Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Custom D-Arts Mega Man X Capsules Are Back

BC Direct is back again after a long absence from the customizing community with a brand new Capsule commission. Just like before, this one is designed for Bandai's D-Arts Mega Man X. "Something was always off with my previous designs; I noticed it, fans DEFINITELY noticed it," he writes. "This is my closest attempt to the gamer version thus far."

Pictured above is the new model (colloquially dubbed "Commission Capsule Mark IV"). It features sturdier plastic and a light-up base and dome piece. Not one to keep it to himself, BC is taking commissions. 
"I stopped making them last year and it seems when I stopped everyone started inquiring about them. I must have told 50 people that I was no longer making them." He adds, "Well they're back, they're more accurate, and they're fully customizable from tube color, to capsule color." 

Anyone interested in a Capsule of their own should contact BC via email (bcdirect720 at gmail.com) to get on the order list. And while you're at it, follow BC on Twitter for updates and new project teasers. A little birdie tells me he's got more Mega Man stuff planned towards the end of the year...


  1. I don't like it when they don't say the price outright... must be very expensive to comission one.

  2. You never know, Nic. Send him a request! ;)

  3. Hey guys! The price is $120.00 plus shipping. The reason I don't post the price for these is that they are commission based. I built this piece for a customer and the price covers what you see. Things can be added or taken away and it will lower or raise the price. I don't "sell" pieces, I make them for people. This helps the customer open their mind to what they want.

    One thing I've been asked is why I don't put the engraved lines on the capsule. I can and I have, but understand these are hand-made and the more time I spend on a piece, the more it is going to cost. I intentionally leave them off the ones I post here to keep the cost down as much as I can for fans.

  4. That's great and all. I am sure its time consuming to make the capsule and make it light up. But 120 for something that's not spot on? And then the spot on version costs more?! If it doesn't actually look like the capsule, then its not, its a cheap knockoff, light or no lights. This is what it SHOULD look like:


  5. Customs are open to artistic interpretation and more importantly you don't have to buy it. Even the one D-Arts made is a little off from the game screen, but it's closer than this custom. But it can't be a knockoff if D-arts doesn't make the capsule for retail.

  6. @ Turianx9 Thanks for acknowledging that it is time consuming and yes I know that it is not spot on. But I've said it before, these are commission pieces. I drew up a blueprint for someone who wanted to do it, gave them the quote, and made it for them. The pictures were sent to this site because since I made a new one I thought I'd send it to Brian since it's Megaman related. It was posted with the intent that if anyone wanted one that looks like this, they could contact me. I am not making these to sell, they are made by request from people. If you don't feel comfortable about buying what you see, no one is forcing you to do so. You are entitled to your opinion and I respect it, but to use the words "cheap knockoff" about a commissioned art piece that is far from cheap, for a display that hasn't been officially sent to retail like the guy above me just said, is just a flat out attack.


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