it.

  21. I think these cancellations set the stage nicely for an epic new Mega Man game.

    Not a new series, just a reinterpretation of classic Mega Man. Perhaps with the epic, serious scale of Halo (but not an FPS). I know that's sort of dreaming, but I'd love to see it.

  22. @Zerker: Oh, fuck off. Capcom might not be solely responsible for RMO's cancellation, but surely they would have some say in whether or not it's passed to a new company.

    And games get cancelled all the time, yes...but I can't think of any other franchise that lost three bloody games in a row. We're allowed to be upset and concerned, dammit.

  23. @RADIX: Oh my... it's way past your bedtime, isn't it?

    Also, the franchise is getting a new game. Face it, we may never get RMO, MMU or MML3 back but WE ARE GETTING A NEW FUCKING GAME. Even if it for iOS.

  24. @Zerker: "I'm so much more mature than you!" says the guy who's screaming at everyone because they disagree with him.

    I also couldn't help but notice that you didn't actually address the possibility of Capcom having a hand in this, instead choosing to belittle me because the tone of my post was angry--even though your post was even more volatile.

    This "NEW FUCKING GAME" looks so half-assed it's humiliating. Is it too much to ask that Capcom put forth some effort?

  25. @Zerker

    Wow, you're so desperate for a new Megaman game you'll even defend the crappy IOS game when we could've gotten THREE amazing full retail games.

    Anyway, I totally called this. I wasn't too invested in this to begin with, but it's still a rotten shame that yet ANOTHER Megaman game won't see the light of day. There is a disturbing trend here, even if some people are too deluded to admit it.

  26. @RADIX: I'm a girl. .__.
    And what makes you so sure Capcom had a role in RMO's cancellation?

    @Cyberguy: tbh, I'm not really that interested in the Legends series and Universe, while it looked cool, was still pretty "meh" to me (I'm actually a big fan of Star Force) and the RMO looked like it was going to end up being cancelled to me anyway.

    @Both of you: What makes you so sure Xover is going to be a shit game?
    Oh wait, it's probably because your precious Volnutt isn't a playable character. Please, turn off your rabid fanboy modes before you go about bashing potentially good games, thanks.

  27. News from RO and new artwork? Yay!

    (continues reading)

    Not surprising. Still...

  28. While the game looked very awesome, it probably would have never seen the light of day outside of Korea or wherever. Just like most other licensed MMOs of major franchises.

    Of course, it still is saddnning news to see that it's probably done and over with. I mean, if a third party developed overseas MMO cant come out, the chances of anything are slim.

    As the year ticks onward I hope Capcom proves that wrong.

  29. That is some beautiful artwork and this game actually looked kinda cool from what I saw on youtube. Still, I agree with the bunch who said this would have probably been a Korean-only game. If it is cancelled, it isn't too big of a loss. Still, I am not going to be playing the blame-game here because I honestly do not know the details, but it really is sad to see another game cancelled.

  30. @Zerker: Be quiet? =P

    Look, I agree with you that it probably wasn't entirely Capcom's fault. But my post was taking a more calmer approach to it, and also didn't deny the possibility that Capcom could have had a role in this. Unlike you however, I didn't outright tell everyone to "shut the fuck up". If anything, your post just made another argument pop up. I hope you're happy.

    Also, people have all the right to be upset over Legends' and maybe even Universe's cancellations. I happen to be a Legends fan. You're not. So what? Just because you were uninterested in Legends, doesn't mean that others also were. I wasn't interested in Universe, but I know that some others were, and so I respect that. And sure we're getting that iOS game, but I frankly have to agree with some of the others that it looks very poorly made for something that could have otherwise have a better potential on a different platform. App games tend to be very cheaply made, made quickly, and made to make a quick buck. It shows that there isn't much effort being put forth.

    I'm tired of the Capcom bashing as much as the next guy, but I also understand why people are upset over these things and directly blame Capcom for well, everything. But rudely telling them to shut up is not going to help.

  31. @Zerker,
    Right, because all we care about is Trigger, not gameplay, or graphics, or a coherent story, or something that's not just a quick, casual cashgrab that has no effort put into it.

