Monday, January 2, 2023

Import Options for Rockman EXE Advanced Collection Limited Edition

It can be a bit tricky ordering items from E-Capcom if you don't live in Japan. Fortunately, there are a couple alternatives, especially if you're looking to import the Japan-exclusive Rockman EXE Advanced Collection "We Are Always Connected" limited edition set.

Aitai Kuji recently began accepting orders for both the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 bundles, each priced at 12,00 yen (roughly $91.60 US). The E-Capcom exclusive Battle Chip keychain is included. Aitai Kuji will also carry the standalone drinking glass and coaster set

Nin-Nin Game is another option. But at this time, both the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 sets are sold out. It remains to be seen if they'll offer additional stock before April. Bookmark the page(s) and keep tabs on 'em just in case.

I've ordered from both stores before; they're good. Nin-Nin shipping can be a little hit and miss. It was really contingent on the time of year, I think. If not from these two stores, you can always try your hand at eBay or Yahoo! Japan Auctions. 


  1. I have never had any problem with Nin-Nin Game; had 10+ orders with them over the last few years, and I always happy. I also always select DHL//FedEx shipping. Recently I have even cancelled a bunch of BBTS orders in favor of Nin-Nin because I'd get it 6+ months earlier, and the price isn't that different after shipping.

  2. What kid would think shot glasses were a cool idea? Why not a buster replica or something?

    1. You clearly ain't ever drank before, those aren't shit glasses.

    2. It's a limited edition. The people buying that are unlikely to be kids.
      Especially for this game. The limited edition would be bought by people who were kids back in the GBA days. They're at least in their 20's now.
      Also those aren't shot.

  3. How high does the price rises counting shipping? At least an approximate

  4. I ordered from Aitai Kuji and they still didn't sent me the bundle! They don't answer my emails and at the moment i feel like i got scammed. I suggest not to use this option never.


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