Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Good Smile Announces Mega Man X Nendoroid Pin

You might know Good Smile from their fantastic and growing line of Mega Man X Nendoroids, among other properties. And today, the company announced a new line of "Nendoroid Pins" featuring a cute, 2.5-inch X! 

Did I mention it's on sale now? Yeah, you can buy this little guy today directly from Good Smile. He'll set you back $14.99. I'm not a pin collector, but there's some fun value to be had by displaying it alongside your X Nendo. Or maybe you just want to rep your love for X on your backpack? Who knows!

Shipping is only available to residents in the U.S and Canada at the moment. More details and images here!

Source: Good Smile USA


  1. I was gonna jump on this, but shipping, from the USA, costs more than the pin itself. I can't justify $30 for a pin. I'll get it when it's on amazon or something

    1. Yeah, that was a ridiculous surprise. Then again, it's a big ass pin that comes in a fairly big box, so maybe that explains it. Then again, it only shipped within the US so I left it at that.... UNTIL TODAY, when I woke up to BBTS saying they're be selling the stupid pin there too, worldwide shipping. I had a package there already, so I just combined them, lol.


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