Monday, January 23, 2023

Rockman EXE Advanced Collection Original Soundtrack Due in April

(UPDATE: cover art added via Amazon Japan)

The newly-arranged tracks for Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection (Rockman EXE Advanced Collection) will receive a physical CD release, according to a listing at HMV. The album will be published by Capcom's music label, Suleputer, on April 19th for 2,750 yen. A few days after the game launches.

The soundtrack description reads: "Memorable songs from each title in the collection are brought back to life with new arrangements!" 

e-Capcom has confirmed that the album will contain 22 tracks

Four of these arranged tracks were previously confirmed as pre-order bonuses for the collection itself. Pre-ordering Vol.1 will net you Hometown (Pop Rock Version), Shooting Enemy (Dance Version) and Vol. 2 Liberation Mission (Piano Version) and Central Town (Kawaii Future Bass Version). These tracks will be added to the in-game music player.

Source: HMV


  1. Hoping it ends up being sold on Amazon US
    If not I'll still find a way to get it

    1. You can try CD Japan. They are a fav of mine.

    2. OoOOOoooO thank you!!! I'll definitely use that site if the CD isn't put on US Amazon

    3. That site is perfect for imports. Decent price. Decent shipping. Pre order bonuses. They even added stuff by request before. They also have a ton of rockman goods and manga.

  2. X9 is coming. If it comes out I think X's jp voice actor will be changed again and I think it's someone who's on a current popular series as protagonist.

  3. I don't really buy CDs, but the cover art looks cool and adorable.


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