    Turn off YOUR rabid fangirl mode before you start to defend pieces of trash OR make baseless accusations.

  32. Such great artwork.

    Those buildings are so detailed they look like graphics from a strategy game! :P Build your army of Hunters or Irregulars, gather technology and destroy the enemy. URA vs. UCA! Who will prevail? And who will perish?

  33. @Everyone commenting:

  34. The Oblivious PrattlerSeptember 10, 2012 at 8:05 PM

    And another bites the dust. Too bad. This looked pretty cool.

    Wouldn't it be sad -- in a pathetic way -- if RockMan XOver got cancelled? I'm waiting for it.

  35. Rockman Xover will not get canceled. Its a simple game for iOS. There is no way they will cancel such shovel ware, as it will likely make them money.

  36. Another Mega Man game has (possibly) been canceled? Gee, didn't see THAT one coming.

  37. @ Cyberguy: Yet you just made a baseless accusation by claiming Xover is shit when it's ONLY just been announced. And the only ones who need to turn off their rabid fan modes are YOU and everyone else who is getting all whiny over RMO's cancellation.

    1. Seriously, calm down. Screaming and cursing at other people isn't the way to actually get your point across, all it does is make people laugh at you and disregard your opinion, because you don't back it up. Anyways, the reason a lot of people don't like this game is because it seems to run on the same engine used for the awful mega man x IOS port and there's an auto play button which doesn't fit the gameplay style in the first place. Granted, there's a chance that the (likely) cancellation of mega man online wasn't capcom's fault, but you can't deny the fact that they could have gotten another company to complete it, or have it developed internally and revived the project like Konami did with Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.

    2. Seriously calm down. Screaming and cursing at everyone who disagrees with you isn't the way to get your point across, it just makes people laugh at you and assume your a whiny little nine year old with something to prove. Anyways, the reason most people aren't as excited as you about rockman x over is because it seems to be using the same engine as the IOS port of mega man x... Which was pretty bad. That, combined with the fact that the game looks like it was made on newgrounds, and the fact that virtual controls aren't that great for precision platforming... well, it shouldn't come as a surprise that most people don't expect much out of this game

  38. @Zerker: Now normally I would agree that it isn't really that good to judge a game before it's been released. I've kept that mindset for many titles by many companies.

    However, given Capcom's previous application games as well as their given history as of late, with not just Rockman mind you but with several of their franchises, people do have a right to be wary and even upset over this game and how they're handling other things. We're coming up for the 25th anniversary, a bronze anniversary for the franchise, and the most we've ever gotten are two games cancelled in a row (possibly three if RMO truly is cancelled) and a iOS app game that is intended to be Capcom's main title to celebrate the anniversary.

    Now, doesn't part of that sound a little off to you? I'm certainly not against the idea of a crossover anniversary game, but it does bother me and a lot of other people when they realize it's intended for the iOS. Rockman Xover looks like it could have great potential, but the majority of its potential is unfortunately wasted as an application for a mobile system that has limited controls and cannot be considered a gaming console in the slightest. Not to mention that app games, as I've said before, tend to be much more cheaper and quicker to make than an actual console or handheld game. So it really, it goes to show how much Capcom is unwilling to put forth real money and effort into the franchise, not even for its 25th anniversary. They want to go the cheap route by making an app game itself. It shows how little Capcom actually cares about this franchise of their's.

    You see, that's why people have been so upset and frustrated. The last 'real' MM game we've gotten was MM10, which was back in 2010 and even then, it was largely recycled from MM9 which in turn was largely recycled from MM2. Since then, we've gotten majorly hyped for new releases, only to have Capcom cancel them without even bothering to explain why. And now the only thing they've got to show us now is a mobile phone game that they're trying to pass off as 'THE anniversary game'. I'm certainly very much annoyed by that, and others are.

    I appreciate that you have some hope for Rockman Xover, but you need to respect the fact that not everyone here is excited or hopeful for it, and you need to realize that the majority of us are still quite hurt after Capcom's previous history that doesn't appear to be showing signs of recovering. And please, I hardly call this 'rabid fan mode'ing' when people here actually have valid reasons for being angry.

