Thursday, March 9, 2023

Complete Track List Revealed for Rockman EXE Advanced Collection OST

The titles for all 22 tracks on the Rockman EXE Advanced Collection original soundtrack have been confirmed courtesy of Rockman Unity. Check 'em out from the image above!

What's more, a clean version of the album's cover art is now available. You can find it after the break below.

In case you can't make out the full track list, here's a text version:

 1. Theme of Battle Network #1
 2. Theme of Battle Network #2
 3.Personal Terminal #1
 5. HOMETOWN (Pop Rock Version)
 6. Running Through the Cyber ​​World (Piano Version)
 7. You Can't Go Back (Big Band Version)
 8. N1 Grand Prix! (R&B Version)
 9. Shooting Enemy (Dance Version)
10. Global Network (Lo-Fi Hip Hop Version)
11.Fighting Oneself (Rock Version)
12.Liberation Mission (Piano Version)
13.Central Town (Kawaii Future Bass Version)
14. Navi Customizer (Big Band Version)
15.Theme of Rockman EXE (AC-MIX)
16.Theme of Rockman EXE2 (AC-MIX)
17.Theme of Rockman EXE3 (AC-MIX)
18.Net Battle (AC-MIX)
19.Theme of Rockman EXE4 (AC-MIX)
20.Theme of Rockman EXE5 (AC-MIX)
21.Theme of Rockman EXE6 (AC-MIX)
22.We are still connected

Pre-orders for the physical album are available from the following retailers:

 Rockman EXE Advanced Collection Original Soundtrack ships on April 19th.


  1. Will these be available in the collection are exclusive to the Album? I only know that 4 will be in the collection exclusive as a preorder bonus.

    1. Not outright confirmed but It's a safe bet they will

  2. Will CAPCOM include more tracks as volume 2, or as an extra/bonus track in the future? or this is it?

  3. that looks like a really good list of remixes!! though there being no "Operation!" remix is a bit of a bummer. oh well! I wonder if Capcom is also going to include an option to play certain remixes in place of the original game music, like they did for the Zero/ZX Legacy Collection! :o


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