Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Roll Kicks Off a New Month of Mobile Wallpapers

Twice a month the Rockman Unity app gives fans a chance to snag exclusive mobile wallpapers through copious amounts of finger tapping. The process involves tapping on a particular Robot Master's sprite until their HP reaches zero. Thing is, you can damage them only once a day. At the end of this period, you're rewarded with a nifty wallpaper. You can speed up the process by messing with your phone's date/time...

... or you can follow this blog and get them hassle-free. Read on for the first February wallpaper!

 Sizes: 640x960 | 750x1334 | 1080x1920

A big thanks to Reploid_20XX!


  1. I like Mega Man 8 Roll's design, it looks more unique, IMO better suited for iconic-ness and cute....

    Uh... When I say cute I mean like puppy dog cute (like adorable) not anything weird.

    1. Looks like Hideki Ishikawa's artwork!

    2. "Not that I like dudes or anything. Just saying...".

    3. @Rockman: Huh? Modern day feminism? Odd franchise to follow if you don't like dudes, weird blog to post on too. Well have fun not liking dudes I guess.

      @Anon2: Mega Man fandom is weird, but are you mentioning Hideki (which it does look like the work of) cause of weirdness? I'm pretty sure the post above me is all about weirdness, but I can't tell why you'd respond with that statement. Could be benign or could have a hidden meaning...

  2. I wish I had something to put this on. I really, really do. This is mighty cute.


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