Saturday, January 11, 2020

The Final Rockman Live 2020 Concert Will Be Streamed Live

Next weekend, the last two Rockman Live 2020 will take place in Osaka. And this time, we might have the chance to watch the final evening performance live via Niconico! Find all the details after the break!

According to the Niconico Live Official Twitter, they will be streaming the last concert of the Rockman Live 2020 tour that starts at 17:00 JST in the Cool Japan Park Osaka TT Hall. At the moment there is no indication if the stream will be region-locked to Japanese audiences. What's more, there is no need to purchase a ticket to watch the concert, which is typical with some Niconico Live concerts. Instead, there might be a different catch.

At the bottom of the concert page there is a line that states that a part of the stream will be for Premium Members only. I can't really give that much insight about this because I have no experience with Niconico Live concerts. However, I suggest you first make a free Niconico account and "timeshift" the concert by clicking the button in the middle of the screen. This will allow you to watch the concert after is streamed. 

You may also want to think about buying one month of Niconico Premium Membership just in case it is truly needed. It costs 550 yen (about 4,47€ - $5) and you can use PayPal to purchase it. Niconico is famous for giving preference to Premium Members and kicking regular users out of streams. Regular users can return but it can be annoying. Even if somehow the concert will end up being free, you will have a more pleasant experience as a Premium Member.

Of course, you can always wait and see if we get more details during the week. The live stream will begin on January 18th at 17:00 JST (9:00 CET - 00:00AM PDT - 03:00AM EST). Bookmark the following link:

Based on the setlist played in Tokyo and the small changes between concerts, barring any last minute change, this should be the setlist for the evening performance.


  1. ugh, too bad this is at midnight california time. i've got to sleep. or stay up before school. decisions, decisions...

    1. Good thing recording tech and youtube exists these days, making that a non-issue ;)

  2. I was wondering if there would be a way to watch this just yesterday.
    That's Saturdary 9:OO Paris time. I don't work this week-end, but i will already be up since i've gotten used to get up early because i worked on saturday for the past few weeks. And i and I have regained a working internet connection since yesterday.
    It's like a alignement of the stars.

    1. Great news, I'll be watching too!

  3. You can re-upload the video please


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