Sunday, September 9, 2012

25th Anniversary Rockcan Preorder Bonus Art Revealed

The above art is part of a special promotion for the Rockcan soundtrack set, which is due for release on September 19th. Apparently, if you preorder the collection directly from e-Capcom, you'll be entered in a raffle to win one of the four exclusives illustrations drawn (and autographed) by members of the Capcom design team.

Problem is you can't preorder the set from e-Capcom if you live outside Japan. No exclusive art for you, in other words. Maybe if you're real lucky you'll find them up on the auction block later. Who knows.

Source: (via CAPkobun) thanks for the tip, ZeroX!


  1. You know, that's some pretty good art. I love the talent that lives inside the Mega Man franchise. XD

  2. Special CD/DVD collection pack in japan were always expensive anyways, the special pack of Final fantasy is really more expensive and worse....
    So it's not so bad if you prefer some official CD (include MM9 and MM10)...but too expensive for me :p

  3. Eww... Dr. Light has such a weird looking rape face going on.

  4. So... that's not a different dress after all? Dr. Right actually made two Rolls?

    ... two Rolls... Hee...

  5. Is that... can it be... is that yaranaika Light?

  6. Oh my god, these are some of the most adorable stuff ever. Especially the last one.

    But yeah, wow... two Rolls... Seriously need that much help around the lab, Dr. Light?

  7. The one on the bottom right. XD

  8. "No exclusive art for you"

    Well, that sucks. XD I don't want to sound like a raging Japanophile, but this kind of stuff makes me wish I lived in Japan! US releases never offer anything this good (assuming it would even come over to this side of the pond!). lol!.

    Very cute artwork! I like the one on the top left!

  9. My personal favourite is the artwork in the top left corner, especially with Duo holding that tiny Super Tank.

    I also see an Energy Tank, a Weapon Tank, a Mystery Tank, and a Life Tank. The last one is fitting for Protoman, as he gives it to Mega Man before the fight against Dark Man 4 in MM5.

    All in all, this artwork is super cool.


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