Friday, February 10, 2017

Mega Man 2 Dr. Wily Theme Played on a 'Modulin'

From the man who created the Marble Machine, Wintergatan's Martin Molin brings us a unique rendition of Dr. Wily's Mega Man 2 theme played on the "Modulin". The Modulin is a home-made device, a mix of a modular synthesizer and a violin created by Molin. It sounds a bit like a souped-up, high-tech theremin.

Have a listen, if you'd be so inclined! (Thanks for the tip, Niroth!)


  1. MM2 Wily Castle 1/2 might be the one always remixed. But gosh darn it this one takes the cake. If not by the original instrument, with all the other sounds from a typewriter or the match... really beautiful

  2. There's some really peculiar additions (and removals) in this version of Wily Stage 1, but it's still definitely worth a listen. Plus, it's kind of fun seeing him rock out on his homemade synth instrument.


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