Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Battle Story Rockman EXE Reprint Due in Japan

With the final volume of Ryo Takamisaki's Rockman EXE reprint due this month, fans and collectors of EXE manga can look forward to the next batch of reprints: Miho Asada's Battle Story Rockman EXE.

Originally published from 2002-2004, the reprint will condense Asada's story from four volumes to three. Fellow Rockman artist and friend of Asada, Ryuji Higurashi, will contribute guest artwork for each volume. A very small preview of that can be seen here.

The books are due in Japan later this Spring. Battle Story is one of many untranslated Rockman manga; perhaps now is a good time to remedy that, though? (on second thought, Viz owns the EXE rights and they haven't don't squat with it in ten years).

Source: Rockman Unity


  1. Well what do you propose Viz should actually do with the license? Are they even allowed to?

    1. Yes, they still have the rights to NTW and SF. It's been tricky because they own it with Shokagukan. Both have to want to do something it in the States.

    2. I wish they'd consider doing some kind of neat crossover idea, and I mean an actual crossover, not a cross promotion for a novelty product.

  2. I have the French volumes (pre-reprint) and am slowly translating it, work has gone more slower due to life getting more busier. I don't know Japanese but there might be some differences in the dialouge between FR and JP.

    On to a question I have, will they have special bonus chapters on each volume like Ryo's added to his reprints?

  3. I'll definitely get my hands on these, I've scanned the Raws and they're up for download on Tanjou, I'm never sure about telling you Protodude since i don't want you to get in trouble or something!

  4. I can´t understand something.
    The price is 1850 JPY, but this reprint have all 4 complete volume in this one?
    If the price is only for the volume 1 and nothing more, is very expensive...

  5. I wish Viz Media would do SOMETHING with Battle Network instead of doing practically nothing with it. Even translating these mangas would be something.


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