Monday, February 13, 2017

All the Goodies You Can Get at Rockman EXE: Hanayashiki Mission 2

In just a few short weeks Rockman EXE returns once more to Tokyo's famous Hanayashiki theme park. (for the THIRD time!) And just like before, the event will play host to all kinds of exclusive EXE goods for fans.

Figures! Key chains! Messenger bags! Stickers! Badges! Shirts! Hoodies! Stuff!

And a little something for stomachs:

I don't think anyone reading this will attend (props to you if you are) but that doesn't mean you can't scoop up these trinkets. Most if not ALL Hanayashiki EXE items tend appear on Yahoo! Japan Auctions. I've seen the exclusive Panda 4-Inch Nel on their twice in the last month or so (not cheap). I'd keep watch on this page if I were you.

Source: Hanyashiki Mission 2


  1. Wow, I guess this Battle Network promo went way better than expected if they are doing another event. Now why don't they push this partnership a bit further and announce a new Battle Network game? I would really like to see a Battle Network sequel series starring MegaManX.EXE battling maverick navis.

    1. Uh, that's what Starforce is. A direct sequel to Battle Network, replacing netnavis with EM beings. :/
      The sequel you want already exists.

    2. An MMBN sequel starring X? Nah, maybe Bass? An mmbn game starring Bass is a good example of Capcom bringing back MMBN to it's glory once more.

      I'd rather having X as a villain and foil archetype to Megaman in MMBN verse. If so, Capcom should base X on the original concept of him as the main antagonist of the first MMZ game which was dropped in favor of Copy X plus Zero, Colonel, and Iris had ties with the villains if you think about it. I think that is a good reason to have X appear in MMBN instead of a rehash of him fighting for justice and peace like his old predecessor Megaman in MMX which is simple and boring.

    3. Well. they'd probably play it safe and go with Mega Jr.

  2. I still want that panda color-schemed MegaMan.EXE.


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