Friday, September 21, 2012

Destructoid Previews Rockman Xover

Our buddies over at Destructoid have just gotten their hands on the Tokyo Game Show Rockman Xover demo, and Conrad Zimmerman has posted some impressions. You'll find a portion of his thoughts below.

"Is it [Xover] thrilling? Well, no. The demo was such that I couldn't possibly screw it up. Enemies dealt no damage during the running section and it was mathematically impossible for Storm Eagle to deal enough damage to OVER-1 to destroy him. The combat is, at least insofar as the demo would show, very shallow. There was no blocking, no dodging, nothing really to do at all.

So, why am I not enraged with the fire of a thousand suns? There are two reasons. First, it's a mobile game. I'm not saying we should make excuses for phone games being crappy, but this is a representation of traditional Mega Man gameplay and I think using autorun and turn-based mechanics to represent that on a platform otherwise not conducive to the demands of the traditional design is a novel way to do so."

Though Zimmerman shares a more optimistic outlook, the game is not entirely without its faults. Head on over to Destructoid and read the complete preview!

Source: Destructoid [TGS: Rockman Xover is, at worst, inoffensive]


  1. Guy doesn't seem to care about Mega Man games of course he doesn't see why we're upset.

    In other news sky is blue.

  2. So, the demo is mind-numbingly boring, but he still lets it off? I thought demos were supposed to be more functional than this--and, you know, make you want to play the full game.

    "I guess I just don't see what there is to be angry about."


    But seriously--past anniversaries yielded far better games than this. Xover is shaping up to be, more or less, the physical manifestation of how little Capcom cares about the series.

    And really, there has to be a better way to "represent" traditional MM gameplay on a platform not suited to it than "auto-scroll purgatory".

  3. I can't tell who's trolling who anymore.

  4. Here's a choice quote from the author of that article in the comments section:

    @Script-br: Oh, of course they can request quality. The question is whether or not Capcom wants to or is even capable of producing the kind of "qualities" these fans are looking for at this point. They can't make a blue bomber game anymore without people complaining that it's the same old crap. They can't expand upon the mechanics in a meaningful way without being lambasted any time something doesn't quite pass muster. They'll never be able to win, so I could hardly begrudge them if they wanted to just milk whatever's left out of the series and move on.

    So yeah the old ENTITLED GAMERS WAAAAAAAAAH defense that's become so popular since Mass Effect 3.

  5. This review makes me happy. It's a nice, neutral review from a guy who's trying to be optimistic. While I don't agree with everything he had to say, I have to agree that the community really needs to take a chill pill in regard to this game.

    Trust me. It could have been a lot worse.

  6. I don't understand how this guy seems to think that there will be much more to the gameplay than this. >.>

  7. This is an article intended to get comments. Belittling the legitimate frustrations of others is either very blind or provocative.

  8. @Jospeh Collins: Ah yes, the old "you have no right to be angry because it could be worse" argument-killer.

    I'm sorry if my reply is harsher than necessary, but I've long since been fed up with other fans telling me (and everyone else) how to feel. I've damn near reached middle-school-levels of depression and anger over this, and because there's other commenters who don't say crap like that and whom I want to read the thoughts of discuss things with, I have to wade through this bullshit.

    Can we please just stop with the shaming?

  9. "I'm not saying we should make excuses for phone games being crappy"
    Yes, you are. And you just did. Doom RPG does a much better job of capturing Doom and it ran a bottom tier phone back on the 2000s. There are no excuses for this level of hand holding and lack of effort to make a turn based, or otherwise, representation of the Megaman experience.
    I don't care who made the game or what license it is supposed to portray, from what we've seen, this is a bad game. No excuses.

  10. At least the impression here is more neutral and not "OMG THIS GAME SUCKS, MEGAMAN IS DEAD, FUCK YOU CRAPCOM" that was the previous one.

  11. He just doesn't care about Megaman. It's easy not to be mad when you don't care. It's basically an outsider's perspective thats ays "it's forgettable, but why be angry?" And, just viewed as that, I can see his meaning. He's not a fan, he doesn't feel jerked around by Capcom. Plus, the annaversary means nothing to him.

    I'm not really enraged either, just ... disappinted. I mean, after MMU and L3's cancellation and the comments Capcom made about it, it's hard to muster the energy to be angry when Capcom themselves seems so apathetic to the fanchise.

  12. @September 21, 2012 10:10 PM: But then in the comments he goes in the other direction, implying the fans have no right to be angry because it's a video game company they're dealing with, and we should just accept everything.

