Sunday, May 2, 2021

Super Adventure Rockman Gets New, Accurate English Subtitles

Super Adventure Rockman's English fan-translation is close to 13-years-old. And, really, it was an admirable first effort. Prior to 2008, no one sincerely took up the task to translate -- let alone subtitle -- the Japan-exclusive interactive movie game. We have 'ol Oyster to thank for that.

Flash forward to the present. A Mega Man YouTuber, per tradition, surprised viewers with an unexpected birthday gift. This year it was a brand-new, more accurate English translation of Super Adventure Rockman Episode 1: Temple of Moon! The translation has even been paired with the audio from the Sega Saturn version in its highest-quality format yet. 

What's more, the animation was upscaled via AI. This was done to make things a bit more tolerable as a majority of Super Adventure Rockman's FMVs were presented in 192x144 (!!!). Only the Opening Movie, Ending Movie and Next Episode scenes were presented 320x240. But, hey, everything looks pretty good now!

Episodes 2 and 3 are expected to drop later this month. For now, you can watch Episode 1 above! Don't forget to turn on the captions!


  1. glad I could help just a tiny bit about the resolution size of the cutscenes. XD

  2. I wonder if Inafune stepped in the way of any attempts to make a Rockman anime prior to Battle Network...

  3. Well, that's neat! I can finally take a look at this thing without thinking about seeing some... questionable translations.
    Just makes me wonder if we'll get the translations of Japanese scripts of other Rockman games. I kinda want to see Command Mission to be translated without trying to do this myself with the power of my poor knowledge of japanese and Google Translate on my side, lol
    (It's just, from what I managed to get, localization differs from the original quite a bit, but maybe it's just me. I needed to get through X7 three times in order to fully (and poorly) translate its Japanese plot to English, who the heck would listen to a freak like that am I right?)

    1. I plan on subbing other games in the series, yes.

  4. It looks great! Would like to download it and the others when the rest comes out


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