Friday, November 6, 2020

"X Ver.Ke" Skin Coming to Rockman X DiVE Next Week


Announced today via social media, the popular "X Ver.Ke" figure designed by Keisuke Mizuno for TruForce Collectibles will be available in Rockman X DiVE starting next week on November 11th as a new X skin.

As you can see in the image above, the development team changed the name to "X M.K.Ver.". They didn't reveal what method will be required to obtain it, but the last few skins were only available to purchase from the in-game store with EM (not paid).

This kind of armor design lends itself to an easy recolor. Will we see a "X-Boost" or "X-Kai" version too sometime? 

Stay tuned!


  1. X-Boost and X-Kai are my favorite colors for this design, so I'm hoping for them both. I hope they eventually add skins as a Jakob reward or something. I like earning skins instead of buying them.

  2. Cool. And just yesterday i was talking with a friend about how they could add Ver.Ke X and Zero at some point.

  3. If Capcom ever gets off their ass and makes an X9, I hope THAT game gets the same skin treatment this damn thing does...

    1. Heck yes.
      I doubt Capcom would be cool enough to do it (Actually the problem would just be that it's too much), but imagine the entire world of Mega Man X in the Ver.Ke style.

    2. Would'nt make as much sense. This damn thing as you say can give all sorts of skins and varaiation because it is'nt in continuity and it's meta plot of Data being corupted allow for anything to be possible.
      In X9, even with X being having many armors, they have to keep it to things that makes sense in-universe.
      Could work as a bonus thing, though.

    3. Skins in gaming have nothing to do with continuity. They are aesthetic bonuses, as you say. If Capcom can make Claire run around Racoon City dressed as a race car driver, then surely they can add skins to X9. It harms nothing. The only downside is Capcom is almost incapable of making these things unlockable now... It will end up DLC. Which is probably ok.

  4. Cool! Will we also get the Ver.Ke versions of Zero and Sigma from MvCI?


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