    Someone else put it best, I think: the idea that no one can care about anything is just as absurd as rage overload.

  13. It's hard to get angry over something you don't care about in the first place.

    There is nothing interesting or compelling about this game, and there never was. This gets greenlit over DAT GAME. Or DAT OTHER GAME.

    Yeah, no need to do any damage control for Capcom's horrendous treatment towards the Rockman franchise. He isn't helping anyone but himself and the PR asshats. Conrad Zimmerman can shove his bought-off reviewer impressions up his ass, or at least keep them to himself.

  14. In fact, this is as interesting and compelling as one of those Mario clones on the iOS. Except you autorun and just have to tap to jump, and you can buy your way into the final levels or to get infinite powerups. I mean, that's an accurate enough and inoffensive representation of the Mario gameplay, right?

    "You just jump, shoot and run. That's basically Rockman. We'll just do the running for you, since it's quite a hassle to put effort into making a good control interface and designing the game around all three of those things. In fact, why don't we just make the game in such way that it's impossible for you to die? No pits, no spikes, no platforms, no tough enemies: you just run straight to the end, and shoot and jump if you want, no pressure. I mean, you just want to beat the game and we want your money, so everyone wins!"



  15. @RADIX
    Oh, don't get me wrong. I understand why the community is as angry as they are. And I'm certainly not saying they should all be ashamed of themselves. I just think that the overall backlash has been a little... excessive. I also think calling this "the Rockman that killed the franchise" is a little much.

    No, that honor belongs to Rockman EXE. °w°

    I'm kidding! Put the stones down please. TwT

  16. "In fact, why don't we just make the game in such way that it's impossible for you to die? No pits, no spikes, no platforms, no tough enemies: you just run straight to the end, and shoot and jump if you want, no pressure. I mean, you just want to beat the game and we want your money, so everyone wins!"

    This is how I feel modern gaming works, especially on the Dollar Store platforms. But then again, we've all been to a Dollar Store. What did you expect?

  17. Guys can we please stop flaming this guy for his review? It's not going to make things any better than what things are now.

    Yes the game is fucking crap, and yes we're all angry at Capcom for their screw ups this year, we can all agree with that, but none of this should be taken out on what some reviewer has to say. I can understand frustrations with what he had to say, but still.

  18. This guy's doesn't care a lick about Megaman, of course he can't understand why we're upset with this piece of crap

  19. "I don't care therefore fans shouldn't either otherwise they are entitled brats that have no right to criticise"

    It is OK. Symphaty is overrated anyway.

  20. Confirmed for better than every Legends game combined.
    Also X7.

  21. @Dr. Jerk: Does "his review" also include the responses he made to comments? I swear I was trying to not get too angry over it until going down in the comments section, where he basically says that the fans aren't allowed to complain about anything (and when someone calls him out on that, he apparently backpedals). Really sours the tone of his review.

  22. I find the reviewer's apathy offensive.

  23. Those guys in big websites are all sellouts, they try to take as much money as they can from any company. So that's why scores looks so "random", ranging from 8 to 10 usually. If a company pay enough is 8, if they pay more is 9, and if they pay as much as EA/Bioware is 1MILLION/10. They are the main source of the problem in the gaming industry. And that's why sometimes awesome games get low scores and companys really doing their best as Clover are closed (God Hand anyone?). Forget those websites, don't even look on them anymore, those are all sellouts and are ruining gaming. Decide for yourself after looking at gameplay footage, we're all old enough to know better without even playing the damn game. We're been playing games since the NES and MegaDrive years, more than 20 years now, WE SIMPLY KNOW BETTER IF A GAME IS GOOD OR NOT JUST BY LOOKING AT IT, we don't need a bunch of paid dogs on a lame website telling us what to enjoy. Screw IGN, Kotaku, GameInformer, GameSpot and those bastards contrarian "journalists" like Jim Sterling, they are killing gaming, and every time you click on their sites, you help to kill videogames as well. Bear that in mind if you care and spread the information.

  24. @anonymous
    Wait, did you just call Jim Sterling a journalist?

  25. Conrad Zimmerman is just an ignorant. He have no idea we're really upset with this Rockman Xover. We hated it. Actually.

  26. I feel, while his article was a little 'inflammatory' to say the least. One thing I would like to come out of this is, I quite like Over-1, it'd be a shame if he got labelled as the character who killed Megaman due to one mobile game....

    Also, isn't this game gonna be free? With some kind of micro-transaction model? I think people will at least try it, I know I will, & I think that while it ain't what the fans want or hope for it could be kinda neat.


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