Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chad Thomas Posts Mega Man #17 Pencil Art

Just a quick note of interest for you Archie Mega Man fans out there: Chad Thomas has posted the original rough pencils sketches for Mega Man #17 on his blog. The images provide a nice clean look at the issue's development, completely devoid of text and color. If you're the artsy type, you could even throw them into Photoshop and add some pazzaz of your own!

Hit up Chad's blog to check them out (and do have a look at hiss commission art while you're there!)

Source: Mega Man Monthly


  1. I don't even wanna know what Wily's batwing-shaped ponytail is supposed to represent...

  2. Man, Light sure had a mullet way back when, didn't he? XD

  3. @MusashiAA: ::cough::0::cough::
    Or perhaps its a nod to an old anime obscured through time, much like the hair that Rock & Blues invokes the style of the 60 or 70s hair in anime. I know very little of the old style from way back to say for certain, but that's just my two cents.
    Also, issue 17 should be arriving at subscribers' homes about now, if it hasn't already.

  4. I'm amused that only Light's youngness seems to be obvious. Although, the batwing-shaped ponytail had totally missed me.

    ...Oh my god, you cannot be serious with that design, can you?

  5. Oh, wait a minute. Looking at Wily again, I can see he has half of his batwinged hair from this perspective that we normally see of him.

  6. So... Archie went the American "Light and Wily were partners" route instead of the Japanese "Light and Wily were rivals" one? Which means they created Protoman together, as is apparent here. (Remember, Protoman has some wild, 1920-style hair going on.)

  7. @Joseph Collins: "Light and Wily were rivals" the Japanese route? According to the Megaman Wikia, The "Light and Wily were partners" route is the origin for the Classic series, while the "Light and Wily were rivals" route is the Battle Network series origins. The only mention of a rivalry for the Classic series is the "Wily won many awards, only to be upstage by Light and wounding his pride" part.

  8. @Rock-X:

    Oh, no.

    There is no such partnership in the Classic japanese canon.

    The relationship between Light and Wily in the Classic series prior to Rockman 1 is considered as rivalry. The partnership (and may I add the "he was once his friend") part is just a western reinterpretation, where Wily was Light's assistant prior to Mega Man 1. He is

    They did not work together until Rockman 3, according to the japanese canon, nor they have ever been actual friends. Just colleagues.

    The relationship between Hikari and Wily in the Battle Network series also has a different context: neither of them are working in the same field, and Wily's work was entirely upstaged by Hikari's PET and AI projects. In the Classic series, both Wily and Light have been awarded (although not equally) for their contributions to the robotics field.

    Lord Wily is fueled by revenge, and the conclusion of the BN story arc ends with his reformation and eventual recognition of his work.

    Albert Wily is fueled by rivalry, up to a point where such race against Light actually trascends both of their lifetimes, and never reaches the same level of conclusion that is found in the BN series.

    Those are my two cents on the matter. To be honest, I hope Classic Wily eventually makes peace with Classic Light in the Classic series epilogue, if that thing ever comes :P

  9. @MusashiAA:
    Right and Wily were classmates in university before they became rivals in their professional lives. This is not to say they never worked together, just not on the original six Robot Masters, and definitely not Blues. They were actually friends in their youth, and shared a common vision on the future of robotics.

    Thusfar Archie has done a good job presenting an original take on the "partner/assistant" premise, though. For this comic it works very well, even if it cannot yet compare with Ariga's amazing rendition of their rivalry and friendship in Gigamix.


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