Sunday, March 26, 2023

Rockman EXE Advanced Collection TV Commercial is a Real Tearjerker

Capcom Japan published the official commercial for the highly-anticipated Rockman EXE Advanced Collection, which will definitely stir up feelings of nostalgia. Its also a reminder of how much time has passed since the original release, making some of us realize just how old we've become. (A second version focused on the anime can be found here)

Nonetheless, the ad is heartwarming and indicative of Capcom's commitment to Advanced Collection, as it's the first commercial for *any* Legacy Collection... not to mention the first EXE ad in over fifteen years.

Only a couple weeks left! 


  1. I initially read this as "Rockman Advance Collection" which made me think that we were finally getting a Mega Man Mania release. Guess my classic Mega Man withdrawal is getting so bad that I'm starting to hallucinate...

    With that out of the way, I will say that Capcom is pouring the nostalgia especially thick here which is sort of weird because Capcom seems to have a love/hate relationship with Mega Man nostalgia. They'll trot out a retro-styled game from time to time only to let the series to dormant again. I also find this particular ad to be a little strange because I would associate this type of nostalgia with Pokemon more than I would associate it with Battle Network. Maybe there are stronger feelings of nostalgia in Japanese culture than anywhere else.

    I wish that Capcom could find it in their hearts to try to evoke this type of nostalgia for ZX3, X9, or Legends 3/Legends Collection. *wink wink*

    1. the serie first came out in the early 2000, 20 years is the timeframe needed for the people who played it as kid to now be working adult, and yeah, it's the same type of experiences as the early pokemon generations (not to the same scope of course). It's definitely the type of nostalgia to be expected, and with the perfect timing. I don't see what's surprising.

  2. That commercial closely mirrors my experience in the US even. Including the share as adults of the game's announcement. This definitely hit the nostalgia hard.

  3. I'm not crying because of an ad.
    I am NOT crying because of an ad.


  4. This is exactly the same vibe I got when I realize how long it's been since Digimon first aired on U.S. television. Where does the time go?


  5. Oh that one hit differently that got me right back when i was kid playing these games with friends and being on gamefaqs getting all the stuff we could from those text maps

    god we had it good back then

  6. I don't really see it as a tear jerker. Maybe I'm missing something since I don't know the language?


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