Friday, January 13, 2023

Mega Man Legends 2 Gets Brazilian Portuguese Fan-Translation and Dub

Thanks to some stellar work from a group of dedicated fans, Mega Man Legends 2 now has a Brazilian Portuguese translation. And better yet, they even went the extra mile with a complete dub!

This marks the first time the game is available in this language, making it more accessible and enjoyable for fans who speak it. This localization project has been a long-time coming and the team behind it has done an outstanding job in ensuring the translation is accurate and true to the original game. 

Download links for the patch can be found from the above video's description. Many thanks to toolness64 for the heads up!


  1. Correction: Brazilian Portuguese.
    But honestly, it is quite impressive what they have done!

  2. Thank you. Now, the Portuguese people from Portugal/Azores will be happy to play this game too!

  3. Way to go guys, everyone around the world deserves to play this absolute gem of a any language!


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