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Rockman ZX Soundsketch: ZX Gigamix Booklet and Drama Tracks Translation

Released back in April 2008, this is the last soundtrack Inti Creates released for the Rockman ZX series and the first to feature the company's trademark drama tracks. This album is features remixed tracks from both games in the series: Rockman ZX and Rockman ZX Advent. It includes five drama tracks and three all-new tracks ("Flow of the Times", "Freebirds" and "Battle Giga Mixture"). Additionally, there's two vocal themes – "Believe in Myself" sung by the Japanese voice actress of Grey (Hiromi Hirata) which is Grey's character theme but previously was only instrumental (called "Destiny" in ZXA Tunes) and "Be One", sung by Ash's voice actress, Ami Koshimizu which was previously sung by CAO.

The drama tracks have been available in English for a couple of years now, which you can watch right here. Today, though, we have a brand-new translation of the soundtrack's booklet after the break below. Both the drama track translation and the booklet translation were made possible by the hard work of our friend Sidier!

Liner Notes (by Ippo Yamada)

  • Spring, 2007:  While working on ZX Advent, the conditions of 2 CDs progressed - one was going to be the usual soundtrack, the other would be a new album, named “Soundsketches” 

  • Summer, 2007: In the release event of the ZXA Tunes, the making of the “Soundsketch” CD was announced. But the concept of “feel the world of ZX, and add more to the worldview, all of that through sounds” and scrutiny of the actual contents was still going on. But the project was put on hold as work for a big title coming out the next spring began to eat up my day-to-day and I was terribly busy. 

  • Autumn, 2007: New people were joining Inti, and the project was resumed. A lot of plans were written but we couldn’t make out a proper answer to the question of how to transmit the beauty of this product’s concept. We were busy with the day-to-day making and the project ended up pending again by the end of the year. 

  • Winter, 2007: The new year rolled in and we were pressed until we were at the limit of whether to continue with the project or cancel it. It was then that we earnt the concept of “Gigamix” and thus the final challenge began. It was a bit different from what I had in mind back in the spring, but we assembled the strength of new makers and new sound team members… And then...

  • Spring, 2008: I can finally deliver this product to all of you. You can enjoy it as a simple musical product, but for those who played the games, it’s aimed to be a CD to let you enjoy the games while having a lot of imagination.

To make sure that people who bought all other soundtracks enjoy it as well, the self (and generally) recognized Rockman fan, Ariga Hitoshi, choose the tracks that would be newly arranged for this album. Adding the Grey and Ashe theme songs, new tracks, a battle medley as well as a few “special tracks”.
The drama tracks by Makoto Yabe and Hitoshi Ogino ,“ZX Portraits”, have linked illustrations  by both Hitoshi Ariga and Yoshihiro Iwamoto, giving them an enjoyable presence.

There’s also the “Soundsketches” featuring environmental sounds as well as background chatter as well as SFXs. I hope that listening to them allows you to grasp the air and smells of the world of ZX. And this time around the booklet is full of unpublished images.

A giga mixture of sound, scenario and comics: I mixed it up as much as possible and created it by kneading. I hope you enjoy it to its fullest.

Track Notes (by Hitoshi Ariga) 

Message by Hitoshi Ariga:

“You will choose and we’ll remix… No. GIGAMIX!”. When Mr. Ippo told me that I went “I can choose as much as I want! Hih, hih, hih!” and was happy but… I quickly shift to “whoa, hold on”. Unfortunately, even if I wanted to choose the “best” tracks, both games had only released very recently. If it’d seem something a few years after release (like with the Zero series) the choices would’ve been easier but… Choosing tracks right now… Obviously the tracks of ZXA, which I’d played recently, were filling my head. My brain hadn’t fermented yet. This was going to be a bit painful, yes. And Mr. Ippo kept asking “choose at once, hurry it up” and the tracks below are the ones I choose “at the current stage”. Well then, let’s listen to them together!

1) The Chosen One 

An uneasy atmosphere greets us... We begin with Albert’s theme. I’m sure several thought, when the 3 Sages appeared, “this guy’s gonna be the last boss?”. You’d assume so, no? (laughs)... I went off-topic. This mix has further oppressive and mystery polished into it. How does the current world look like to the man who calls himself a God?

2) Green Grass Gradation

We make a turn from the heavy feeling of the previous track! When you talk about ZX, you talk about this track!! This mix is also very good. “I wish for something new to be born”, “I wish for dawn to come”... It has such a exciting, exhilarating and speedy feeling to it. It’s like the sunlight pouring between buildings, and a gentle wind blowing across them… Did you feel the light and wind? Then we’re in the same league!

