Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Is This the Rockman 30th Anniversary Logo?

A product listing via Rakuten might've spoiled the official Rockman 30th anniversary logo ahead of this weekend's Tokyo Game Show panel. The logo can be seen on a patch on the left side of this commemorative jacket. It's tiny but we can make out certain details: the "0" is stylized after classic Rock's helmet and the slogan underneath reads "Since 1987". It's big improvement over the 25th anniversary logo, let me tell you.

The jacket itself is actually pretty neat. The inside is said to be lined with the titles of every entry in the classic series. It will ship later this December.

We'll have more 30th anniversary news on September 24th. Look forward to it but remember our mantra: no expectations, no disappointments.

Thanks, CAPkobun!


  1. Oh look! 30th anniversary merchandise just like the bingo card you have on your twitter. Isn't capcom just the best provider for quality content based off of their games!

  2. Can't get more disappointed if you're already expecting disappointment.

  3. that jacket looks really nice but $200? ya i'm not dropping that much cash. i need some for the mega man game they're (not) going to announce.

  4. *insert overly cynical and negative comment about lack of games here*

  5. Is it no wonder Capcom doesn't do anything, the fans of what they own and have created/done suck (not all).

    No lie the best Capcom related fanbase is Resident Evil's, they support the games by buying them, heavily criticize the games they don't like but overly support and praise the ones they do like.

    Mega Man and Street Fighter "fans" (again not every) are seemingly always b****ing and and fighting amongst each other for the stupidest pettiest things and seemingly always appreciate things after the fact (fact being after they die), if ever, I don't even think the fans ever held the popularity of those games up, it was mostly fresh new audiences that played for the first time that pushed the highest selling games in each series, especially in MM's case. So no wonder Capcom keeps trying to reinvent the series in hopes of getting fresh new consumers. At least in SF's case, the replay value is nearly indefinite for a well built game so fans can enjoy one particular game for a lifetime.


    I wonder how Metroid return of Samus is doing hope it doesn't fail and tank the series, and by fail I mean anything below 2, 000, 000 copies sold by the end of the year.... Yeah it's gonna fail, back to more Mario, Pokemon, Kirby and Zelda also apparently Fire Emblem sacrificed the Wars series at an alter along with its soul for this little flash in the pan Nintendo shoving down throat full throttle treatment.

    1. I always love it when someone blames fans for Capcom's mistakes. Yeah, fans whine. Every fan base has their whiny fans. They're usually the vocal minority.

      Believe it or not, if a company refuses to make a game because the fans will get mad then maybe it's possible they're doing something wrong.

      Also, hah, you think the RE fan base is better? I guess you ignored all the whining about RE7 even though it sold well.

    2. That might be the stupidest thing I read all day

  6. Jacket looks sick, tempting, maybe a Christmas item.

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