Monday, March 14, 2016

The 3D Battle Network Fan-Game Gets a Visual Update + Demo

Mega Man Battle Network 3D, the long awaited fan-game, is shaping up nicely. A new video shows off Mega Man.EXE's updated model in action, bustin' viruses. The new model has a higher poly count and adheres closer to the source material's proportions.

That's not all, though! Team MMBN3D also announced the first playable demo coming later today. You'll find it at the project's official site here. Check back often!


  1. It's certainly a definite improvement, but even as a artistically challenged individual, there are two major flaws with his new design.
    1. His boots are still not proportionate. They're a bit too big in pretty much every aspect. Most official artwork show that the boots taper down to the same radius as the rest of his leg immediately below the flair at the top. The flair is also more pronounced than it needs to be, and it comes up too close to his knees.
    2. His idle pose needs to be modified. I know they're trying to stay true to the in-game sprite, but the pose does not translate well into 3D if going for 1-to-1 accuracy. Sacrificing accuracy for looking better in a 3D environment is the way to go here, especially since we're going to be viewing him from different angles as he moves around, a problem the 2D sprite never had.

    I critique because I see potential in the project and I like the series as a whole. I also understand that this is very much still a work in progress, which is why I'm happy that progress is indeed being made. The boots are probably the only real issue the model has now, honestly.

  2. Lots of improvement, the attack animations are still a little bit too stiff but the new model looks great.

  3. Lol, demo to release in 2015!!! Someone is stuck in the past...


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