Saturday, March 11, 2023

Check Out the Fan-Made Kotobukiya "iX" Upgrade Kit (And Grab One!)

Before χ -kai-, and even before Copy X, iX (also known as Return X) who served as the original evil X clone. 

iX, who first appeared as an adversary in the Mega Mission Carddass series and made a comeback in the Giga Mission Carddass, has been adored by fans for years. However, when it comes to merchandise, it has always been pretty slim pickings. Thankfully, it's time like these where the fans come in. 

I am so happy to show what our friend Asterisk has been working on: an upgrade kit to turn your Kotobukiya X kit into iX! Join me after the break as we look at this amazing upgrade and how you can get one for yourself!

I think I should start by just talking about how cool this guy turned out. This looks exactly how I would imagine a modern interpretation of First Form iX to look. The spikes, the facial markings, etc. He's such an edgelord and I'm here for it. I can still barely believe he's on my shelf.

The iX upgrade kit can be acquired in individual pieces or a fully-assembled kit by Asterisk himself (subject to availability). And honestly, even if you just get the upgrade kit and put it on an unpainted normal X or Rising Fire X, it still looks really cool. The kit  I received was painted and assembled by Asterisk, so it looks way better than anything I could do on my own. Even so, you're free to give it a shot yourself. Let your imagination run wild!

Projects like this have always really impressed me. But projects of this quality that still support the official releases (you still need to buy a basic X kit, so Kotobukiya themselves benefit from this as well!) are definitely next level. From what I hear, iX may be just the beginning of what is to come. 

So, where and how can you get the upgrade kit? Simple. Shoot Asterisk a direct message on Twitter. Just reach out to him there, and you'll be able to work out your order. Let him know if you want the pieces to put it together for yourself or a completed kit (again, subject to availability). Also, for the time being, he's only accepting orders within the U.S.

Way back when, we got a Mega Armor kit of iX in his second, and most recognizable form. Maybe someday, our friend Asterisk will be able to bring this form of iX to life as a Kotobukiya kit as well. Only time will tell...


  1. I'm still in awe with how cool this thing is.

  2. That looks cool. I'd get one, but Twitter ain't my thing.
    How did you get the red eyes?

    1. Painstakingly, with a very fine tipped paint brush. I'm going to make an Instagram account, so that'll be another way to get a hold of me.

  3. I really like them. That person did a good job.


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