Saturday, May 31, 2008

Heavy Metal Rockman

Over at the Rockman 20th Anniversary hub, Capcom has recently unveiled a beautiful metal Rockman figure.

Due for release sometime in late June, the figure comes in two finishes: silver (pictured) and copper. Standing at approximately 88mm (3.5'') and weighing around 3.1oz, it will retail for the low price of 3,129 Yen ($29.72)

What a lovely anniversary gift!

So, what about us who aren't residents in Japan? How can we purchase one of these beauties? Recently, Play-Asia has sold numerous 20th Ann. goods, so chances of them selling the figure are quite high. We'll see what happens.

News credit: The MegaMan Network


  1. Sweet... wish there were EXE ones...

  2. that looks sweet!!!! i want one!!!!

  3. Forshadowing to Rockman 9 in late 2008 for download play. Protoman playable.

    - The Shadow
    Capcom Tester

  4. Neat stuff!

    My nephew, who seems to be getting into MegaMan games lately, already want 1 silver and 1 copper...

    Let's see if Play-Asia get them or even Capcom of America?

    Take care everyone.
    Read you around.


  5. Reminds me of the jewel-encrusted Astro Boy statue they showcased for his birthday in 2003, lol.

  6. Rockman whoops Astro boy's rear anyday.


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