Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Celebrate Mega Man's 30th Anniversary with a Life-Size Plush

Say hello to the official life-size Mega Man plush. This 4.3-foot monstrosity was spotted at Amazon Japan with a December 24th release date. It'll set you back a hefty 32,400 yen (roughly $288.19 US)

Whether you intend to buy it or not, you gotta see the additional images below. It's ridiculous.

So yeah; this is going to be a thing. It's pretty much the largest Mega Man plush on record. If you got the cash (and living space), go for it?

Thanks, Reploid_21XX for the tip!


  1. As much as I would like to go for it, that price! Also I couldn't imagine if I were to someday move, having to transport this giant Plush around. lol

  2. Is cool and everything but who is the target of this thing?, not only the price but the size, I can imagine not many people could "display" this thing properly unless you have a big house or you want to put it in your garage. In any case I think is cool.

    1. Probably the same people who have space for a giant Teddy Bear. More space in their house than they need. :p

  3. it's quite cute, but i don't have either the money or the space for it.
    reserved for a few collectors, i think.

  4. I'd rather have a life-size Rush doll that could transform into Rush Coil, Rush Jet or a simple Rush chair or table.

  5. wheres our life size roll doll

  6. Oh my...
    I've been wanting a life-size Mega Man plush forever, but I'm way too late... :( Capcom USA, bring this to the states!

  7. Oh my...
    I've been waiting a life-size Mega Man plush forever, but I'm way too late... looks like he's sold out :(
    Capcom USA, bring him to the US!

  8. Please CAPCOM, think for once making a goddamn sequel for this rotten megaman?


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