4)  Believe in Myself - Feat. Grey - 

I wished for a vocal version of Grey’s OP stage. Because Ashe’s OP stage did have a vocal version… This track has been powered up and finally gained lyrics as well! Great! Grey is singing! Struggle against your cruel fate… Young man!
“This is the fate that I’ve chosen. I… Will live on in this world, with everyone else!”

5) Whisper of Relics

The mysterious lab. Prometheus and Pandora’s capsules are located here… I liked the dramatic feeling of the original track, hence why I choose it. It’s speeded up further than the original track and the ZXA Tunes so I think it does have a feeling of reaching the core of a mystery, indeed! You should listen to this when you’re soaked! (Testrat-like words)

7) Drifting Floe

The arctic land. The raging winds can even freeze time itself. Man! The Rockman series’ ice stages are always good, no? It’s pretty yet it’s also filled with the drama of this battle… I love that. This mix’s theme is… The spreading seas become deeper and quieter… The melody’s tempo speeds up as if swaying away the frozen air. ← This is when it gets cool! Great! Speaking of which, Ashe’s (VA) Ms. Koshimizu has apparently played the game but her comment left an impression on me. “What was it… Huh… A whale?”. It’s a horseshoe crab!

8) Overloaded

The highway. I guess that the buyers of this album won’t complain at this choice! I feel that this mix increases the “Thetis feeling” of the track. Yup! That makes me happy! Run through the late night highway! (Goes on foot)

10) Flow of the Times

Here’s a new track made for this album! They make things like these without hesitating…Amazing! (I mean it positively, of course). Master Fleuve is giving out a good flavor. I’d like to ask him a lot of questions about Ms. Prairie’s past. I’m sure there must be a lot of drama, too much, even. Also, “Fleuve means “flow” in French”.

11) Bullet Drive 

HERE IT COMES! Here it comes: no-one can complain at this choice of a song! The version with Chinese singing in ZXA Tunes (Searching for the Future) created a big impact for this song (I used to listen to it in loop mode). It’s because the song is already intended to be something out of a hero story. I love the part of the “hook”. It’s so COOL! These kind of cool tracks in action games make your tension increase! Hih, hih… Hih, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah!! (Siarnaq crazy laughter)

12) Brilliant Show Window

The city. This track is so relaxing, I like it. In the Zero games, you had the Resistance Base → Missions so the overall feeling was one of violence. (I like it nevertheless). On the other hand, the ZX games showing you “the lifestyle of people living in this world”: such detailed making left me an impression indeed. A clean city, the blue skies, and the buzz of a future city emerges. OK! Let’s go to the city!

14) En-trance Code

The Transserver track. This is also one of those tracks that you can loop to listen… And so I choose it. T-they added a robot-like voice in this mix!? It makes you shiver, like YM(X). Beep-beep. And this also got lyrics added… Great!

15) Freebirds

“Guardian Theme 2”. A new track made for this album! “The Guardians and their allies, not belonging anywhere and flying across the skies like free birds to protect the peace in the world”.  That was Mr. Ippo’s comment that came with this track. But that explanation is already very good! It’s a very clear track and very exhilarating… *wind blows*

17) Be One - feat. Ashe - 

“Be One” is great! I love both the track and the lyrics! Here we have the Ashe version, but if you reflect upon the lyrics while listening, and consider it to be Ashe’s song… It… Makes you feel emotional! It does! “This is my life. It’s my own story!” I also support Grey but Ashe as well. The Gemini Laser(?) feels comfortable!

18) Awake

Giroue. Yes, there should be a bit of a gentler track… But I wished for something warm and sad and so I choose this one. But once my copy of the mix was sent to me and I listened to it, it feels far more distant than what I’d imagined so I was slightly surprised (laughs) But this isn’t bad, either. You can hear the chirping of the birds, too.

19) Trap Fanatics

This is a MUST BE track! If you take it out then it’s all a lie! … And so here you have P&P. I like both past remasters but this one does feel it’s a bit different from those, too. Feels like the sprinting has increased or that it’s become more aggressive! Oh yeah!

20) Battle Giga Mixture

Mr. Ippo considers that tracks that express the world-view are tracks apart from boss battle and wanted me to choose a stage track or so, but I argued back “battles are part of a game’s world-view” and, also, “If possible, I’d like to listen to a medley of the ZX and ZXA battle themes (total of 2 tracks)”, and then he replied “If Kawakami says he’ll do it then we’ll make it.” I got excited and when the copy arrived, I was impressed! “Whoa. I hadn’t asked them do this much and yet… AMAZING!! The sound’s design is really good! This is SO GREAT! Superb! Whoa! My tension’s increasing! RI-GHT!? Are there people out there who think the same? If there are then let’s rejoice together!

Did you enjoy the album? “Innocence should’ve been in, too.” “But that’s not a track from the games…” And other things I thought of while choosing the tracks, but this is my reply right now! I hope that the listeners find their favorite tracks within this album, too! Hope this “GIGAMIX” is a good chance to spread your ZX world… As the selector of the tracks, that’d make me very happy!

