Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Help Design Levels for Mega Man Endless Fan-Game

Mega Man Endless is an upcoming fan-game focused on entirely on endurance gameplay. Taking a few cues from Mega Man 9 & 10's Endless Attack mode, players will be tasked with surviving dozens of stages and bosses. One lap is practically a full Mega Man game!

The thing is, the game's creators are in need of some level ideas. That's where you come in. Blyka has setup a contest of sorts to get the ball rolling. Absolutely no coding or developer experience is required -- this is a come one, come all opportunity.

Interested? You can find the full details in the video description here. Submissions end on March 31st.


  1. I'm interested in this.

    And I think some other people I know might be, as well.

  2. Is it wrong that the thing I like most is the use of 16-bit graphics instead of 8-bit?

  3. Now this, is a pretty great idea.


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