Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Mega Man Battle Network 6 Hits North American Virtual Console Tomorrow

Got a Wii U? Live in North America? Good news for you, friend: Mega Man Battle Network 6 will be arriving on the Virtual Console tomorrow. CyBeast Gregar and CyBeast Falzar will set you back $6.99 a pop.

As a friendly tip, you should be able to unlock trade-exclusive Battle Chips from the Comm menu. After saving your game, these special Chips will end up in your pack (EDIT: The e-Reader BBS quests were unlocked by default in the original U.S versions. They should still be here regardless).

And with that, the entire MMBN series - no, the entire Mega Man GBA library, has a home on Wii U.

Source: Nintendo


  1. Weren't the Request BBS quests already unlocked in the NA versions to begin with to make up for the lack of a peripheral's release outside of Japan? Either way, good stuff.

    BN6 was a fine note to go out on a good ten years ago.

    1. IIRC they were not in our version originally. The ten quests are needed to fight Proto Man FZ

    2. Really i remember fighting Blues FZ but i might have been playing the japanese version i honestly don't remember its been a good decade since i last played those games hell the carts are still in my game box.

      But nonetheless a nice addition to the conclusion to one of the best megaman series to ever grace the franchise. Personally one of my favorite iterations of the character. throw my teen years in highschool these games were my thing.

  2. I hope we get some mega DS games on WiiU for Mega May!

    mega man 64 would be nice too.

    I really wish we could get saturn games, especially after playing PXZ2, and segata telling everyone to play it.. that way we could have MM8 on the WiiU!

  3. No Boktai sidequest i assume, since it wasn't in the english release.


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