Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In Case There Was Any Doubt, Xover is Still Headed Stateside

In spite of a decidedly negative reception to the game's Tokyo Game Show debut, Rockman Xover is still planned to hit North America. Over at Ask Capcom, Christian "Sven" Svensson denied speculation the game would no longer be localized simply because of criticism:

"We continue to send feedback to the mobile teams in Japan. As it stands now, to answer the OP's question, it is still coming Westward at some point."

That first sentence is interesting. Could feedback (i.e. complaints) dictate the direction the game takes from here on out? Hard to say, really. If Capcom wants it out before year's end, I doubt we'll see any major modifications. Some polish, maybe, but nothing earth-shatteringly different.

In any case, I find it a reassuring they've got their antennas out. And hey, we aren't the only ones feeling a little uncomfortable about Xover; Sven also holds some concerns too.

We'll just have to wait and see what happens I guess.

Source: Ask Capcom


  1. If you don't like it, don't buy it.


  2. Exactly.
    I have seen the gameplay, it's like a handle game from the 80's.


  3. Sven's job is a PR guy his only concern is making it look good enough to convince people to get it.

    He actually has my sympathy this time given how monumental of a task that is.

    That said there's no time for them to improve this game what we've seen is what we'll get.

    At least Freudenstachel finally comes out next month.

  4. Classic_Megaman (of Capcom-unity and PSN)September 26, 2012 at 1:13 AM

    I just have to say on Xover:

    I really dont see why people are getting so upset over Xover.

    Yes, Capcom has been... less than ideal in its treatment of the Megaman franchise. However, would the complaints over this game truly be so great if MML3 or Universe had actually been realized? I for one don't think so.

    Whatever happened to being excited over any Megaman game that came out? Yes, some sucked (looking at you Battle Chip Challenge), but we were all excited that a new game was coming. Now, even though we're getting a new game, we arent even thrilled about it. It breaks this fan's heart to see other's grow so calloused over this major setback. Do you think that Megaman just gave up hope when after all his hard work and sacrifice defeating Dr. Wily, Wily just gets free and it starts all over again? NO. Megaman has always continued the fight, even when it looked bleakest. Can we truly be fans of Megaman if we can't keep the spirit alive?

    A few points about Xover that need to be mentioned.

    1: IT'S A CELL PHONE GAME!!! Really? Getting pissed off at a phone based game is ridiculous. Even if it's a big name company doing it, in the end, its a phone game. Yes there are some really awesom phone games out there, but really. Are you going to sit around and play on your phone when you could play a dedicated game system?

    2. IT'S FREE TO PLAY!!!
    Getting mad at a game for being crap when you paid for it is fine and dandy, but railing on a free to play game is just ridiculous. Its free so why complain? You havent lost anything but a few minutes. Enjoy the free game for what it is.

    All we have seen is basic demo gameplay of Xover. Nothing from the true meat of the game. What we have seen is basically holding the demoer's hand the whole time. Why? To demo how the game functions. We don't know what else there is to come out of this game. There could be a serious "I gotta beat that high score" addiction to this game. A demo of basic game features surely is how the final product will play right? WRONG. Remember that early RE4 demo that had that hook arm guy? Sure that demo wasn't public, yet did RE4 end up like that? HELL NO!!! It turned out to be one of the greatest revitalizations in gaming. We dont know what Xover truly has to offer so we shouldnt judge it just yet.

    4. IT'S MEGAMAN!!!
    That alone should interest you in the game.

    MML3 was a very huge blow to fans' hopes in Capcom and in Megaman's future, true, but we can't let that one setback or any other thing Capcom screws up stop us from getting excited about anything our blue boy is in. Fanbases of any game have slowly turned into little kids who judge based on initial impressions or when something isn't ideal for them.

    No one will probably read this, but I hope if someone does, that I made a sensual argument.

    Im getting Xover. I may not like it, but it's Megaman, and I am supporting my favorite character.

  5. I will scream at the top of my lungs now.

  6. @Classic_Megaman

    It's trash and it's all we're getting for the 25th after three other great-to-decent games were canceled. Forgive us for being a little ticked off.

    If I was Capcom right now, I'd seriously look into paying tens of thousands of dollars to MegaPhilX or JKBgames for the rights to finish their fangames and sell them as official works. That's probably the only way they could get anything decent out for the anniversary.

