Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Official Make Rockman Unboxing and Gameplay

Make Rockman: The World's Greatest Programming, the educational software kit from Capcom and Artec, isn't due to ship in Japan for another couple days. In the meantime, Artec released an official unboxing video that you may want to watch out of sheer curiosity. 

We get a good look at the kit's lovely guidebook, the modular-based controller and a few minutes of gamplay... if you want to call it that. I've included some additional "gameplay" from Impress Watch below as well. You can learn more about Make Rockman here!


  1. Mine actually arrived at Tenso on the 30th. Probably going to be ages before I see it, though.....

  2. I still think there are better ways to making MegaMan/Rockman games on something other than Scratch... But what can you do? At least they seemed pretty successful.


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