Saturday, September 8, 2012

Check Out the Commercial for Jollibee’s Mega Man Toys

Though Jollibee's Mega Man kid's meal promotion is long over, you still might enjoy this brief commercial for the toys. Have a look:

For those not in the know, Jollibee -- a chain of fast-food establishments native to the Philippines -- ran a Mega Man promotion back in late 2011. There were two "Mega Man Power Fighters" toys collect: the Blue Bomber himself and Proto Man. I've got to admit, for kid's meal toys, they're actually pretty cool (and well built, from what I'm told).

Now, if you've got a pair lying around... uh, could you send them my way?


  1. There are actually a couple of Jollibee's in the states.

    I know there's one in California near San Francisco... and they recently built one in Jersey City NJ...

    ... try asking some Filipino folk there?

  2. @(un)BallNz'D

    Well, I had a few people check those out back then. From what they gathered, the promo was not in the states.

  3. Ah... so it didn't run in the states?

    I remember when you posted about these a while back... It's a good thing I didn't get a chance to go then.

  4. i got those 2 still unopened, and i got disappointed for both the toy, but heck its Megaman so its easily forgiven... :D

  5. Megaman looks like he's holding his breath and crossing his eyes. XD

  6. *sees Bratz in the end*


    Otherwise, the commercial was cute and funny for a kid's meal sort of thing.

  7. @Amir: Hey, at least MLP is ten times better than some slutty doll brand. =P It's like McDonalds in a way, if the toy line seems too gender-centric, then they offer two lines that are supposed to be catered to specific genders. This seems to be no different, they considered MM to be more of a boys' brand. McDonalds would have probably done the same.

    Though I will agree with you that I would always take MM over Bratz.

  8. Whoa. I would've never thought this would reach the PRC homepage. I would've sent this way back when it ran here immediately if stuff like this gets on the homepage.

    Otherwise, yeah, I remember this. However being 17 and whatnot, college and all, being too busy stopped me from being in a Jo'bi (that's a colloquial term for Jollibee here in Iloilo, a province of the Philippines) throughout the whole run. You can imagine my disappointment when I finally went to a Jollibee store and found out there weren't anymore figures. Fudgecakes.

  9. Dang I clicked submit.

    Anyway, I was kinda sad to see it was a promotion for Power Fighters. I thought for sure it meant that the Mega Man Archie line was coming to the Philippines and that this was a promo for it. *sigh* Oh well, it's promo for Mega Man, so it's all good! XD

  10. @ZeroX_Syaoran:

    If it's a little-seen commercial, I always give that stuff a spotlight :)


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