    Also, I can't be the only one who's reading that logo as Rockman Over. Ominous.

  7. That is what i call a nasty move Capcom. Poor guys won't know what hit them.

    Of course they will localize it. Free games works best when there are more suckers to pay money.

  8. @Classic_Megaman:

    "However, would the complaints over this game truly be so great if MML3 or Universe had actually been realized?"

    Not really, no. But those games got cancelled and we got left with THIS.

    "Can we truly be fans of Megaman if we can't keep the spirit alive?"

    Complaining about a lazily-made game does not make us the real assholes. We're just voicing complaints about something, which is what every fandom does. EVERY FANDOM.

    As for your list:

    1) It's a cell phone game, yes. It's looking to be an incredibly monotonous cell phone game that was made in about a month or so. Your game being made exclusively for cell phones doesn't mean it can get away with being rubbish.

    2) It's free to play, but it's still (probably going to be) shit. You can refund your money, but you can't get those wasted minutes back.

    3) Demos are supposed to make you want to play the full game, in addition to showing off its main features. In Xover's demo, you're invincible to all but the stage boss, who you can't lose to anyway. Even if they fix that, all you do is jump and shoot. You can't freely move around, you apparently can't control the height of your jump, you can't do anything but jump and shoot.

    And Xover is fairly close to release, so chances are, the full game will be exactly like that.

    4) We wanted a Megaman game with care and effort put into it, not...this. Capcom had all year to make a decent MM game, and all they could be bothered to toss out was auto-scroll purgatory.

    I'm not going to explain why the impact of MML3's cancellation was so long-lasting. People have already explained why again and again; look it up.

    Next time you comment here, figure out how to do it without talking down to everyone else.

  9. "If you don't like it, don't buy it."
    Poor sales(even free games have a "purchase" counter) would just tell Capcom that nobody wants Megaman. By complaining, we let them know what is wrong.

    "I have seen the gameplay, it's like a handle game from the 80's."
    That's an insult to games from the 80s.

    So was Doom RPG, and it has better gameplay. Making excuses for a certain platform helps nobody.

    "4. IT'S MEGAMAN!!!
    That alone should interest you in the game."
    That sort of initial curiosity is on par with investigating a booth because the girls running it are cute. It doesn't carry it very far though.

    "Enjoy the free game for what it is."
    First, the game must be enjoyable.

    "I made a sensual argument."
    That word.

    "scream at the top of my lungs"
    What's going on!?

  10. Based on legit points made by Classic Megaman, I agree. It is a (free cell phone game.) While it is understandable to be dissapointed that this game is not of the same type as a console game, the antagonism is inappropriate.

    We can think of many ways Xover could of been improved, but we must also consider the time and budget the team had on creating this cell phone game. Time and budget is what governs the quality of commercial video games.

  11. @Classic_Megaman: Yes, the complaints about this game wouldn't have been so bad if Legends 3 wasn't cancelled. You know why? Because apparently legends 3 wasn't worth making, but this piece of crap is.

    How CAN we be excited for a bad game? Supporting shit only leads to more shit man, it's not the way to go.

    1: People are pissed because this cellphone game is all we're getting for the 25th anniversary. Also, being on a cellphone does not excuse it for being terrible, sorry.

    2: Again, just because it's free doesn't mean it's safe from complaints, or that it has an excuse to be bad.

    3: Do you honestly think the game will suffer any major alterations until it's release? It's nice to have hope I guess, but you're just being delusional

    4: Sorry man, I love Megaman, but I don't eat shit just because it has his face on it. That's just being a blind fanboy

  12. @ Classic_Megaman:

    The processing power of iOS capable products is well beyond the content we are seeing. We are seeing a "cellphone game" on a platform that can run PS1 or better content. Hence people's disgust at its entirely boring presentation.

  13. Fantasy Empress RolinaSeptember 26, 2012 at 9:33 AM

    @Classic Megaman:

    Wow, you're pretty short sighted, aren't you? The problem isn't that it's a mobile game, the problem is the control scheme they gave it. Look at The World Ends With You: Solo Mix, for example. This is a game that works freaking wonders on the iOS, simply because it has a control scheme that was designed with the system in mind. If they went with an intuitive control scheme, then that'd be awesome. But they're not - they're trying to make buttons. Don't give ANYTHING a free pass just because it's on the iOS or android market - be as strict with that as you are with console games. There is a right and a wrong way to make a game. Capcom has show that they don't know how to make these games properly.