Alright, let’s do it together… ROOOCCKKK OOONNN!!


  • Yoshihiro Iwamoto
Born in Takatsuki, Osaka Prefecture. The Kamen Rider cut in “Comics BonBon Special 81 Kamen Rider SD Encyclopedia” (1992) is his first job. Then, in the “Comics BonBon Special Issue” he makes his manga debut with “Karakuri Kansuke”. Begins serializing “Rockman X” in “Comics BonBon” in the year ‘94. His own serious and “hot” interpretation overcame the game and he was encouraged (to keep it on). He’s currently serializing “Gunpla Xtreme - GPEX- ” in the “Kerokero Ace Magazine”. His main works are the “Rockman X” series, “Mushrambo”, “Transformers Galaxy Force”, and others. He did the boss designs for the game “Rockman & Forte”.
  • Hitoshi Ariga
Born in Tokyo Prefecture. He began drawing illustrations for walkthrough books in the year ‘90. He joins Winds out of contract in the year 91. Works as a graphicher for “Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman 3 (PCE-CD)” and others. Past the year 92, he becomes a freelance spriter and works in games such as “Ranma ½  Explosive Battle (SNES)”, “Bare Knuckle 2 (MD)”, and in the year 93 makes his debut as mangaka in “Comic BonBon” of Kodansha Publisher. He draws manga of the “Rockman Series” and temporarily co-works as a spriter. His representative manga works are “Rockman X Gigamix”, “THE Big O”, “Iron Plate Akane”, “TRIO DE PINCH!!”, “Dinosaur Kingdom D-1 Maze-book” (illustrated book), and was Director for the “R20 Rockman & Rockman X Official Complete works” amongst other things he’s done.  He’s currently serializing “Marine-chan”. In the year ‘07, he enters in the 10th term of the private school of Koike Kazou, the “Dramatic Pictures Village Academy”. He’s begin to work in a new serialization as well.
  • Hitoshi Ogino
Born in Shizuoka Prefecture. In the year ‘93 he graduated from the Chiyoda Engineering Arts Specialty School’s Design Specialty Course as well as the Manga Department. In the year ‘94 he won the 35th Shogakukan New Comics - Children Department Fine Works Award. In June ‘95, he debuts in the “Supplement CoroCoro Comics Special”. His representative works are the Shogakukan “Main Street Magician Boy Clown”, Maar’s “Manga Bible 4” as Supervisor, and others. He’s currently studying and researching, as well as publishing works aimed to children mainly for Poplar Publishing and Shogakukan, while also taking part as a lecturer in an school related to drawing. In the year ‘05 he established the manga-making unit “Ogino Shin” with Ogino Yoshitaka, staging by Ogino Hitoshi, and storyboards by Kinoko. He serialized “Rockman ZX” and “Rockman ZXA” in ENTERBRAIN, Famitsu DS+Wii Supplement Fami 2 Comics. He keeps on seeking places to work at as “Ogino Shin” after the serialization’s ended.
  • Makoto Yabe
Born in Kyoto Prefecture. Joins KCE Roppongi in the year ‘96. “Taisen Tokkaedama (AC)”, “Winning Spike (AC)” are games he works in as a Designer. After being transferred to KCE Shinjuku in the year ‘97, he works as Designer for “YU-GI-OH! Capsule Monsters Breed & Battle (PSX)” and “Harlem Beat - You’re The One - (PS2)”,  and does the package illustrations for “HUNTER X HUNTER The Longmai Altar (PS2)”, “HUNTER X HUNTER The Forbidden Treasure (GBC)”, then joins as Director & Designer for “GROOVE ADVENTURE RAVE Battle of Light and Darkness (GBA)”. Shifts to Inti Creates in the year ‘02. After joining “Rockman Zero 2 (GBA)” as backgrounds designer, works on the scenario of the games of the series and in “Rockman ZX (NDS)” as well as “Rockman ZXA (NDS)” he’s General Manager, Character Designer and Scenario Writer.
  • Hidetaka Tatsuki
Born in Fukuoka Prefecture. Graduates from Digital Entertainment Academy. Joins Inti Creates in the year 2000. Works on Coloration for “Eithéa (PSX)”. Afterwards, he makes the graphics data for “Super Mike-chan (PS2)” and “Digimon Tamers Digimon Medley (WSC)”. He works on Background Graphics for all the “Rockman Zero (GBA)” series. He’s mainly worked in Backgrounds for “Rockman ZX (NDS)” and “Rockman ZX Advent (NDS)”. He also did the publicity illustrations for “ZX”.