  39. @Zerker: So, Cyberguy isn't allowed to infer anything, for any reason? From what we've been shown, it's based on that disaster of an MMX1 port (OVER-1's sprite is even blatantly-edited from iOS-X's), with the ability to skip battles against both mook and boss.

    First impressions of this game are not good.

    And...anyone who complains about anything, for any reason, is jut a "whiny fanboy"? People aren't allowed to be angry, or express that anger in a non-destructive fashion? We have to be completely silent as our frustration continually eats away at us?

    That's not how people work.

  40. @Zerker: I'm guessing you're one of those girls who use their iPhone a lot, use it for everything, play games on it for every time of the day. I'm sorry, but it just seems like you are. No offense.

    And for the record, Xover looks bad. Way, way bad. Why would you want a novelty item over a full-blown amazing Mega Man experience?

  41. @Zerker,Radix,and Cyberguy.

    Let's cool our heads a minute. Now Zerker, cursing at the guy or anybody for venting a little frustration wasn't a very professional or mature thing to do, plain and simple. Look, I totally agree with you about getting tired of whining, raging fanboys, etc. Also,I do look very much forward to XOver and hope it will be a great game, as I absolutely loved the X1 port for the I-Phone! However, I do see Radix and Cyberguy's points too. I mean, this is three times in less than two years some games, some GREAT looking games to boot, have been canned. We've waited and waited and waited and nothing has really come to fruition from any of 'em. Gotta say, that's a bummer in it's own right. But all of us fighting and arguing isn't going to do anything but make us look like some little kids when Capcom reps take a gander at the blog responses and see all the language and Capcom bashing and whatnot. We're better than that, at least I know you three are. I do get a little frustrated about decisions, and I get angry, of course! I'm human, and that's allowed! And if we can express our disappointment in a productive, or more professional way, it would go a lot further than what you might think! I would just state to Capcom the things that made you look forward to the game, things that you thought they could have done better, and as a collective, they might use that same engine or system in a new game. Anyways, those are my two cents. Take it or leave it, but you guys are still awesome!

  42. @Chadidas: Yeah, I guess arguing isn't going to do much good in the long run (though personally, if I can address these sort of things, I can get them off my mind for a bit longer than if I didn't). I'm just more than a little tired of people like Zerker yelling at everyone every single time there's dissent of any kind expressed with Capcom's (or maybe NeoWiz's, in this case) actions.

    Though to be honest--this is Capcom we're dealing with, and no amount of visible rage or calm discussion may make a difference. (I mean, all the protest in the world couldn't rid us of DmC, or revive MML3...)

  43. I second what Dr. Jerk said.
    Although it is early to say if Xover will be good or bad, it IS a cheap cash-in game recycling the iOS MMX, and was probably started only to "commemorate" the franchise's anniversary.
    Mega Man Universe and Legends 3 had more potential than Xover, but Capcom cancelled them without giving a single explanation for it, or one so vague it explains nothing. WTF is wrong with Capcom's top men? Are they mad with Inafking or something? If yes, they are ungrateful money-hungry businessmen.

  44. The game is in a later stage of its development and already has a beta version. I don't think it would be cancelled like that, as it would be a waste of money. Maybe the artist meant he is no longer working on the game?

  45. ^
    I can confirm the beta is not out yet. Amunshen, the winner of the beta ticket, has not received any word about her participation in a long, long time.

  46. That's a pity to hear. But at least we know it is completed, or else they would not do a promotion for a beta test.

  47. @ Everyone bitching about Xover: please stop talking about it, this isn't an Xover post. It's a RMO post.

    And just so you rabid fanboys get it inside of your head, what I meant to say was "It's not always about you."
    Last time I'm gonna say it.

  48. @Zerker: Well, no shit it's not always about us. Thing is, "it's not always about you" does not mean "you have no right to be angry or voice your dissent".

    Oh, and we only started talking about Xover because you brought it up.


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