    As for your free to play comment... I think you're using that term wrong. It's a game you purchase up front and will probably never find anyone nearby to play the multiplayer with if you don't live in Japan with their population density.

    As for seeing what it has to offer... I'm afraid you're wrong on that. Gameplay is pretty much everything for a game, and unless they make some huge drastic changes, then that's gonna be the crippling factor on this game.

    And claiming we should like it just because it's megaman? If capcom created a game called "Megaman cleans barn stables", then would you love that too? The thing is, we don't just want some random crap game being given the megaman title - we want this title to be a quality title. Something respectable. This is not that.

    If you're really from unity, then you've seen my comments about the game and how I'm really pissed that they took such a great concept and ruined it, not because it's on the iOS, but because they screwed it by using a bad control scheme. Mechanics are 70% of a game. People play games because they're GAMES, so if the game isn't fun to play, it doesn't matter what franchise it is or how good the story may be, they won't play it simply because it's a bad game.

    People aren't mad because it's a cell phone game, please, please try to realize this. They're mad because it's a cellphone game with console controls, rather than being build with the touch screen in mind. Imagine for a second a MM game with TWEWY controls, and suddenly you can't wait to play it. THIS IS NOT THAT. This has been explained time and time again over in CU, so something tells me you're just blatantly ignoring why we hate it.

  14. wait a sec... a megaman game that hasn't been canned yet?

  15. @Emmanuelf06:
    Hey, don't offend to the handle game from the 80's. ;P Gameplay-wise, Tiger Electronics and Game & Watch are better than Xover.

  16. @10:18 Anon.

    The Game and Watch was lightyears better than Xover could ever be.

  17. Capcom:

  18. The rabbits don't even jump. 4-year-old target audience confirmed.

  19. If this game does make it stateside, we just need to boycott it. Pure and simple.

    We need to send a message to Capcom that it's mistreatment of the Mega Man franchise must stop.

    To those who want to get it, do whatever you please.

    All I can say is I'll just save my $ and put it towards something else.

  20. I want to play this game, from what I've heard and seen from fan reviews. You know, the decent fans. Didn't people do the same thing for StarForce? I say let the fans who want this game let them have it. Those who don't want it, don't have to buy it and can put it out of their minds entirely. Then maybe with the sales from this game, Capcom can continue with something everyone wants.

  21. Wouldn't boycotting Xover result in Capcom just abandoning Mega Man altogether?

    Oh wait, you guys are both butthurt and anti-Capcom and probably don't give a shit about my opinion.

    ibn4 shut up and stop trolling.

  22. Until this game stops being as shitty as it looks, I will stand by my complaints that I made in previous posts. I hate the way the game plays. The controls look like they will work like shit. The story itself is a mess. There is nothing to like about this game

  23. @Classic Megaman:

    This may be a cellphone game, but may I direct you to Infinity Blade (and Infinity Blade 2)?

    The iOS can produce things such as this, so XOver is no excuse.

  24. @zerker
    "Wouldn't boycotting Xover result in Capcom just abandoning Mega Man altogether?"
    Wouldn't buying Xover result in more of this garbage game? This game can probably be recreated in flash in a couple weeks, there is clearly no effort being put into it.

    It's garbage, but I rather see megaman die than support being crapped on by capcom because they're mad inafune left.

  25. @digi148

    Define decent fan.

    Someone who sucks up whatever has their fandom's name on it?

    Someone who never complains, no matter how badly their subject is treated?

    Is so, then I guess I'm not a decent fan by your standards, and you just insulted me and just about every user here.

  26. Once again the damage control conformist front trash talking people that are fans of the series for more than 20 years? Lame!

    You guys are not only killing Megaman, but gaming as we know by not calling Capscum on their bullshit.

    Or worse, you guys are a bunch of sellouts. There are sellouts everywhere, if you consider their butt-hurtery over this flash game, it's very possible they work for Capcunts.

