Thursday, March 16, 2023

Capcom Cafe and Rockman EXE Collab Goods Revealed

Ahead of the Capcom Cafe and Rockman EXE collab event starting next week, Capcom has revealed a slate of goods that will be sold at the Capcom Cafe in Ikebukuro and Umeda.

Capcom designers have created fresh artwork of Rockman, Netto Hikari, Blues, Enzan Ijuin, Forte, and Serenade, which will adorn a wide range of items, including bath towels and magnets, among other goods, that will be available for sale.

See it all after the break!

From left to right:

1) Clear File - 550 yen
2) Trading Acrylic Stand Key Holder (6 Types) - 880 yen each
3) Trading Magnets (6 Types)  - 770 yen each
4) T-shirts  - 3,850 yen
5) Trading Can Badge (6 Types) - 550 yen each
6) Clear Case - 2,200 yen
7) Small Tray - 1,980 yen
8) Gadget Pouch - 2,750 yen
9) Bath Towel - 2,750 yen
10) Cable Catcher (6 types) - 880 yen each

The event begins March 24 though April 27. For details about making a reservation, you can check it here!


  1. I'll be there on the game's launch day! Very excited :D

  2. yay so happy it come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)))


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