Saturday, November 30, 2019

The Story of Shigeto Ikehara's Mega Man Manga

It's been nearly 28-years since Shigeto Ikehara's Mega Man manga adaptation graced the black-and-white pages of Comic BomBom. In that time, zero–count them—zero of Ikehara's Mega Man stories have been translated into English. Don't bother asking me why. I don't believe an actual answer ever came to light. It's just the sad reality we live in.

But, hey, all isn't entirely lost. We have folks like Gaijillionaire to enlighten us on what we're missing. The latest episode of "GTV" is "The Story of Mega Man in Manga Form" – a visual, narrated reading Ikehara's first Mega Man book. It's a dramatic (and admittedly cute) retelling of the events of Mega Man 1 from start to finish. 

So grab an E-Tank, sit back, relax and tune in! If you like what you saw, send a tweet to @UdonEnt! Maybe with enough fan-support they'll finally bring these to our shores.


  1. GTV is one of my favorite series' on YouTube. He puts a lot of work and care into his stuff. Thanks for promoting it!

  2. Mega Man has stolen Astro Boy's face! :O

  3. There was actually a interview with one of the Udon staff on one of the Megaman sites years ago, might have been here on Protodudes site but their reason for not translating the original Rockman and X mangas was a stupid reason that was "the art is too retro". I thought it was a crap reason to be honest.

  4. And finally I translate all the Ikehara mangas to spanish ._.


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