Friday, November 22, 2019

New Mega Man x Dragalia Lost Crossover Event Trailer and Details

The Dragalia Lost x Mega Man crossover event, "Mega Man: Chaos Protocol" is coming soon – November 28th at 10 PM PT! To get fans of both franchises hyped up, Nintendo have released a special trailer for the event. What's more, a website for the event has opened its doors. It features a bevy of details, screenshots and, perhaps best of all, a sneak peek at all the exclusive artwork created just for this event. Check it out here!

Even if you're not a Dragalia Lost fan, I think you owe to yourself to look into this one. The game is available to download on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.


  1. don't know if there's a way to listen to the music outside of gameplay in this game, but someone should save the remixes from this event. Since it is limited in time, i don't know if there will be any other ways to conserve it otherwise. that's the thing with mobile games. (the artwork, too but that's generally easier to find)

    1. I have seen some of the songs of this game in Spotify, but I'm not sure if its all of them. Besides, I Agreed with you. I still remember Otoranger's version of the Air Man theme. It was really cool and became my favorite version, but then *poof* the track disappeared from YouTube and now I can't find it anywere...*sigh*

  2. That video is making me excited to play as Mega Man.
    I've been playing for a year now & I still love it.
    TBH, I like how this crossover doesn't have characters you can summon for; since back with Fire Emblem Heroes' Crossover, Alfonse was the free unit & Marth, Veronica, and Fjorm were summon-only. They still haven't returned.

  3. i haven't played this game in a while. Looks like i'll get back to it for a bit.

  4. It's a shame I never got into Dragalia Lost, and sadly I can't since I have too many mobile titles I play at present on top of console titles too. Otherwise, I would be way more excited for this, but the idea of Mega Man fighting alongside dragons is a cool image regardless.


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