Friday, February 3, 2017

Rockman.EXE Featured in Sanrio x Coro Coro Comics Collaboration

Coro Coro Comics turns 40-years-old this year. To celebrate the occasion, Sanrio are teaming up with several of the comics' most famous characters. Among characters past and present to be cutie-fied, Rockman.EXE will be represented with plushies, clothing, stationary and other items featuring his likeness.

You can count on seeing a lot more from this front in the coming months!

Source: CAPKobun (thanks, Pixel Sprite!)


  1. For awhile now ive been getting a feeling that will revive the EXE series since theyve been giving it a lot of love lately.

    Id be okay with this

    1. Don't be so quick to think Capcom actually cares. This is just more of their usual "Mega Man fans are such suckers" bait.

  2. hi im a kid in south africa wow a millenial likes nes era games i know but one of my friends said he saw a commercial for the mega man reboot on disney xd i dont really believe him but check it out


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