Monday, September 11, 2017

These Are the Rockman Goods Coming to Tokyo Game Show '17

It wouldn't be a Tokyo Game Show without some exclusive Rockman merchandise...

If you're in attendance, swing by Capcom's booth for an eloquent set of Rockman tea cups and tatami coasters, t-shirts, tote bags and acrylic netsuke. Prices range between 800 yen (coasters and netsuke) to 1,200 to 3,675 yen (cups, tote bags and shirts).

These goods will be sold throughout TGS's run between September 21 to September 24th. And remember, we've got a special 30th anniversary panel to watch out for on the 24th. If you're headed to TGS, you might want to be there.

Source: AppBank


  1. Can't wait, probably will grab one of each of these. lol..

  2. Interested in buying the middle "key chain" on the left, one with the E. Anyone selling? contact thanks


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