Monday, March 20, 2023

Rockman X DiVE Celebrates 3rd Anniversary with "Next DiVE Armor X"

Believe it or not, this week marks the third anniversary of Rockman X DiVE since it first launched in March 2020. To commemorate this milestone, a new addition to roster will be made on Wednesday --  Next DiVE Armor X!

Find all the details after the break!

Next DiVE Armor X's first active skill is DiVE Stock Charge Shot. Shoot an energy round to inflict damage to the target. It can be charged to unleash a more powerful energy round.

At maximum charge, it casts charged lasers (four shots in total). When the first target is hit with the charged laser, a plasma field is generated to deal even more damage.

His second active skill is Super Giga Crush. This consumes all armor energy and continuously deals damage to a full range of enemies. By equipping the appropriate card, the skill can be changed to Nova Strike or DiVE Sword.

When it comes to passive skills, he can gain a preventive shield that can withstand damage and increase movement speed, among other things.

Just like every X DiVE anniversary, you can expect free pulls in a dedicated 3rd Anniversary banner. Look forward to it!


  1. Shoutouts to anyone that pulls for this man,

  2. "Next", huh? Hm… Once upon a time, I was going to make a fan series called "RNX: Rockman Next". Not the most original name, but still worth a chuckle in this context.

    Oh… and, blah-blah-blah "when every character is S-Rank… [beat]… no one will be."

  3. A bit over-designed, but I like it. I think Dive Armor Zero still holds the crown in terms of aesthetic, though.

  4. Oh hey, they remembered the Blade Armor having the buster-saber thing, that was a cool design decision.
    Also, "gige", neat.

  5. Bro X looks like a tryhard RGB gaming rig.... And I am fine with that.

  6. Welp, time to start saving up EMs again lol

  7. So many people they can still add, even in JUST the X series... But let's give X another DiVE. So now everyone with DiVEs are gonna get Next DiVEs and no NEW people are gonna show up...

    1. I don’t blame them I quit a few weeks in. Besides everyone wants a game but people keep letting capcom milk X dive so no new game till the flow stops. /shrug

  8. So glad I quit before that AoE mess hit the pvp fan. XD 0 balance in mind haha!

  9. At one point, I was having fun with this game, but as I stated previously, my time with it ended last year. There's just no fun to be had from it anymore. Too much grind, extremely crappy pull rates on new characters (even FF: Brave Exvius and Sdorica have nicer rates), and a localization that still hadn't been improved enough to read less like a machine translation and more like proper English.

  10. I legit just pulled this Next Dive X character off of a single 100EM pull 🤣


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