III Sound Create Unit

  • Ippo Yamada (Sound Designer / Producer)
Born in Kanazawa Prefecture. Graduated from Chiba University of
Science. Joined Capcom in the year 93. Worked on “Super Street Fighter II (SNES), “Demon’s Crest (SNES)”, “Resident Evil (PSX)”, etc. Also joined as support of (sound team) for “Rockman X2 (SNES)” and “Rockman 7 (SNES)”.

Joins Inti Creates’ foundation in the year 96. Works in “Convertible Running Attack Gunbike (SNES)”, “LOVE & DESTROY (PSX)”,  “Rockman Zero (GBA)” series, “Crayon Shin-chan  (GBA, NDS)” series”, “Rockman ZX (NDS)” series,  “Eureka Seven (PSP)”, “Doraemon Nobita and the Legend of the Green Giant (NDS)”, “Rockman 9 (Wiiware, XBLA, PSN)”, “Keroro Gunso the Super Movie 4: Gekishin Dragon Warriors (NDS)”, “Keshikasu-kun Battle Castival (NDS)”, “Super Guts Elementary Student Bita Naked Butts Peak Battle! Bita vs Skullday (NDS)”, making of Inti Creates label CDs, was also involved in “Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children The White Tome (GBC)” as Director of Monster Designs.
  • Ryo Kawakami (Sound Director)
Born in Tokyo Prefecture. Birthday: 12/4. Blood type: O. He began his musical activity as an electron demonstrator in junior high, and after several bands and support sessions, he became an arranger-composer focusing on game music.

He made the drama CD series “Tailor Shop”, and provided music for games such as “The Other Side of the Birdcage (PS2)” and “Rockman ZX (NDS)”. He joined Inti Creates in the year 07. He was in the “Doraemon Nobita and the Legend of the Green Giant (NDS)” team as support. He worked in a “Crayon Shin-chan (NDS)” game and was the main arranger of this CD’s tracks.
  • Yu Shimoda
Born in Shizuoka Prefecture, city of Hamamatsu. He begins making music for games and other activities in high school. In the year ‘05, while at college, he established the Limited Company Fragile Online. He’s guitarist and keyboardist in his own band. He produces 2 album during his indie period. In the year ‘07, after taking a break from Fragile Online, he joins Inti Creates in the same year. Joins “Doraemon Nobita and the Legend of the Green Giant (NDS)” team as support as well as a “Crayon Shin-chan (NDS)” game. He’s also one of the arrangers of this CD.
  • Hiroki Isogai
Born in Aichi Prefecture, city of Toyota. Graduates from the Music Department in the specialized school “Trident Computer”. Joins Inti Creates in the year 07. After working on “Doraemon Nobita and the Legend of the Green Giant (NDS)”, he works in a “Crayon Shin-chan (NDS)” game as support. He’s also made some of the arrangements in this CD.
  • Kurihara Tsutomu (Guitarist / Producer)
Born in Tokyo Prefecture. Debuts in the year 84 at EUROX from Warner Pioneer.

Works in anime songs for anime such as “Panzer World Galient” as well as in CMs for Suntory and Miki House. Provides songs to many artists like Nakamori Akina, Nyangilas and such. Joins in many recordings, such as those of: CLASS,  Ono Masatoshi, Tanaka Minako, Sendo Akiho, Tamura Eriko, Tone Mariko, Funta, etc.

Forms EGQ in the year 98. Releases 2 albums with Crown Records. He’s currently teamed up with Luna Umegaki to form Lu7 and released the albums, “Efflorescence”, “L’esprit de l’exil” and “Bonito”

He’s also taken part in “Wave Rally (PS2)” and “Drihoo (XBOX)” as guitarist.


  1. I remember when this ost came out, there was some gossip regarding a new ZX title, starring Prometheus and Pandora as the main duo this time around. There was even a rumor mentioning this game would be a prequel to the ZX events, showing both characters looking for suitable Megamen for the Game of Destiny. I Wonder how much of this was taken further... Funny thing is, we never heard this game was cancelled and there was not further exploration on this theme.

    Does anyone Else remember this?

    1. i do, but iirc it was just a fan-rumour launched because of the drama track centered about them (before it was translated), there was never official informations about such a project.

  2. i remember looking for translation of this back when i first listened to thoses tunes and being quite disapointed to not find them. glad that it's finaly done.

  3. I did'nt knew Ashe's japanese voice was Ami Koshimizu. then again, i was'nt interested in voice acting back when i first listened to this soundtrack, so i would have had no idea who she was aniway.

  4. Was there track notes in "Resonant vie" and if yes, have they ever been translated?

    1. Yes "Resonant Vie" has liner notes, I will make the article soon.

    2. i see, thank you.

  5. "Ms. Koshimizu has apparently played the game but her comment left an impression on me. “What was it… Huh… A whale?”. It’s a horseshoe crab!"
    Ah, so i was'nt the only one! seen from the side, Chronoforce looks like a whale.


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