    EA is famous for paying people around the forums to create the "hype machine" and other very absurd practices, it woundn't be a surprise for me if Cuntscum is doing the same.

    And no, it doesn't look like a game from the 80's, there were games on the 80's better than this abomination... like... you know... Megaman II?...

    I played games better than this retardation on cellphones as well, so no... this is not an excuse as well...

    Oh wait, even if it's for free, guess what? You can totally take a stab or a shoot on the chest, and it's for free too! does that sound good to you modafoga?

    If you like it, don't get butt-hurt over what others might think and buy it, clown!


  27. Some days I'm bothered that I don't have one of the new phones or tablets or things. Today, not so much.

  28. @Classic_Megaman:

    It's great that you're being optimistic about this game(and that's usually my job inside the network, and outside of it). However, I can point out a few reasons "why people are getting so upset over Xover", so you can better understand where they're coming from:

    1.) In the story of Xover, supposedly every single Mega Man(and Zero) will be involved, in some way. The magnitude of that concept alone can bring about a game of epic proportions!

    Sadly, The fact that it's merely a quick cash-in cell phone that barely plays like a Mega Man game at all, undermines the great potential this concept has. It's literally wasted. And, speaking as one who cannot afford to have the phone needed to play the game(life's priorities. Many others are in my situation), I'll be missing out on the game completely. Doesn't matter how good, or bad the game is. I simply won't even get to play it. Many fans wanted to see this game created for an actual game system, with actual effort.

    2.) Free to play is a great offer. However, if the quality of the game is severely lacking, which people have gone on record to confirm, then there's not much of a reason to bother. A free mediocre game is still a mediocre game, in the end.

    3.) Very true that we haven't seen all that this game has to offer. Unfortunately, you have to remember to keep your expectations in check. It's probably not going to get much better than this. The game is about to be released, so you really shouldn't expect a radical change, this late in the game. All I can say, for everyone, is hope for the best, expect the worst, and we might be pleasantly surprised. The key word, here, is "might".

    4.) Yes, it's Mega Man. But what I've learned in the past few years, is to never, ever, get hyped up and blindly follow a franchise, just for name recognition alone. Mario Pinball Land, Sonic The Hedgehog(2006), Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting Star(a good game, but it was little more than a glorified GBA port), Metroid: Other M, those are just a few examples of why you shouldn't do that.

    Also, when fans did get hyped for the Mega Man games slated for arrival... well, you know what happened. Actually, we still don't know if Xover has a definite future. Capcom could out-right cancel this game, too!

    In this case, maybe the optimism you have for Xover is what we need. I don't have to tell you this, but remain optimistic. Just remember to, once again, keep your expectations for this game in check.

  29. I will admit, that when Rockman Xover was first announced, I had hoped that it would have been a fairly decent, fun game for the iOS. Since after all, not every game for OS's are bad. But as time went by and when we were finally treated to actual gameplay content, any hopes I had for anything decent were dashed. Clearly though, after Capcom's previous experience with OS's and cellphone games, I guess I should have known better a little earlier on. (Although I will admit that I did enjoy their Smurf Village apps.)

    Anyway, I tried to remain hopeful for Xover, but the only time when I was hopeful was during the time BEFORE they released actual content. Now that we have seen it, it's quite obvious how bad and effortless the game is. And with little time left until it is released, there's just no chance of it seeing an improvement or major additions. What we've seen is basically what we're getting. And that is the sad truth.

    You know, sometimes I wish I had been introduced to the Mega Man franchise a lot earlier on. I was introduced to it around the MM9 days to be honest. I caught up VERY QUICKLY though, and with nearly all of the series, but now that Inafune is gone and that the franchise is just going downhill from this point on, I do kind of wish that I had been introduced sooner so I could have enjoyed the franchise's better days a little longer. It's kind of sad really.

  30. My only problem with this game is that I have no means of playing iOS games.

    Put it on WiiU DLC and we'll talk.

  31. I can hardly contain my excitement. Too bad I wont stoop to buying a crummy Apple Product to play this crummy game. They seem made for eachother! *bats eyelashes*. I mean, fuck, Capcom. See the new Rayman Jungle Run app that came out? Its a mobile game but the quality and re-playability is so high! What excuse does Capcom have? None aside from they just don't give a flying fart in the wind.


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